Samyuktha breaks up with Varun | Varun’s dog falls seriously ill | Puppy Movie Scenes | Yogi Babu

Where are you going? Wait, I’ll tell. Brother, go straight. You said we’re going to the beach. I told you to wait a minute. Why have we come
to the hospital, now? Ramya, heed me, patiently. Already, your periods cycle
is delayed for ten days. I don’t think it’s right
still getting delayed. If we do a small test
in this hospital, The result will be given
in an hour. Nothing will be wrong
after that. You promised me that
you’d never take me… … anywhere without asking me. I don’t have time
to speak about it. Get down, first. Why are you so late? No senior, I told her
about it, after coming here. It became late, talking to her. Are you taking vitamin
tablets regularly? Ramya! Go soon.
I’ll wait. Go… Doctor will come now. I’ll call you then you go and see him. – Okay?
– Okay sister. Hey, what will you do,
if positive? Keep it in doctor table. Follow up the medicines prescribed. Okay sister. Wait, inside. I’ll make things ready
for the test and call you. Mom! Mom! Hey, what did you tell
me to come? You said, you got hurt
and asked to come to the hospital. When inquired, the doctor says
you underwent an abortion. What? Mom, I was scared. Don’t know whom to share? I’ve made a mistake, ignorantly.
Sorry, mom. Do you know what a great sin
you’ve committed? What’s your urgency? Do you know how many babies
die in the womb… … due to lust of this age? I didn’t know, it’ll happen so. Going to the temple, consulting
a doctor, even spending lakhs… …is not be blessed with a child. Instead of giving birth
to the child, you killed it… …in the womb and now weeping. Leave me, mom. Let me go somewhere and die. Your name? Ramya. Age? 22 years. How long have you
been married? You’ve come for the
pregnancy test, isn’t it? Tell me. How long have you
been married? Hello, what happened? Hey, Ramya! She is weeping. Go and see.
– Ramya! Ramya! Just a minute. Did you take the test or not? No. What’s your problem, now? I told you to take a test. Why are you showing off? I’m not showing off. What are you going
to do with the test? Shouldn’t we know
whether it’s positive or negative? Okay, let it be positive. What will you do? What will I do? Is it possible to get married
and have a child at this age? No other way except abortion. You don’t know the value
of a life, Prabhu. I can’t do this. Positive or negative. Whatever, I’ll face it alone. Ramya! Henceforth, you’ve nothing
to do with me. Please, don’t come into my life. Puppy. Puppy. Puppy. Puppy. Puppy, breathe out. Puppy. Oh, no! It’s not breathing. Hello! Hello, doctor!
I’m Prabhu, speaking. Do you remember? I’ll bring the fawn colored
Labrador, Puppy. Tell me, Prabhu. Doctor, don’t know what happened?
It’s breathless. In another two days,
pregnancy is up. Did you give the medicines
I suggested?. Medicines? Oh, no! I forgot, doctor. You’re talking reckless. I’m not in the town. There are chances for
the dog to die. First, take the dog
to the veterinary hospital. Okay, doctor. Puppy! Nothing, I’ll take care. Auto. Just a minute. What happened? My dog is sick. – I must take it to the hospital.
– Dog! Puppy is sick. Just a minute. Puppy, the auto has arrived. We’ll go, soon. Hey auto… Don’t go. Puppy! Eyes…eyes…
She isn’t opening the eyes. Dad! We’ve to take puppy, come. Puppy is sick. Why are you sitting outside?
What happened? What is he doing, here? What happened to puppy? Don’t know. Nothing will happen. Lift it. Take care, dad.

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