Secrets of DEVGRU

Unto born, they are not made. These are all
these super type “a” personality guys. Translator: They are the men S.E.A.L. Team 6., a military
unit so classified you are not supposed to know they exist. In a footage you will see
in the next hour, we can’t tell you team 6. The navy closely guards their identities.
Interviews with former S.E.A.L. Team operators reveal what these men are and what they do.
They are our nation’s 911 force. They don’t fail and they don’t quit. team six. News of
bin laden’s death. Translator: The headline is of electrifying. Then, the stunning news
is eclipsed by the gripping account of a secret mission carried out to kill him. In the dead
of night, a team of operatives traveling on stealth choppers eludes all warning system
sovereign nation. They break into bin laden’s fortified compound doors away from Pakistan’s
most prestigious military academy. The commandos work their way through the residence, killing
anyone that gets in their way. It has been ten long years in the making and finally,
bin laden has been found. They waste no time delivering a double, two deadly shots. One
in the chest and one in the left eye. In 38 minutes, the team makes a clean getaway with
bin laden’s body and with critical intelligence to crack what’s left of AL Qaeda. In city’s
across america, civilians celebrate in the streets elated with the news. Within hours,
people want to know, who carried out this mission? How did they pull it off? To anyone
in the know, the mission has all the hallmarks of one team, S.E.A.L. Team 6. They are the
brain surgeons of shooters. They will burst in and put two shots in that guy’s head, two
shots in that guy’s head. You won’t know what the heck just happened. The operation was
carried out by S.E.A.L. Team 6. Team 6 is leaked to the media, many are stunned, specially
the quiet warriors who have actually served in the clandestine special missions unit.
Personally, I was shocked when I saw S.E.A.L. Team 6. I have never seen that before. I have
seen special operations and occasionally seals but never to a specific team and to this one.
Team 6 is to live in the shadows, the elite of the elite, men so highly trained, so lethal,
they are tapped for the military’s most sensitive and dangerous missions. Things happen all
the time public doesn’t hear about. We don’t need to hear about it. What we need to know
is that they are out there. They can be deployed so quickly and react to situations so fast.
Imagine being able to fedex a military miracle to the other side of the world and do it every
time. They played a role in the daring rescue of private Jessica lynch from behind enemy
lines. And saved the captain of the Maersk Alabama. They have urged former navy seals
not to talk to the press but some did, revealing here who the men of this tier one special
missions unit are and what they are out there to do. A tier one unit is like being in a
firehouse. If something happened worldwide, who are you going to call? You are going to
call the tier one guys. These men come from all walks of life. Have intellectuals. You
have rodeo cowboys. You have prep school attendees. They are not just strongest. They are not
just smartest. They are a whole different breed. Christopher Mark Heben spent a decade
as a navy seal including four years on Seal Team 8. They speak multiple languages. We
can be anyone other than american. As seals, we are generalists, pretty darn good at a
lot of things. Most have had advanced changes in nuclear engineering. If they happen upon
a loose weapon, they can disarm it. Team 6 could outperform your average Harvard student.
We do four things really extremely well, we shoot, we communicate, we move and we are
experts about becoming experts. If I 6 to know everything i have to know about something
by tomorrow morning, I am going to know that, as are my buddies. Don Shipley, who served
ten years on Seal Team 2, says the signature trade of a seal is toughness. Nobody became
a seal playing the violin after school. These are super type a guys, the adrenaline, the
big boys club. Most seals are highly motivated, highly self-motivated, ambitious, determined
and stubborn. Scott Taylor spent eight years on Seal Team 4. Seals are such a distinctive
group, they can spot each other anywhere any time. It is very easy to spot another team
guy. They have an air about them that other team guys may recognize. Montana state senator,
Ryan Zinke spent 23 years as a navy seal, eight of them on the fabled team six. I can’t
tell you how many people are on it. I can tell you some jess tiffs, docky, confident,
dedicated, professional, a killer.They sign an oath of confidentiality. Never to share
secrets that could jeopardize national security or team lives. They rarely difficult which
missions they have done but they do say the high-stake scenarios they handle they are
not allowed to reveal. We train for hostage scenarios, weapons of mass destruction, missions
that require. You can send 12 guys that are trained right up to the tip of perfection
and they do the job flawlessly. When a man commits to being a navy seal, he is committing
to a life as prestigious as it is dangerous. It is probably the most exclusive fraternity
in the entire world. When you graduate seal training, they will tell you, congratulations.
25% Of you won’t live to see your 30th birthday. They will tell you that. You have also done
more for your family name than having two siblings graduate from Harvard. Richard Marcinko
founded seal team six in 1980. Seven years later it changed to naval special warfare
development group. That name has been changed again. Like everything about this unit, it
remains classified. Marsenko set the bar high from the start. One of his key requirements,
experience. They have had 12-17, 18 trips to combat. Those are the guys that would have
taken down bin laden S.E.A.L. Team Six is one of three under a special operations command.
JSOC is a fraction of our massive military. It has such elevated status, it gets to operate
with its own set of rules. They have their own funding line under the defense budget
under title 10 of the u.s. code. John Grisham has spent decades probing the secrets of seal
team six as a writer for author Tom chancy. They have the autonomy as a service unto themselves
to buy anything they want. The only person they are responsible to is their assistant
secretary and the secretary of defense and the president. That’s it. That kind of unmonitored
funding means the team can and will buy, build, borrow or develop the highest tech and most
classified toys before anyone in the u.s. military. The absolute best of the best to
get you through to take more of the heat, take more of the cold, to just make a race
horse even faster. They are going to do it for you. The military’s best toys are a great
draw. The seals end of the bargain is no cake walk. Only a very select few make it through.
Under. It is the testosterone pit of america, hands-down, the toughest military training
in the world. A new one if it’s totaled within the first two model years. And that parking
near a streetlamp deters thieves? The more you know, the better you can plan for what’s
ahead. Talk to Farmers and get smarter about your insurance. One of the most important
things about SEAL Team Six is a tight-knit brotherhood. The trust they put in each other.
Who you are going to tie with is not with your family but with them. There is a strong
sense of brotherhood. That’s what makes the team. It has to be there. The importance of
teamwork is hammered into seals, from their first day at basic underwater demolition or
buds training in Coronado, California. Dennis Chalker served as command master chief at
buds during the 1990s. Nobody can determine, nobody can determine, what it takes to be
a seal except the individual themselves. If you see a person in buds and he is starting
to become that star quarterback. He is probably going to be the first one to leave. The ones
that are working as a team are going to be the ones that can make it. Buds is considered
the most grueling, training course in the world. Training is 90% mental and 10% is physical.
Now that other 10% is just as bad but a lot of is it is the mind and the body. You see
folks that are in tremendous physical shape that quit all the time. You can’t teach mental
toughness. Seal training, it’s that mental toughness that matters most. It is the pressure
cooker of america, hands down the toughest military training in the world. There is a
reel that it has to be that way. You just can’t be in an enemy 00 in the morning in
pitch blackwater and say, I want to go home. To test their mental toughness, seals endure
hours of training in the cold pacific ocean where fighting hypothermia is a regular exercise.
Start moving or we are going to do this all night you march out into the surf hands interlocked
and sit down in the surf and you sit there and you sit there. We play mind games with
them, in the surf, out of the surf. They don’t know how many times they are going to do it.
The time switches. They like to call it surf conditioning. It is serve torture. They have
a truck. It is all warm inside. They have coffee and doughnuts inside. They are constantly
getting it. Making it through water training is what differentiates seals from the other
special to swim under an enemy ship for a surprise attack or to plant explosives. They
develop the physical and mental toughness to conduct these high risk missions in a mental
toughness known as drowned proofing. Is your wrists are bound and your ankles are bound.
You have to jump in the water and bob straight up and down in this 15-foot water for 15 minutes
and then you have to float for 15 minutes and then you have to swim 300 meters tied
up and then they throw a mask to you and you have to go down to the bottom, pick the mask
up in your teeth and bring it to the surface while you are bobbing for another 10-15 minutes.
Do you understand? Buds training lasts six months. Six months is just a long time to
be a stinking trainee. You are lower than sharks at the bottom of the ocean. You are
not people. 75% Of trainees will not make it through buds. Surviving buds is only the
first step. SEAL stands for sea, air, and land and while op per opts are their specialty,
trainees must become proficient in all three elements. Next, six more months of tactical
training, their key secret tactics for outfoxing the enemy, skills to operate any weapon in
the world. So you can conceivably pick up any weapon on the field of batter and immediately
know its status and know what to do it. SEALs must become familiar with the different marine
vessels that will whisk them to their secret destinations including a modified stealth
boat called the sea lion. This can deliver a seal team to an enemy beach without being
spotted by radar. Another trick is a minisubmarine called a seal delivery vehicle that is designed
to evade sonar. It is battery powered. It is real will fast. It is really stealthy.
In this case, the delivery system is almost harder on the seals than the op. You are sitting
in there and not doing anything and you have water all around you. You are freezing. You
can’t wait to get out and work. I have had times where I am out of the water after a
three or four-hour dive. You have to literally sit on the shore and hug a rock, because it
is warmer than you are just so your fingers can move. Seals don’t just sneak up on locations
from the water. They also come from high in the sky. They have two parachute jump techniques
that they can surprise the enemy with, HALO, high altitude, low opening and HAHO, high
altitude, high opening. Deploying the parachute immediately enables them to glide undetected
more than 40 miles to make an attack. Wearing oxygen jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet
at night is a once in a lifetime experience. You can see the curvature of the earth. It
is stepping out into a black void. Many more trainees will drop out during the tactical
training stage but those who make it through are now part of a highly select fraternity.
More college football players will be drafted into the NFL than will earn the gold trident
of the navy seal this year. SEALs start their career in one of ten acknowledged seal teams.
They will go into battle many times before they are considered ready for seal team six.
By the time you even go for selection, you have six or seven years of combat. Once a
year, the strongest, smartest, most experienced operators are invited to try for a shot at
the team in a little known selection loss process. It turns out, they are not chosen
the way you might think. They take a picture of your face and they put it on a corridor
on a wall. Seal Team Six members who have interview with the applicant can put a check
or an “x” by the photo signifying whether they think the person should be inducted into
team six or not. It is up to those individuals at Seal Team Xix to designate you, have the
confidence that you are going to do the job that you say you can do. The final round of
training is called green team. Up to 50% will not finish this step. In this final stage,
operatives train with live ammunition in a top secret kill house similar to this one.
They have probably the most advanced kill house in the entire u.s. military. You can
actually do live firing exercises, hostage situations, taking down bad guys. At least
two Seal Team Six members have died in training accidents using live ammunition. But live
ammo isn’t the only danger. One thing that members of Seal Team Six have to go through
essentially is techniques like waterboarding. They are at the highest risk of being captured,
being interrogated by enemies. Surviving torture training is just a prelude to surviving the
real life perils these men face behind enemy lines. Seal team six is hailed for its success
today. Its roots lie in a military disaster. The failed rescue attempt of 52 Americans
taken hostage in the 1979 Iranian revolution. The daring mission in April, 1980, goes very
wrong when a marine helicopter crashes into a C-130 plane carrying u.s. troops. There
has been an american effort to rescue the hostages in at the embassy in Tehran and it
has failed. Eight american servicemen have been killed. The botched operation embarrassing
the carter administration and the military. The hostages are not released until January,
1981, after 444 days in captivity. The mission reveals fundamental fights terrorism. We spent
a lot of time planning and a lot of time rehearsing. We just weren’t smart enough yet. Commander
Richard Marcinko was working in the pentagon as the navy officer for terrorism comes up
with the idea have of an elite counter terrorism unit of navy seals like the army’s delta force
with a maritime component. That meant oil riggs, love boats, men of war, embassies on
the coastal. Marsinko hand picks the most highly picked seals to join his any venture
to join them. Many have experience in Vietnam. The first priority for me in selecting the
guys was having combat experience, certainly shooting skills. Dennis Chalker is one of
the original members of marsinko’s unit. We had to be formed within that year. As we were
formed, we were also conducting training. A lot of marksmanship, range work and entry-style
missions for hostage rescue takedowns. We started with 75 shooters. For those 75 shooters,
my training allowance for the command was more than the whole marine corps per year.
Marsinko calls the new unit team six to confuse potential enemies. There were only two other
seal units. A secret flag is designed so commemorate each mission. The images make sense only to
the operatives that take part. The first real test for the new unit comes in 1983. A bloody
coup has exposed the leaders of Grenada. President Reagan sends in the forces to remove the come
bad insurgents. Media coverage shows the marines invaded. The little known reality is that
seal team six is there too. As soon as the seals begin to drop into the ocean, things
go wrong. There was a screw-up on the bottom line. They jumped, the winds were too high.
We had people drowned. Four men are lost. It is a fiasco that will continue to unravel.
One team is deployed to rescue the governor general. We were supposed to go in first light.
It was almost mid-day. As we were going in, a lot of anti-aircraft guns were coming up
towards our helicopter, which made it look like Swiss cheese. We fast roped in and we
ended up being pinned down on the mansion there for about 27 hours. Grenada was a big
learning curve for the entire military. Perhaps the toughest lesson in seal team six’s history
is the 1993 operation in Somalia that became known as Black Hawk Down. Delta Force and
Army Rangers had launched an attack on a Somali warlord holed up in a hotel. Seal team six
snipers are providing support. Howard Wasdin is among them. The delta force guys went up
and down to hit the hotel. We basically came up and quarantined off the street. That way
the bad guys could come in. The american forces meet fierce resistance. Two of the black hawks
can helicopters are shot down and the crews ambushed. 18 Americans are killed. These guys
are very, very good. They plan for the worst. In Somalia, the worst plus four happened.
On September 11th, 2001, America, itself, is attacked. Seal team six is called to action
to track down Osama Bin Laden and other AL Qaeda operatives in capture or kill missions
designed to take place off the radar. The latitude with which they are able to operate
in some sense provides the ability for them to do things that one might consider to be
illegal. It is very difficult to know what the threshold is. There are classifiers that
spell out particular duties for special missions units like the seals and delta force. Even
when seal team six is forced into the spotlight, they try to slip away before their identity
is revealed. In 2009, Somali pirates take Richard Phillips is held captive in a life
boat with three pirates holding him at gunpoint. There is only one team in the world with the
skills to make three lethal shots on the swelling ocean. If one shot misses, the surviving pirate
may kill the captain. Both boats are bopping up and down in the ocean and not in sync.
So it is a difficult shot. Several team six snipers parachute into the ocean carrying
their massive 50-caliber sniper rifles, swim to a navy ship and set up in a hidden location
aboard the “USS” seal team six uses special thermal scope that detect body heat and help
them locate the pirates inside the life boat. The snipers lion the fantail of the bainbridge
for more than 24 hours never taking their eyes off their targets. It is dizzying, right?
That’s how these guys train. The biggest problem was getting the world yes to come across the
earpiece. 15 when one of the pirates appears to point his gun at Captain Phillips. Seconds
later, three shots are fired simultaneously. It is either zero or hero. No other way going
about doing it. All three shots hit their targets. Captain Phillips is unarmed. The
incredible shots prove what many already know. Seal team six snipers are some of the best
shooters in the world. They will need these skills and the most sophisticated gear available
in case they get the call to take out the world’s most wanted terrorists. Find gear
for soccer. Send invites to a party. Post karate pics. Help Sean with history. Battle
of Hastings: 1066. To hunt for Osama Bin Laden, military fast tracks highly advanced gear
and secret weapons to outmatch the enemy. It is up to seal team six to test the cutting
edge equipment before it finds its way on to the battlefield. They exist on paper to
get all the fancy whiz bangs right whether they come off the production line whether
it is a gun or a knife or signaling device or camera or radio. If it works for them,
then there is an infusion of the product into, the quote, unquote, normal seal teams. Much
of their equipment is classified. It is known that team six uses incredibly powerful optical
and thermal scopes for their rifles that ensure they always kill first. An invisible laser
pointer that you can stick on the front of the rifle and only you with that night vision
goggle can see it. They are said to use a new grenade launcher called the punisher.
It uses smart technology and fires grenades that explode in midair near a target killing
insurgents hiding behind walls or furniture. CSI technology is used to create a DNA database
of seal team six’s elusive enemy, revealing the identity of those that they have gone
after. What we have been doing for the last decade is taking DNA sampling from any corpses
we have come across or cremated. We will send the data back and a couple days later, they
will go, oh, you took out the number 32 guy in the chain of command for AL Qaeda. That
database has been very important. Another futuristic tool they use is a stealth drone
called the sentinel to track the terrorists. It can spy on the enemy without being detected
by radar and send video to a seal on the ground in real time. Even the clothes seal team six
members wear are high-tech. They have what’s called load-outs. Different packs for different
things. They are always packed, always ready to go. The amount of gear, wow, the best of
the best. Stealth and preparedness are the heart and soul of each lowdown. In the desert,
a seal wears sand color camouflage fatigues with a Kevlar helmet with camera and night
vision goggles. No matter the mission, in the front pants pocket, a seal carries a blowout
kit with lies and in the other pocket, an evasion and escape kit with enough money to
pay their way out from behind enemy lines. Money talks. If you get separated from your
team, you need to get away from Somalia. I was going to hire somebody from the boat to
take me up and down the coast to Kenya. A pistol is strapped to the leg and an assault
rifle with special scopes I slung over the shoulder. A rail system for a voor vooit of
pop ticks, lasers, flashlights. Don Shipley spent ten years on seal team two and now runs
extreme seal experience, a camp that gives a taste of what it is like to be a seal. There
is everyone else’s way of shooting and seal’s way of shooting. That key, getting those two
rounds close together does a tremendous amount of damage. A shotgun is used by the breachers,
seals in charge of blowing through walls and doors. Snipers carry a 50-caliber rifle for
longer firing abilities. 50-Caliber sniper rifle, 690 grams of diplomacy. A seal has
gear to fight in any environment, even the punishing arctic mountains. He uses heavy
duty grease to make sure his rifle works properly in the frigid conditions. Every environment
has different missions, specific things, even to the point of lubricating. You want something
that’s going to operate when it is frozen outside. With all the cutting edge technology
at seal team six’s disposal, in jungle environment, low tech equipment sometimes gets the job
done better. Seals use a compass as GPS signals can be blocked by heavy tree cover. Snipers
wear customize ghille suits. It has locations where you can attach vegetation from the surroundings
o as well to be able to blend in more. Diving is a seal specialty. For stealth ops deep
beneath the water, a seal uses a close circuit mixed gas rebreathing system that allows him
to descend to depths that would kill a scuba diver. Divers have gone further than 1,000
feet, ten times as deep as a recreational divers normally goes. There are no bubbles.You
can’t see us coming whether we are doing a reconnaissance on a harbor or placing a mine
on a ship, like noriegan in panama, to blow it up. Whatever he wears, he must be able
to parachute in it. They train dogs to parachute with them. The highly trained canines are
another one of their secret weapons. They are about a $75,000 dog. They are trained
just like we are. Their job, sometimes if they have a camera, we will send them into
a sketchy area where the enemy is not looking for a dog. We’ll get pictures. They can detain
someone with their mouth if you don’t want someone to get away. Seal team six brings
a dog on the Osama Bin Laden mission, it is cross-trained to sniff out hidden people and
hidden bombs. Named Cairo, the dog is either a Belgian malannoy or a German shepherd. It’s
exact identity remains as secrete as the men it serves with and it wears goggles called
doggels and a harness equipped with a nice vision camera and speaker so a seal can communicate
with it from a distance and order it to kill. That’s not what they are expecting to see,
this dog with jaws big as kujo. When seal team six gets the call to execute the most
important mission in their store read history, all their secret tactics and equipment is
put to the ultimate test. When you get that call, usually it is about dam time. You have
two perfectly good hands? After searching for Osama Bin Laden for more than a decade,
intelligence sources believe they have traced the world’s most wanted terrorist to this
multi-store reed house in Pakistan. The president orders the ultimate drop, one with little
room for error, a mission seal team six has prepared for incessantly. They get the call.
This mission could not fail. No doubt in my mind that the seals understood that. That
feels came from the white house situation right to the target that night. Remaining
undetected is absolutely critical to mission success. The Pakistani government is not told
about the raid and seal team six must get in and out of the sovereign nation covertly.
Government didn’t trust Pakistan to keep a secret. The seals were confident that they
could spook the radar system. Seal team six has several aces up their sleeves, including
top secret stealth helicopters that no one outside the highest levels of the military
even knows exist. The highly modified blackhawks have panels that absorb radar waive waves
and special paint that absorbs them. They are baffled to limit their sound. We are constantly
upgrading technology and insertion and extraction methods and trying to do things to escape
and evade radar. Seat team six isn’t told who their target is but they practiced the
high stakes raid relentlessly for more than a month in a painstaking replica of bin laden’s
compound. You have an understanding of the way the doorknobs turn when you go into the
passage way.They allow for very efficient special operations missions>>>just before
midnight on Sunday, May 1st, local time, Three Chinook helicopters and two stealth blackhawks
take off from a base in Afghanistan and head for Abbottabad in Pakistan. They are not told
that Osama bin laden is the high value target until the helicopters lift off. I have been
told when they got the news on the helicopter, they were just ecstatic. These are people
who have been hunting for this guy for a decade. You have trained every day of your life since
you have got to the seal team to do this type of op. To keep tops from being detected, secret
radar technology is being used. We have electronic counter measures that are pulling out pulses
to specific frequencies. The plan is to have one team fast rope on to the top of the compound
while the other team enters from the ground. No one is in the way. It is a lot easier going
down hill than uphill. A bouncing grenade coming down gives you a sick feeling. One
of the black hawks crashes inside the compound wall. In the white house situation room, President
Obama and his staff are watching a live video feed of the raid from a drone that is relayed
through a special at that time lied dedicated to seal team six operations. They feel the
mission is suddenly at risk of failure. After decades of honing their tactics, they are
prepared for just setback. We see the value of having a dedicated force and seconds later,
the second black hawk lands outside the compound. The seals blow a hole in the security wall.
During the time, they search for bin laden. The heavily fortified house slows the team
down. The breach team blew doors off of hinges finding in some cases what they were looking
at was a brick wall or a block wall. They killed bin laden’s courier and the man’s wife.
Alone with one of bin laden’s sons. They worked their way to the third floor where they find
the world most wanted terrorist along with one of his wives. She takes a shot to the
leg and then Osama Bin Laden takes two deadly shots. Seals call it a double shot. He didn’t
put his hands up and surrender when he was told to that tells me. Bin laden is killed
about 20 minutes into the raid. The mission is not over. DNA samples are taken and a picture
of his face is transmitted for positive electronic identification. The software looks at certain
points on the face. It makes an assessment on whether or not this photograph is, in fact,
who you think it is and gives you a percentage of probability that you are correct. An intelligence
team scours the compound collecting a treasure trove worth of computers and hard drives.
Bin laden’s body is loaded on to one of the shin nooks. Team members raid the down helicopter
to destroy its secret technology. Seal team six detonates it as they lift off 40 minutes
after the operation began. One of the most wanted men on the planet. Nobody, none of
the good guys, were injured or killed. We got out without causing any collateral damage.
I would call this the best op that I have ever heard of. The explosion doesn’t destroy
everything. Left behind is a telltale piece of equipment that threatens to reveal the
mission’s most important secrets. Seal team six has executed a nearly flawless mission
to kill and identify Osama bin laden. On the way out, it accidentally leaves a clue to
its own identity. The tail section that got left in the compound would be like you or
I finding the arm to the terminator. That’s a pretty high-tech piece of equipment. The
tail rudder helps insiders connect the dots about who could possibly have such stealthy
equipment. The name seal team six gets leaked to the public. Being exposed brings acclaim
to the team but the military still refuses to reveal identities of those on the mission,
not even to the president when he visits them soon after. One of history’s question is,
will we ever know exactly who pulled the trigger on Osama bin laden. He asked. He was told
by a member of the unit, just assume we all did. Divulging names would invite retaliation,
not only against the seals but against their families, families that have long made sacrifices
in the name of national securities. My son was 2 1/2 before he even knew who daddy was.
Seals say the divorce rate is as high as 90% for first marriages. Most seals are gone more
than 200 days a year. Dawn and Diane Shipley have managed to beat the odds. We are running
warned our hair on fire. We are running around the world with machine guns. We are having
a great time being seals and the wives are back here at home dealing with the kids, the
toilets overhead flowing, everything that can happen is gonna happen to them. It is
a very thankless job. It is very tough on them. Don and I have been married for 30 years
and I have not one time ever delivered bad news to him. No matter how bad it was. You
have to keep them focused so they can do their job. Seal wives tend to stick together. Most
live in the communities near the seal bases in Dam Neck, Virginia and outside San Diego.
Whatever they know, they cannot share with anyone on the outside. You really don’t talk
about what they are up to and if you ever do make the mistake, you are shut down pretty
quick. Team six founder, Richard Marsinko, used to give the wives parameters of what
they could divulge about their husband’s work. I used to bring the girls in, the wives in
once a year on a sat for coffee and donuts and i would tell them, this is what you can
tell them. Every time a navy seal walks out the door, he knows it could be his last time.
To this day, those who have served say, it was worth the risk. I enjoyed every minute
I was on the team. What I enjoyed the most was the people around me. I enjoyed the honor
and privilege of leading my team. I would go back in a heartbeat. I would pay to go
on vacation with a seal platoon back overseas. No doubt about it. When the day comes for
navy seals to retire and it always does, it ace tough gig to follow. They often stick
to the work they know, going into business for themselves as military contractors. You
are not going to find seals packing boxes at home depot. They are not out there pumping
gas. The guys become entrepreneurs. They have to keep their foot in the door being a bad
ass one way or another.There will always be cover. lt work to be done. Secrets that need
to be kept and men willing to keep them. The men of seal team six. There are our nation’s
911 force. I think we should leave it at that.

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  • i watched a documentary a while back in which a US colonel stated that when they need overwhelming firepower and numbers they used their own special forces but when sheer stealth and information gathering leaving no trace is called for then British special forces are the most capable around.

  • Now I know all about this outfit..Personally I think SBS is a lot more secretive, therefore more dangerous. That's the trouble with the Americans. They have big mouths. Not knocking the bravery of any forces person.

  • and the double tap isn't a Seal way of shooting either. It was developed by Brits because their 9MM handguns lacked punch! Double taps negate that

  • Have any of you all ever heard of John Rambo, the greatest soldier ever birthed? He was a one man army birthed from the Airborne Rangers, Green Berets, and Delta Force. He was so bad ass, he would eat slop, so disgusting, it would make a goat throw up… period. Rambo always stated to survive war, you gotta become war. He yelled at the cops once, I was there, "they drew first blood! Not me!" The police feared him, as well. The last thing I ever heard him say, "nothing is over!" His good friend Colonel Trautman told of his stories.

  • This shroud of secrecy, apart from absolutely making sense on many accounts, reminds me of Alan Lee. Before becoming Saruman, much, much before, he was a British secret service agent and once he was asked by a journalist to reveal some of the details concerning his previous actions and missions, he replied: "Can you keep a secret?". When he got a positive answer, he said: "Well, so can I!"

  • Shitty propaganda like this makes young americans join the military just to become a blood sacrifice for the Elite. Those who return home face PTSD and other problems that make them unable to function in the normal world.
    Stay away from killing people, folks. You are definately not a hero doing so.


  • Anyone else find it kinda annoying how the american military try to make everything sound more advanced and mysterious than it actually is? "A maritime Seal Delivery Vehicle" .. A boat. "A tactical Weapons system".. a gun with an attachment. "Cover, Headgear"… Hat. etc. It's kinda silly

  • You can guarantee that if the middle east was the same extreme in snow and ice as it is with sun now (if it was like sweden all year around) there woulda been no invasion, and no forces still there now.

  • Very interesting, but there is some truth in these comments, ie… what truth, whats exaggerated, whats a lie? I think I will keep an open mind on this one?

  • If this was an actual successful mission such as Delta force missions than no one would ever known the missions existed. There is only one Delta failure and that was 1979 under the name "Desert One" in Iran.

  • A sad update to the community. Carl Dansforth passed away last weekend. All team members would be proud of the fight he had in him. God bless Carl and all that serve.

  • I cant tell you how many people are in a team but i can tell you adjectives, Next guy , you don't need to send 1000 regular troops when you can send 12 guys who are trained right up to the tip of perfection. So i'm going to to go with 12 guys on a team. I think that one guy just unconsciously just revealed how many operators are in one team and 12 is a perfect number you can break down into 2 / 6 man squads in that team so way to go dude you just told the world a very confidential secret that a German just figured you out hahaha. Fucking Americans lol they cant help but to boast and brag.

  • all this fake propaganda made on a fake assumption of what actually was a false flag security service and financial coup d´etat

  • "I can't tell you how many guys are on the team" because it's just him and his dog… the rest are playing for a team he cannot tell … 😀

    I can't reveal my intel either…I like this secret stuff, you can rant all day long and have fun… 😀

  • Awesome American heros. Hope they start taking out the domestic enemy's in our Government and media. I wont mention any names… cnn

  • Not suppsedbtonlnowbthey exist…bullshit, everybody wants to be labelled a hero now & tell their story, write their book, become motivational speaker…it’s all good, the american way, milk ur deeds for all u can, but it’s gotten a little old. I come generations of veterans who did their job, came back & quietly got with their lives & careers without movies, books or soapboxing…times change.

  • people watch this and head "the government will protect the seal's identities" or whatever, and they think, hey i can pretend to be a seal, get one of those fancy trident tatoos, order a bunch of shit on ebay, maybe that will get me laid, maybe i can even get a discount when i go and buy a coffee or whatever. But then if you do, don shipley will go and find you and tear you a new asshole!

  • Any muricans getting hard watching this right now have seen the recent exposé on how mentally unstable team 6 became when sent to Afghanistan? They were mutilating corpses, beheading suspects, basically turned into the savages they were hunting. Guess that’s what happens when you “hunt” humanfucking beings everyday of your gross life

  • What’s done down range will stay down range.
    This reporter is wasting his time. The military industrial complex and its goons, answer to no one except the oligarchs and the judge that everybody loves. That’s if you believe in the primordial creator which clearly most people do not. Most believe that a gun is God. It’s a hell of a lot deeper then that. Self defense is universal law which is common sense.
    The USA corporation is stirring up a hornets nest. These oligarchs for their own pleasure, greed and dominance. Invade these peoples lands( plural) to steal resources and that’s the problem. Like 70% of the soldiers I served with, did it for Country. I did it to put my wife through school and I did my job honorably.
    Some of the guys shitted on the uniform. It was their nature.

    Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated.
    Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.

    I rarely saw this because the military was one of the most racist places that I experienced.
    Down range atrocities happened that CNN of FOX news we’re gagged ordered to not cover.
    As a former vet with more then 10 years service. The military industrial complex does not serve the people or its oath. It serves the oligarchs( crime families and Robber Barron’s). Just look at what they did to Pat Tillman?
    I’m done.

  • US Army public relations "Operation fake saving private Jessica Lynch"
    Jessica Lynch myth

  • I still wonder how DEVGRU missions differs from regular SEALS missions. Sure they are the most elite SEALS but what type of mission do DEVGRU get and why would "regular" SEALS not be "enough"? What was insufficient about common SEALS that made somebody estabilish DEVGRU?

  • Navy Seals are not that hard. I went through SPUDs as part of the 3rd Procastinator Company 9th Recliner Battalion. We tactically engage all opposing forces on the internet and we take no prisoners. If you even remotely appear to know what your talking about, we will shoot your facts down with non stop hyperbole and even down right lies if it gets our point across. We are in all comment threads. We are many. These guys are just a bunch dudes that basically like to swim and throw darts at each other in bars. Not impressed.

  • They were with the unit that was so Secret so classified that even the people who did public documentaries about them interviewed many many Navy Seals said they couldn't believe how top secret broadcast all over the world to All Around of our enemies was unbelievably top secret. And as our enemies took notes when the Navy Seals highly classified tactics they said wow we can't believe how highly top-secret these events are that we are documenting and taking notes on and recreating and training to fight against them resist

  • Pipe swinging tough.. But i spent 5 years fighting wildland fires. Lost a. Good freind… But you can keep a secret like the lady that cuts my hair!!! Focus!

  • Oh it's the toughest military training in the world uh?I dare you to try the SAS training,than come back and tell me wich one is harder.

  • Squids. Lol. Look at us. lol. Closely guarded my ass. Biggest blabbermouth operators in the world. I'll take an ODA any day

  • Common all of us in the know ….know SEALs are all Hollywood! lmao…..

  • "Daring raid to rescue Jessica Lynch"? Ha ha ha… it was all a LIE for propaganda purposes. There were NO Iraqi soldiers at the hospital, the Iraqi doctors gave her the best of care after her vehicle accident, and an Iraqi doctor actually walked 12 miles into an American held area to tell them she was there. Jessica Lynch herself said so.

  • Well now we all know who pulled the trigger he's written a book and been all over television rating up the attention.

  • Minute 30. "690 grams of diplomacy". No, Senior Chief Shipley, that's over a pound. Perhaps you meant "690 grains". Allahu akbar!


  • Target shooting from the bed of your pickup, does it get any better? This video certainly seems to support the claims that "all my records are classified" I wonder if there was an uptick of phony SEAL claims after the OBL raid?

  • Ohhhh!!! So…this doc doesn’t want to name who actually doxxed this mission unit? Come on…name him: former VP Biden.

  • Millenial egos that make them want to cash in on the hype- my neighbor is ex navy; he only talked about being a senior chief petty officer ( it took looking at his awards and shadow box to know he was a Seal) he said it's not as big as people make it out to be and that seals are just trained harder for specific missions and duties.

    he was in combat in Iraq in 2004 and he says "getting shot at is getting shot at"; showed him this video and he simply laughed and said its about entertainment.

    He also told me that the basic seals are "Tier 2" operators like Marine Force Recon, and Green Berets and Air Force Combat Weathers men( wtf is a combat weatherman?? Apparently a needed asset!)

    My neighbor isnt a big guy either- 5'9, 165 lbs- runner build..real polite and humble

  • Right now I see a sh*t ton of people commenting out their asses right now. You keyboard warriors can b*tch and complain all you want about how "the SEALs are just a bunch of guys who love to toot their own horn" and "DELTA Force," which is by the way now CAGG, "would have kept their stuff secret"; but if you talk to any SEAL, you will see that they are not going around and proclaiming their feats to the world. These guys are indeed quiet professionals: the press, Hollywood, and Call of Duty just try to glorify them and their work far beyond what these guys want. Oh, the books. Of course you will find books by SEALs. But they don't do it show off, they do it to tell their story. You will find books by former MARSOC and Force Recon Marines, Army Rangers, Green Berets, former DELTA Operators, and SEALs trying to give closure to their wartime experiences. So stop vomiting up these stupid ideas of "SEALs being full of themselves".

  • If I had heard about Navy Seals I would have tried to be one but I didn’t hear about them until I was informed I have a cousin I’ve never met that is one. I probably wouldn’t make it anyway. I am proud I’m related to one.

  • Hate to burst your bubble you never God bin Laden he was dead a year b4 the raid they went in to kill his family and gather Intel. That's all they showed pictures of his sons yet none of him and after that nearly all the men on that team where wiped out that's says it all wake up. No footage no proof I know they didn't get him it's all a lie and the only ones who came forward got a lucky break because they couldn't be touched that's why they came out like Rob O'Neill

  • Yeah they got Bin laden all right ha ha very funny,He was such a high value target more valuable then Bigfoot or Aliens landing on the White House lawn and what do we do with Bin laden after they kill him?Why they dump him in the ocean as fast as they can.Bin laden was dead a long time ago due to health issues and kidney failure.this was a stunt by the ever corrupt Obama administration to bolster his sagging approval ratings and to make him seem more Presidential because everyone hated this fraud.

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