RSPCA WA RUMPOLE – a beautifully natured rottweiler x for adoption

In an ideal world, all animals could be treated
humanely and with compassion. Animals are an integral part of society and
should be treated with respect. RSPCA WA is an independent, not for profit
charity dedicated to animal welfare. The organisation’s activities are carried
out by professional staff and supported by volunteers. In the last year, we cared for
over 2800 animals. We also rehomed over 1800 animals. The animals on site range, predominantly,
from cats and dogs, horses, cows, pigs – lots of livestock – guinea pigs, as we call them
‘pocket animals’ – sot rats etc, so it varies quite a lot. Our volunteers provide invaluable support
to the RSPCA. This ranges from foster caring for animals
on a daily basis at our shelter, and freely giving their time and skills to our cause. State Government provides RSPCA WA with only
4% if the funding. The rest comes mainly form the community via
a range of fundraising activities. These being events, donations, telephone and
direct mail conations, and support from the corporate sector via workplace, giving, events
participation or sponsorship. “RSPCA!!!” In an ideal world there would be no need for
the RSPCA. Sadly, today the world is far from ideal, far from perfect. So the need for the RSPCA is greater than
ever before. You’re helping us. You’re helping us to
stop cruelty to animals.

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