Schwimmende Rottweiler und CHECKERS! / Südafrika Season 3 Ep. 2

Good morning again, I recorded the whole video and then saw that my phone did not record at all We are in South Africa, Day Number two on our way to the supermarket It’s a sunday but at least all the shops are open on sunday That’s why we… … can go buy some drinks, candy and things we need Justine is also here It is a nice day, 20 degrees, sunshine, wonderful So Day number two starts Let’s see what happens We are at Checkers, my favorite Market here They’ve got almost everything here You can compare it with a little “Real” It is nice because they open 7 days a week Not so long times open but still 7 days There is also a KFC close by Let’s go shopping Imagine that somebody would buy a 1kg pack of butter in germany Or those huge Rama Packages Shopping is done We’ve got two big bags and Justine a Milk Tarte Walking back home now It isn’t really warm but the sun heats you up and makes you sweat But still better then the german autumn Going home now, waiting for the family coming from church and then we go eat lunch It is so nice to be back in this house here in South Africa Such a feeling of freedom to be back in this family here If you see this now Richard and Engela, thank you very very very much for having me That I am always welcome here I am arriving and I feel like my own home and that is wonderful Thank you a lot There are a few animals, Sarah and Bubbles And Toto runs around here, too Definitely very warm I hope that the second video wasn’t to boring now We just drove around a bit randomly Pierre, a friend of the family visited us with his family And we spend 4h with them eating pizza and talk Was a good time At least able to edit a second video Tomorrow is monday, Richard’s Radio Show We are going to drive to the Strawberry Farm first Buy a few berries And we are later then going to the radio where I become my own part of it With my own sequence I will pre-record a few things and they are going to play then every week So if you are interested to listen Just download the free App “Simple Radio” Available in Android and iOS, go search for Heartbeat 103.9fm And you can listen Monday and Tuesday from 12-2pm and friday from 8-10am My recordings will be mondays If you like, listen please Thanks for watching and see you at the next video The previous video is linked below and all the others are at my channel All the playlists as well. Thank you, Bye!

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