Samyuktha Hegde believed to be pregnant | Puppy Movie Scenes | Varun | Yogi Babu | Marimuthu

Do you remember
what to buy? And don’t say anything
after going home. – Mom, we didn’t take the curd packet.
– Yes, I’ll bring it. Puppy! Go…go… Hey, why are you roaming
like a diabetic? It’s been a long time since we gave.
Call her and find out. – Hello!
– Hello, Ramya! What’s the result? It’ll take five minutes. Wait, Prabhu.
I’ll call you back. I’ll be on line.
Check and tell me. Okay, wait. Ramya, what are you doing? Check and tell me, soon. Hello! – Hello!
– What happened? Got the result, Prabhu. Say immediately, without suspense. It’s negative. – Negative?
– Yes. Did you check it right? Yes, I checked it.
It’s negative. Good, Ramya! I love you so much, Ramya. My dad is calling. Just a minute.
I’ll call you back. Hello! – Senior!
– What, Prabhu? It’s negative, senior! Have you become a”Dad”? Hey, wash your mouth with phenyl. Nothing so. – We’ve escaped.
– Escaped? Phone is ringing.
Take it. – Whose phone?
– Your’s phone. Who’s calling?
Ramya. My girlfriend! – I’ll speak and come.
– Go and speak. Hello, Ramya! – What’s this?
– What? It shows ‘positive’ in another tester. ‘Positive’? Yes. Who told you to test in another one? Who told you to buy two test kits? Hey, that was an offer.
‘Buy one and get one free’. That’s why, I bought it. If I buy you forty,
will you keep testing on everything? Goof, you’re. Why are you talking so? Then, how to talk? If positive, it’s problematic. Heed me, don’t call me, henceforth. You’re someone.
I’ll block your number. What?
Will you block my number? Yes. Tomorrow morning, I’ll come along with
my parents to your home. Then you know, whether we both
have relationship or not? What?
Dad! – Hey, Ramya!
– Hang up the phone. Hey, Ramya! Hey, it’s switched off. Hey, who told you
to buy two kits? Buy one and get one free. Hit me. Hit me. I was the middleman for you
and your puppy. Hit me. Better, you’d
have hit me. Saliva… If anything happens to me, I’ll cut off your tress,
not to act in any of the films. – Hey, where is your son?
– Why? – Call that vagabond.
– vagabond? – Speak respectfully.
– Hey, get up. Get up. What, mom? disturbing in the morning? You need sleep too,
for what you’ve done? Get up. Come out. – Mom.
– Come out. – Listen here
– Tell me. – Is he sleeping, big cheese?
– Yes. Don’t speak more. – Let my son come out, I’ll ask him.
– Isn’t it? Hey, why are you shouting
to them, equally? You must be blamed to bring
them as tenants. Is it a hall of thousand pillars? Just two rooms. – What is he upto?
– He is good. – Do you know what he did?
– What he did, tell me? Not only does he befriended
my daughter but impregnated her. Oh, no! – Why are you blaming my son, falsely?
– Who is blaming? If it’s my place,
I’ll cut him into pieces. – Dear!
– What? I gave her hot coffee, yesterday.
See, how she talks now. I too gave clips to hang your clothes. Is it good to say all those in public. If you give the clip,
your son will impregnate my daughter. Good family! How arrogantly is she speaking. If he was born with sisters,
he’d know the value of a girl. Did I say not to have? But, she denied. See, what question did he ask? Reply him. Dear, is that important now? Shut your mouth. Call your son and ask him. Mom. What? He has come. Look here. Ask your son,
grown up six feet height… …whether it’s true or not? He has done everything
and standing like a buffalo. Hey! – Hey!
– Dad! Come. – Come out.
– Dad! Hey, is what she says is true? Dad! Tell me, is it true? I’ve made a mistake once,
without knowing. Did you made once,
by mistake? You can’t do, henceforth. Oh, It’s there!

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