Sandoval County search and rescue dog found the bodies of two missing teens

AREA YOU HOPE YOU NEVER HAVE TO MEET. THERE )S NOTHING WRONG WITH HER — BUT SHE HAS A VERY SPECIALIZED PURPOSE — AND THAT IS FINDING BODIES. NEWS 13 )S REBECCA ATKINS SHOWS YOU THE DOG THAT HELPS SOLVE TERRIBLE CRIMES. 2:14 “Find it.” 2:17 IT )S HER JOB TO HELP BRING JUSTICE … 1:58 nats of dog panting and running towards camera “Platz!” 2:01 AND FIND ANSWERS FOR DESPERATE FAMILIES. …. 14:57 “It )s tremendous. I mean for someone to not have their baby to bury… I can )t imagine going through that.” 15:05 IN LATE DECEMBER KT AND HER HANDLER SHANNON WERE CALLED TO HELP SEARCH AN AREA OF THE MESA AFTER SANDOVAL COUNTY DEPUTIES FOUND CLOTHES WEST OF RIO RANCHO. 13:57 “They asked for a human remain detection dog, so we went out there and assisted them and KT did indicate that there were human remains.” 14:06 KT LOCATED THE BODIES OF 14 YEAR- OLD AHMED LATEEF AND 15 YEAR-OLD COLLIN ROMERO. THE MURDERED BOYS HAD BEEN MISSING FOR MORE THAN TWO WEEKS. 14:08 “Later we found that it was the bodies of Collin and Ahmed.” 14:12 COLLIN )S MOTHER AMANDA KIMBREL HAD BEEN SEARCHING THE DESERT ON HER OWN SINCE HER SON DISAPPEARED. 2:24 “I )m watching for different change in her body language.” 2:27 BUT IT WAS KT THAT FINALLY FOUND HIM. 14:13 “It )s extremely tragic.” 14:14 KT IS ONE OF ONLY A FEW DOGS IN THE STATE TRAINED TO FIND HUMAN REMAINS. SHE )S ASSISTED THE FBI IN OTHER STATES AND EVEN HELPED SEARCH FOR THE BODY OF A LITTLE BOY AT THE AMALIA COMPOUND NORTH OF TAOS. 8:47 “They )re good dogs. And they )re gonna do a good job.” 8:49 AND ALTHOUGH IT )S NOT AN EASY JOB, SHE SAYS THERE )S TWO THINGS THAT KEEP HER GOING. 14:16 I )m hoping that you know KT assisting will maybe bring a conviction and the families have their boys back to bury.” 14:24 REBECCA ATKINS, KRQE, NEWS 13. KT )S HANDLER AND HER HUSBAND ARE ALSO IN THE PROCESS OF TRAINING MORE SEARCH AND RESCUE DOGS.

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