September 11th my Story and Unshaken Courage #WTC #911#NeverForget

Hello YouTube friends family
loved ones and all of the Duty Ron family today is Wednesday September 11th
2019 and this broadcast is about September 11th and my experience this is
gonna be a tough one guys and I’m not sure how much I can get into here but
I’m just gonna keep it plain and simple for those of you who do not know me my
name is duty Ron I am a retired New York City police detective
I served 20 plus years in the New York City Police Department and I am a 9/11
first responder I was answering the call at this time
18 years ago to this day so I welcome you guys one and all for joint I thank
you and I welcome one and all for joining this broadcast it is not an easy
thing to speak about at least for me I did do a broadcast on periscope one year
ago today talking about my first 24 hours with my response to the World
Trade Center disaster the terrorist attack on our nation some 18 years ago
and I can’t even believe that we are talking 18 years tonight I’m going to
share some of my experiences with you guys and please bear with me there may
be some times where I may have to pause and I may be able to get through it over
my shoulder here you have the you police sign courtesy of Matt Sully and this is
my September 11th never forget sign in the background I’m hoping that comes
through there is the World Trade Center 2001 with American flag in the
background guys and girls we also have to remind
ourselves never forget a lot of people use that term loosely but we can never
forget the brave men and women of the New York City Police Department all of
the agencies that responded to this terrorist attack across our country not
just at the world Trade Center of the brave firemen the
EMTs the paramedics the plane business the businesspeople the plain Jane’s that
just came out and helped out at Shanksville at the Pentagon and here in
New York City so I give thanks and praise if you guys know if you know me
well you know that I always speak about supporting our local law enforcement and
our military our military answered the call as well and responded with a swift
action under George Bush to go into Iraq and Afghanistan and conquer the al-qaeda
terrorists that attacked our country on September 11th 2001 and guys we also
have to keep in our hearts and in our minds and never forget Benghazi the
terrorist attack that happened in 2012 on September 11th at our American
consulate there and the brave men and women who responded to that and were
killed my heart breaks for their families and I I cry for the injustice
that our country did to them by falsely reporting a narrative of a video that
caused that uprising when it was clearly a terrorist attack so thank you to
Hillary Clinton and mr. Obama for lying to the American people on September 11th
2012 okay so let’s just get right into it on that morning I was still a police
officer assigned to the target offender program which was a warrant related
program with New York State Parole and New York City Police Department we were
monitoring parolees that were recently released so I did a 4-4-2 12 that turned
out to be a four to four I got home somewhere around 3:30 4 o’clock in the
morning I got climbed into bed I took a shower thank God
two climbed into bed and early that morning
my wife woke me up and said you got to get up and look at the TV the first
towel was hit and I was seeing it on the news my sergeant was already calling me
we all had a rush in so I quickly told my wife to go pick up my two children
who were eight years old and five at the time now they are 26 and 23 and I
instructed her to go and pick them up from school which is just a half a block
away from the house she went and picked them up and brought them home I was
already dressed in my uniform and we were all required there was no excuses
every emergency personnel had to respond so one of the hardest things that I did
that day and it started early that morning a little bit past nine o’clock
was leave my house and leave my kids here it was difficult at best they were
crying they were telling me not to leave my wife was in tears and it was just a
terrible situation but I knew that my call for the service my call to duty was
that was my responsibility so I reluctantly left here this very location
where I’m broadcasting from I was in this house at that time and I remember a
scene of it was serene because all of the roads were closed no regular cars
could drive on the local parkways unless you were EMS fire department or police I
showed I was in uniform so I showed my shield to get onto the Parkway I drove
to the 75th precinct where we all took a police vehicle unmarked vehicle and rode
into in towards the World Trade Center and I got to tell you I mean I’m not
gonna go into the details because they are gory from the people jumping from
the buildings to the carnage that ensued after the second plane hit we were in
down by the stock exchange and it was just chaos mess chaos and mayhem the
first building was already down and a cloud of smoke as we came over the
Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan was just something that I cannot describe a
beautiful sunny day turned into just a dark quiet gloomy it was it was just
something that I can’t even describe to this day eighteen years later it was
frightening the the second hardest part of that day was not being able to save
or rescue anybody from the from the sight at the World Trade Center we
couldn’t get close to it we we couldn’t do anything until later
on in the evening we had a retreat back to the precinct I was qualified to drive
a city bus so I had to go back to the to the command to drive a city bus with
5060 police officers and drive them back in to do to do security to secure the
site so nobody would get in although there was a lot of looting and it was a
lot of things going on it was just mass chaos by the time the evening came we
were still in rescue mode we wanted to save lives fire department rescue packs
there there that those noise the sirens the wailing of the fire department when
they get in trouble that that noise not quite sure what they that’s called but
on their Scott packs you still heard the sound the sound of that
siren it’s just something I’ll never forget
and you know we could still hear that into the evening into the when it became
dark after eight o’clock 7:30 8 o’clock we were we couldn’t get close to the to
the two zero because of the extreme heat the
heat was twenty-two hundred plus degrees at the site basically we found out after
the fact everybody and everything was pulverized my own cousin who was a local
three electrician Ralph liccardi he was on his second day working at that site
he was a journey foreman he had seven years on in the local three Electric
Union he was electrician and he was a journey foreman and he was nothing was
recovered from him his wife was distraught and had to be hospitalized
she was not eating or drinking he had a newborn and a small two-year-old baby
they had kids back-to-back and she she just couldn’t couldn’t obviously come to
terms with losing her husband at such a young age thirty years old and she was
28 at the time and you know it was funny because when we would when I went down
there when I initially went down there the first things that I thought of were
you know seeing the buildings down I said nobody could have survived
I thought hundreds thousands of people you know personnel emergency personnel
were dead you know the the enormity of the whole thing is you know we thought
hundreds thousands of firemen thousands of cops
obviously thousands of people in the buildings and it was a scary thought but
I didn’t think about my cousin because I completely forgot that he was there and
I got into the stock exchange to to kind of shower myself off in the middle of
the night and I had an ex telephone one of those direct bleep bleep next tells I
don’t if you have some age on you you know it’s like a two-way walkie-talkie
and I got a next towel for my brother who is also a police officer
and he was you know talking back and forth with me that was the only mode of
communication that was working down there and a little bit of 8080 work just
a tad bit because I was able to call my wife from that from my own cellphone but
the deck the Direct Connect came in from my brother and he said you know Ralph is
missing his wife Jennifer said he called her after the first plane hit and said
he was coming down in the second tower he was up on 105th floor he never made
it and we never recovered anything of his body into April of 2002 April 2002
through DNA he he was identified I believe it was a small part of his leg
and there was a second funeral that we had to have again you know again it was
like a double it was a it was double torture for the family but we were
reporting back to my cousin’s wife every night after that and it was difficult to
come back and tell her the truth and I had to tell her the truth that it was
slim to no chance because the day or two after that was hopes that people were
found in voids and I believe a sergeant in it and a cop from the Port Authority
were recovered quite a few hours later trapped and avoid and they were the one
of the Lucky’s one of the lucky people and I went on to work at Ground Zero
doing the bucket Patrol the bucket brigade taken out debris in a line
Home Depot donated trailer tractor trailers like upon tractor trailers of
5-gallon orange buckets I’ll never forget it and we did the removal of the
debris for a few days and we weren’t able to breathe down there there was no
respirators we had little paper masks that we were taken out of ambulances
that were you know burnt out or just left there
and most of the time for the first 24 to 48 hours we didn’t have anything so we
were doing a the bucket removal for the next day or two and what I remember too
about the night time outside of that Stock Exchange when I got the call from
my brother I stepped outside and there was a military tank right out in front
of the stock exchange it was parked on the street and I just it was just like
something out of a movie I couldn’t believe that I saw military tank just
parked down in and in lower Manhattan and it was a it was something that I’ll
never forget you know 18 years later these memories are really crisp I mean
I’m really leaving out a lot of the gory details I will tell you this that in the
months to follow I worked at the medical examiner’s office and that was body
parts recovery that was a difficult assignment and we did that for several
months when a when a piece of remains or body part would come in we would have to
categorize it label it because we as detectives were in charge of that crime
scene so we had to go down there and work with the medical examiner and it
was a difficult part of the September 11th work that was done by the police
department fire department most people don’t ever hear about that
because that’s something that was you know not spoken about much but I’ll have
to say this is during the course of that time when the first day the days that
followed the people who came out it was amazing you know housewives were making
food and cookies brownies baking things and bring it out to the West Side
Highway and standing on the West Side Highway offering food to us and you know
I remember a woman came when we were doing the bucket
maybe the next day we were all full of dust and she was
able to come out on to the site it was like two or three ladies and they were
pouring water like on our faces they were asking first but they were asking
us if they can help clean us off and they had paper towels and they were
clearing us off and it would give us drinks and hold we couldn’t even hold
the bottle they would hold the bottle for us and let us drink I’ll never
forget that and how how much Americans wanted to help they were yeah it was
even I went to a I went to a eating establishment in my area here and the
bartender it was a female bartender and she was like I want to bake a cake will
you send will you bring it in next time you go in and bring it to the firehouse
and I said sure so I might have been four or more days after and I brought it
in and the guys at the firehouse gladly took it in but then the Health
Department after a while shut that down and said that we couldn’t take any
donations from anybody because of a risk of poisoning nobody was going to poison
anybody there but they still were looking out for our best interest and
then that stopped after about three or four days so why I brought that up is
because I wanted to show all the good that came from fellow citizens and
Americans and everybody wanted to everybody wanted to help and we even had
lunch one of the days following at a restaurant way away from Ground Zero and
it was a guy with his kids and his wife and he paid for like I think it was like
eight or ten of us he paid the whole bill while we were down here so those
are some acts of kindness that came from regular civilians towards the you know
the the first responders and we appreciated that it was so great when
people holding signs we love you and you know clapping up on the West Side
Highway as we would drive by those those are sites I’ll never forget and I thank
everybody for their support so guys um I’m gonna show you I’m gonna I’m gonna
share a clip from nine line apparel I message them
for approval to play this clip and I want to plug them I’m wearing their
Ground Zero shirt on shape on unshaken courage in the face of death Ground Zero
never forget September 11th this is the NYPD lost 23 FDNY 343 and Port Authority
PD lost 37 the amount of men and women who are lost to 911 related cancers
continues to grow and I’m thankful that the Victim Compensation Fund and the the
World Trade Center Health Program has continually funded we we lost the fellow
detective Luis Alvarez recently he testified before Congress I broadcasts
his video from his speech and it’s available on my replays in my video in
my video section if you go to my videos and look at look for that you could see
it and also John Stuart fought for the the rights of healthcare for all the men
and women and all the people the iron workers the crane operators the heavy
metal removal the truckers and everybody teachers civilians anybody that was down
that contributed or was in that affected area this helps give them health care
coverage which is greatly needed and greatly needed I just went on Monday two
days ago to the hospital to have an endoscopy done and you know I continue
to have minor health issues and I consider myself lucky
continue continue to have minor health issues from breathing and the toxic dust
and you know the chaos that ensued down there and the bravery that was shown by
the great men and women of the FDNY and the NYPD is just it was just tremendous
so again I want to remind you guys hashtag and never forget hash
take 911 if you do any posting on social media today on September 11th please put
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Ron it’s up to you you don’t have to but the 911 hash tag and never forget is
greatly appreciated I’m gonna share something with you guys today that I
never shared with anybody and you know this isn’t this isn’t anything that’s
groundbreaking but I have the helmet and respirator that was issued to me I think
on day three or four by the police department and OSHA I wrapped it up 18
years ago in a plastic bag and I never opened it
and I think today I want to open it I want to open it and show it to you guys
it’s a it’s a green helmet with a flashlight taped to the side and I don’t
even remember why I wrote anything on it I might not have but I sealed it up and
I never opened it because I was worried about the dust and all the debris that
was in there so I’m going to break it open here live on this video so if you
give me a minute I’m going to grab the bag and open it up one glove that I never used still has a
tag on it this still has dust on it from down there respirator American flag this is what I wore down at the site I’m gonna I’m gonna put a new bag a new
plastic bag and put that back away wow that was I put that away 18 years ago
guys and this is what we were required to wear while we were on patrol after
that we were were issued these tied around your leg it was like a temporary
if there was a gas attack never had to use it thank God but still in the
package the mask tactical response escape hood tactical look at this
manufactured date 9 – of 2007 so sometime after that but look at the
expiration date on this well if you guys can see it 911 expiration so this is this was one I received in
2007 but we got them after September 11th to I’d probably it probably expired
and I got this this is some of the things that I took when I retired and
this is the this is the shield that I wore is the white shield that I worn
during the September 11th it’s a police officer shield and then I got promoted
to Detective a short time after that it so alright guys also one of the my
co-workers she’s still on the job she’s a sergeant I actually she almost quit
the job and I I talked her out of it I actually saved her job I’m not gonna
mention her name but she’s come on to my live streams a few times she’s on
Twitter and Instagram she sent me this card I just got it today in the mail in
September 11th and then on the back the towers with the lights that are lit
there this was both you know the the beams of light that’s better lit now and
then she wrote the Iranian family I can’t believe it’s
18 years I can’t read backwards a few problems I’m taking oh these are a
few photos I’ve taken over the years never we never forget I remember your
cousin Ralph remembering and reflecting I pray you and you pray you are feeling
better god bless Internet and she knows that I
had a procedure on Monday so should we are we’re pretty good friends and we
keep in touch so it’s very nice of her so guys many many many sacrifices were
made on that day by a lot of different people but we always have to keep our
first responders our military the Fire Department EMS and our emergency
services units very brave very great people I’m gonna play a it’s it’s not
short it’s about 20 minutes and I encourage you guys to watch it to hang
around and watch it it’s a documentary by nine line apparel they they made it
and it it’s a tribute to September 11th and what happened in 2001 so I encourage
you guys to watch it I’m gonna cue it up so you guys can see it Wow yes what did he land it did not land today our fellow citizens our way of
life our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly
terrorist acts the victims were in airplanes or in their offices
secretaries businessmen and women military and federal workers moms and
dads friends and neighbors all right this is where we’re going to start but
it is yeah we could do it right here right in the morning of September 11th I was
in my office when the first plane hit Tower 1 we I called the mayor I told him
I was coming I would leave him at our seven towers seven stood right here on
this corner our command center was in the 23rd floor of tower 17 so I took off
downtown and we actually came down West Broadway toward Vesey Street we’re gonna
make a right on Vesey and as we were there were cops there in a cop sergeant
came up to the cart screaming that you know we couldn’t turn on the block that
people were jumping and I didn’t I didn’t understand what he said and I got
out of the vehicle and he said he salutes me and he says Commissioner
they’re they’re coming down there jumping and I looked up and I could see
the brie coming off of the side at our lawn from 95 floors up what I didn’t
realize until that could bring that closer to the ground is that it was vice
I think in that first probably five minutes I was there I probably watch
close to two or three dozen people come off the building and they were hitting
the ground they were hitting the awnings between tower two of Tower one they
sounded like explosions when they hit the metal I couldn’t get into New York City all
all points of entry were closed down and my best friend from third grade John
Gomez calls these are you watching this so watch what let’s drop my son off at
nursery school you know and I went home obviously I knew instantly as it is I I
knew it was terrorism is real evil exists in the last century 100 million
human souls were lost and we’ve dealt with in that hundred year period fascism
communism Nazism Imperial Japan The Killing Fields Cambodia Pol Pot and but
all told based on the history 100 million souls are killed in the name of
governments in the name of some ISM the ISM that we deal with now is terrorism about three minutes before the mayor got
here there was this enormous explosion and we looked up and the second is
slamming through the door side of the building on top of us that’s when I
realized we were under attack we watched staff the bodyguards we went
behind Tower seven we waited for the debris to come down and Mayor Giuliani
arrived about three minutes later looked at the damage here the mayor wanted to
go down to West Street so we actually walked down to West Street here went to
the side of the buildings and to a temporary command post we met
with the first deputy commissioner the chief of Department chief of operations
from the fire department we talked to them for about 10 minutes and the mayor
he said ok I want to I want to go back to the other side here and when I was
gonna set up a temporary command post here we came back up the block and my
guys had secured an office in that building there was a barrel Lynch office
their small Merrill Lynch office we were gonna go in there
the mayor was going to call the white house and wanted to speak to the
president about getting air support walked into that office the mayor sat
down at the desk got on the phone got through to the
White House somebody came on the phone they said the president’s not here the
vice-president seen a couple of the phone to talk to you and about a minute
and a half after they said that they came back on the phone and they said we
have to go they’re evacuating the White House and we think that the Pentagon
just got hit and the mayor huh thought that he said
that’s not good and he told me what they said and all of the sudden the building
started shakin like a freight train was coming through the side of it somebody
kicked open the door and yelled it’s coming down and that’s when Tower two is
imploding the morning of 9/11 actually was in my
dorm room and we watched it on TV I went to class I came back the kind of salt
was going on and my father was a fireman at the time in rescue 4 so we knew he
was working that day but I didn’t know exactly you know where he was the
morning of I called my mother I said it you know is that working today
she said yeah he’s working haven’t heard from yet but I’ll call you back later
and no one really knew what to do because there wasn’t a moment of
exasperation we learned all this is it’s over like we know he’s gone it was kind
of he still might walk in the door every time the door opened up everyone would
turn and say oh you know expect him to kind of walk in I get another day
another day and then kind of over over the course of that week it just be kind
of eased into he’s not coming back like we’re pretty sure that he was lost in
the collapse when the building came down once that
building started to shake we had it blew out all the windows there
was smoke and gas and all this stuff I remember thinking you know we were in
there there was no way out quickly get out couldn’t go out the way we came in
it was all blocked off so you know any wind we couldn’t breathe which was the
worst part of it and I was thinking like all the stuff that I had been through my
career you know I’ve been stabbed gun battles like all this stuff and I’m
gonna wind up smothering to death in this this office because we can’t get
out and all of the sudden a side door open for these two maintenance got shot
and they were probably a shock to see the mayor the police commissioner the
fire commissioner and see all of us in that room there about a shock to see us
as I was to see them and I asked him do you have keys to get us out we wanted to
go west I wanted to get out the other side of the building and they took us
out a series of hallways all the way east until we came out on Church Street
that’s how we actually got out of the building and I remember walking into
that Lobby and looking outside it you could not see anything outside it was
pure white it was like somebody took a sheet and put it in front of the window
and I thought what is that like what is what’s out there what happened you know
was it a nuclear blast like what was this and and they have these rotating
doors these circular rotating doors and I remember going through the door
getting outside and when we got outside there was no sound no more silence no birds no car horns no
city sound no sound period it was just like somebody stuck you in a soundproof
booth that’s how condensed this dust and gas
was it took out all sound you know and keep in mind I was four or five blocks
from the towers the men and women in the new york city
police department the fire department and the Port Authority police effected
the greatest rescue mission in the history of the country
they took twenty to twenty-five thousand maybe thirty thousand people out of
these buildings in this surrounding area but then they also evacuated close to a
million people out of southern Manhattan at it from from 14th Street down to
Battery Park close to a million people were evacuated and they were evacuated
into Brooklyn Queens the Bronx New Jersey with the help in the New Jersey
State Police Nord Police Department of Jersey City Police Department everybody
came together there was unity like we’ve haven’t seen in years
there was resilience that we barely see these days and it was it was a feat I
think for the first responders never been replicated Breyer and hopefully
it’s never gonna happen again I think one of the things that to that
differentiated New York City and what we were doing what happened on that day to
other municipalities even state governments around the country from 1996
to 2004 for years Rudy Giuliani created the Office of Emergency Management in
the event of a crisis an emergency in the city and for those four years four
and a half years we constantly practiced for crisis by trying to be proactive
mock drills tabletop exercises and I would get a call on Saturday morning and
they said that the mayor just called the mock drill tabletop exercise for a for a
biochemical attack in the subway at the time I ran Rikers Island it was the
correction commissioner and I would think
I run the Geo system like has nothing to do with me but we had to go anyway and
on September 11th all that training everything that we had
done for four and a half years paid off managing a crisis is probably one of the
most important elements of something like this that you can imagine because
it ensures that you’re getting everything done there has to be an
assurance of that one you’re getting stuff done in two the people are being
held accountable if they’re not there was a moment where you just it
just awakens you to what the the really dark side of the human experience can
show and then it shows you the lightest side the brightest side the best kind of
people I’ll never forget I made a big deal out of it at the time so the days
after there was certain passion I was there and I was reporting from there and
doing TV from there radio from there and walking up and you’re just looking up at
this mass of rubble but then amazing thing happened
New Yorkers are not exactly known for their southern charm for charm enhance
of hospitality but Campbell Soup sets up an entire soup kitchen all free anybody
wants that coming stores restaurants they all opened up their doors
everything was free the fire departments first deputy chief
of Department Chief of Operations chaplain when we met with him on West
Street and we left Tower two imploded about 50 minutes later every one of the
guys were with died went our intelligent included so we’re just poking them we’ve just spoken
to them in fact the chief of operations told us he’s looking I don’t think we
have to worry about the towers coming down he said what we’re gonna lose
everybody and everything above the impact zone so when Tower one the impact
zone was around the 1954 tower to is around the 75th floor so we anticipated
there’s gonna be a lot of death and destruction in the top of the buildings
what nobody anticipated was the jet fuel was going to create an inferno
it was going to weaken the beams and because the beams were so heavy the
structure will be able to hold it and once they started to implode and
collapse they just came straight down there was nothing stopping there were
pockets and voids on the ground where you would hope somebody got into but you
also had to keep in mind that it was close to 2,000 degrees between 1,500 and
2,000 degrees on the ground where these fires were still burning the fire’s
lasted for almost three months yeah and we kept the rescue going for
about four weeks for five weeks and then it turned into a straight recovery case
and the recovery was difficult for a number of reasons but most importantly
it was you know digging and and getting down deep into the voids
but you had to remove a billion pounds of debris right and those beams when you
remember the beams that were sticking out of the the ground at the time that
held up the towers the beams that the towers were made out of there were about
seventeen hundred pounds per linear foot so if this stuff shifted if anything
moved if that stuff fell you know it was gonna kill somebody so you couldn’t have
you couldn’t have guys on the ground constantly what we started doing at the
end you know probably two months in basically put a bunch of construction
equipment down there we’ve started moving the debris and as that debris
moved we had spotters with binoculars if they
saw a body or a piece of a body or some human remains in some capacity
then they shut everything down they stop movement and we basically went in and
found or pulled out what they found keep in mind we lost stuff we lost four
hundred first responders twenty-three cops thirty-seven Port Authority cops
343 firefighters the reality is many of them I would say most of them
disintegrated the first two cops I think that we did find my guys out of the 23
we lost they were you know when I got down to the to Ground Zero there were
two Home Depot buckets and in those buckets were the remaining pieces of a
Glock an exploded magazine a set of handcuffs anything that was metal was
there for these two cops but I might think of this for a second a bulletproof
vest a leather belt boots uniform the body itself gone the only thing that
survived was metal and that was the only remains we had it was like they were
never there it’s not really a rescue anymore to recovery so over the course
of the next I don’t know until May of 2002 it was a recovery operation where
we just were digging to recover anybody who was lost so that we could return the
remains to their families give them some sort of closure we were digging me and
my brother would go down and we would dig to recover the remains of my father
and hopefully be the ones that carry him out and that was that was the intent was
if we if they found them or someone found them we wanted to we wanted to put
the flag over the over the Stokes basket and carry him out ourselves and we dug
until May until the till the floor was broom swept and there was nothing else
to look through and unfortunately we didn’t find any remains we only found
his Halligan or his office’s tool which had an r4 engraved in it for rescue four
and a kd4 kevin Dowdell so he knew that was his we recovered that two weeks
after the collapse and that’s unfortunately all we were covered from
the first firemen that arrived here the first cops that arrived you know the
station house is right around the corner family Museum those guys went into the
towers they were 50 floors up 60 floors up in the tower tower two imploded there
was an evacuation call and this talks I think this talks a lot about the
service of the people that were here that day when the evacuation call was
given a lot of people evacuated but I have to tell you a lot of people didn’t
I think a lot of people first responders I think a lot of them died because they
knew people were still in those buildings and they wanted them out and
it just shows you the the dedication the perseverance the
courage the her own heroism that was involved you know it was the perils
inherent with what you were doing with the death of destruction of what was
going on it was obvious so for those men and women has stayed down here and
continued on in the rescue and recovery efforts
that’s heroism that you know I don’t think has ever been replicated I don’t
think we’ll you know hopefully we don’t ever have to see it again but you have
to give the men and women in the first the first responders that were down
there I didn’t Norma’s amount of credit for
doing what they did on the morning of September 12th there was just one thing
in this country and it was American you know I told you earlier this story with
the president you know the president came to Ground Zero he he toured Ground
Zero you know if you recall he stood out there was a bull horn with the retired
fireman you know talked to the firefighters and the first responders
and then we all jumped to the president Seibert we headed uptown to the Javits
Center so you could see the families of the of those who were missing and he was
so impressed with the thousands of people along the route to the Javits
Center big signs of God Bless America and at some point he says you know he’s
just so impressed with all this unity and Mayor Giuliani look kind of a left
he said mr. president I hate to be the one to tell you this but nobody out
there voted for you he goes were on the west side of it half there are no
Republicans but it didn’t make a difference there were no political
parties in the United States the warden who were Americans but it
took a tragedy is that what it really takes for us to unite and come together
you would think not you would hope not I’m not sure thank you for making the nation phenomenal I hope you guys enjoyed that
I was very impressed with the production of that and I say thank you to nine line
apparel and everybody who was involved in producing that tribute to the first
responders of September 11th a lot of that stuff brought back some strong
memories from me because being down there and seeing the footage 18 years
later it’s still difficult at best and when the president came and spoke I was
there that day and it was a proud day but we still had a very big task at hand
and that was recovering all the loved ones for all the families and that was
the main focus at that point so guys I thank you so much all of my patreon
supporters all my people who support me please please remember support your
local law enforcement your military your 911 your first responders the people
that answer the phone when you call 911 remember to support people who support
your police 9 line apparel is a great company I received nothing from them for
this this is my September 11th broadcast for my friends and followers and
subscribers here on YouTube so I hope you enjoyed my broadcast I know it went
a little long but god Bless America god bless our first responders and good
night to each and every one of you talk to you soon

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