RT Life – Holiday Puppies

Pups!!!!!! And so, Travis, those is your pups right? That’s correct! I was working at a location for one of the “Immersion” shoots, “NBA Jam”, and Max Kruemcke was like “Oh, puppies”! And I turned the corner, and there were these little puppies and I guess they were abandoned, and I’ve been wanting a dog for a long time, so… -You got two.
-Now I have two! -You saved them?
-They saved me! Yeah, we’re doin a livestream. We’re doing a Facebook livestream for puppy cam. Holiday puppy cam. We’re gonna have some special guests, uh, gonna have human and animals. Coming by to uh, to have a visit and some playtime, and yeah, it’s gonna be precious. Adopt me! What? What? I’m doing my Kirk Johnson impression. We are pups together. That’s all. People are saying ‘weirdest porn ever’. You say bye to everybody. Bye bye.

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