Selling bespoke furniture with his boyfriend & 3 springer spaniels: Donald, Londoner #130

Come back here Georgie, wait here, Georgie
wait here, Georgie, Georgie, come on! In America I was more on the defence, I was more protective
of who I was. I think I’m more comfortable in my skin being here in England. My first
job ever in New York was working in cosmetics, and it was Madison Avenue, 53rd, and it was
so busy. Literally I would go to work and I’d be unable to eat because I was so stressed.
I don’t have that here, here I’m able to relax, and work’s a blessing – being with my partner
and doing something I like. That’s my car, and that’s his car. Go on, go on, go find
Gill, where’s Gill? This is where work, me and the 3 dogs and my partner Gill – that’s
Gill on the computer (‘hello’). I was with a friend going round Soho discovering London,
because I hadn’t lived in London before. We went to a bar, we just started talking in
the bar. It’s been 14 years. He’s more the adult than I am. He’s a bit more happy-go-lucky
than I am, I’m sort of like irresponsible and the one who’s always spending too much
on clothing or something. I think he’s probably the calming sense to me. (Conversation between
Donald and Gill – ‘you’re supposed to be festive dear’ / ‘I’m not feeling festive’ / ‘You’re
being miserable, that’s what you are’) Now they’re playing tug of war – see who will
get the ball from each other, there’s a ball between them. Their mother is a big working
dog on a farm there, and people come from France to shoot with her, whereas they just
come to work, they don’t do any shooting. If you separate them they become like really
depressed. They’re just not independent of each other. But I wouldn’t say a favourite
– I like their personalities. But I like Mr Brown – Mr Brown, Mr Brown, Mr Brown, Mr Brown,
Mr Brown, Mr Brown get down, ooh Mr Brown, Mr Brown you just took my mic out! Having
him has my boss? Oh, it works out better now, it never used to. We did argue a lot about
design, or a way to run something. You learn just not to take it home. I have to sort of
pull back and realise ‘yeah
he does have the final word’.

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