Samoyed Pet Profile | Bondi Vet

Smile! You are now in the Samoyed Zone. This dog is from the Spitz family, and takes
its name from a Nomadic reindeer herder tribe from Siberia. I am not making this up. They
were bred to pull sleds through snow and carry packs for their owners, and they are loyal
companion dogs. With snow-white fur and a cheeky smile, these
guys definitely stand out in a crowd. They have distinctive long, curled tails and thick,
triangular ears. In colder months, their fur is extra thick
and dense, so patting a Samoyed is like a close encounter with a big friendly bear,
or a cumulus cloud. Beware, these guys shed so much they have actually knitted clothing out of their fur. Start your vacuum engines! This special breed suits dedicated dog owners
who can devote plenty of time and energy to their fuzzy friend. A loyal family dog, the
Sammy loves to be part of a gang, and is definitely happiest hanging out with its pack. They’re also not made for
the heat, but that shouldn’t shock you. They’re very independent dogs, which can
make them tricky to train, so don’t expect Sammy to fetch your pipe and slippers. Samoyed puppies are really, really ugly. Just
kidding, they’re pretty much the cutest thing on four legs, in fact they make other
so-called cute things look boring. But the Samoyed is full of surprises. Its
wispy white fur is actually hypoallergenic, so sneezy people can snuggle up safely. Smiling Samoyeds are a sweet sidekick, and
an outstanding choice for fluff-lovers.

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