Seal Sniffing Labrador | Exploratorium Throwback

I trained them to do the the sit/stay/
lay down/crate training thing. Brendan trained him how to track the ringed seals. Where’s your nattiq? Nattiq? Nattiq means ringed seal. Where is it? This hole in the ice, this seal has been maintaining since freeze up last fall All winter long the seal keeps scratching at this hole to maintain access to the surface for air. Then they have these snow caves as
you can see elaborated above them that’s where they come out of the water and
they’re resting under the snow and protected from cold and from predators well sudden he gets the scent and he
like veers off and then just charges and it’s incredible to see. We have no way of smelling what he smells. He’s smelling these seals from however many miles away. It’s incredible. This is the breathing hole the
seals come out of and you can see that there had been a seal lying here. This time of year they’re molting so
they’re shedding all their skin and hair and they need to lie out in the Sun on
warm days like this in order for the new skin to grow

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