Scooter Dog: Norman The Dog To Be Guinness World Record Breaker

COMM: This is the moment Norman the wonder dog may well have scooted into the record
books. COMM: The talented pooch travelled thirty metres unaided on the scooter in a record
breaking 20.75 seconds, to the delight of an assembled crowd. COMM: Norman was taught the unusual skill by owner Karen Cobb, a dog trainer with twenty
years experience. COMM: Norman can do all traditional tricks play dead, roll over, shake paw and then of
course he has some other unique ones. COMM: The four year old French Sheepdog wows audiences with his amazing ability ride scooters
skateboards and even a bike. Norman was first taught to scoot to help him overcome anxiety
as a pup. KAREN: Ready, 2, 3, get it! COMM: French Sheepdogs can kind of be skittish as a reed so you really gotta socialize them
a lot. So we just thought it would be fun to introduce him to all the kid’s toys, and
we put him on the kid’s scooter and he loved it. COMM: Norman has become an animal celebrity, thanks to his mastery of anything on wheels.
And he’s even appeared on primetime TV. KAREN: Norman made his first TV appearance on the David Letterman Show, and since then
our life has changed. COMM: Karen began developing Norman’s talents at a young age. KAREN: It was not difficult to teach him to ride a scooter because he loved it so much,
he just loved to do anything for a reward. KAREN: Okay ready Norman? KAREN: Norman can also ride a bicycle and that took him, probably about three years
to learn. COMM: But even with a Guinness World Record pending, Norman is still sniffing out new
challenges. KAREN: We’re always teaching new tricks, we never want to have him bored so we’ll constantly
come up with new things and create ideas of what he can learn and he, he loves it so it’s
always fun.

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