Rottweilers kill a 5 year old boy

here’s the thing few days ago a
five-year-old boy was killed by two Rottweilers it was on Easter day – Eatser is
like the biggest holiday in Greece which actually makes the tragedy even more tragic. The
boy and his family were visiting a friend’s house. That 70 year old friend
keeps 8- not 1, not 2 but 8 Rottweilers in his garden The boy was left unattended for a
while and the next thing we know he was screaming and fighting for his life while
two out of the eight rottweilers were biting the life out of him. By the time he was
taken to the hospital he was already gone. It was a tragedy and definitely an
awesome blockbuster for the media that run out of bestseller stories during Easter, because it is that
big of a holiday that nothing ever happens no one watches the news and the
main story most channels run is how the crisis has made poor people celebrate
the greatest holiday of the year eating beans and bread instead of the
traditional “falling lamb” Easter is when when lambs and vegans icry their eyes out
but this is a different story back to the point. The tragedy made it to
the news -of course- and to every single website or blog that could possibly
relate its material to such best-selling story. It made it to every Greek person’s
living room through the TV the radio the internet or small talk. The story was such a
success that even my 87 year old grandma knows more about rottweilers now than
I do.And the finding: for nine out of the 10 million Greek people is one: dogs
bite, dogs kill, dogs are dangerous, blame the dogs first of all my dear illiterate
seventy-year old friend STOP looking at me like I’m the one who murdered the
little boy every time I walk my well-behaved human friendly vaccinated
microchipped and register neutered fully trained PET dogs. My dogs live in the
apartment, sleep on my bed, like people and they are as legal as a pet can be in this
country where most of us grew up in villages where the dogs were treated
like that or even worse. You swallowed the blockbuster story from the TV and from
channel run by people who are about your age – no offense but this is why
young people find comfort on the internet nowadays – because the internet
is part of the 21st century unlike the TV news. So stop harassing me every
time I walk my dogs in the park! It’s really not my fault you can’t tell the
difference between a pack of 8 rottweilers and my rescue babies. Second of
all: cars kill millions of people every day but you don’t go around blaming
people for driving cars as if they are potential murderers every time you watch
a horrific story about a car accident on the TV. You don’t even blame the
cars. You don’t blaim the airplanes every time there’s a plane crash you don’t blame the boats every time
there’s a shipwreck you don’t blame men every time a crazy husband shoots his wife
and you do not blame women every time a derranged wife poisons her husband his
brother their children and a visiting neighbor. Do you? – No, you don’t. You just
blame the person responsible: the driver the pilot captain and the murders. So why not
blame the actual person responsible for the Easter tragedy: blame the owner! He’s the
one who kept an unsocialized pack of eight dogs in his yard. He’s the pilot who
didn’t check the engine or whatever it is pilots do before take off – the engine
broke down and kill a boy. Neighbor say that the dogs had shown signs of
aggressiveness in the past. Oh no! seriously? I’m amazed! The dogs that bit a person
to death had been aggressive before? wow! what did the neighbors do about it?
nothing. nobody in Greece ever does anything because you don’t mess with the
neighbors – no matter what they do A girl gets killed by her abusive
boyfriend – the neighbors knew it and did nothing about it the child is molested by his uncle, the
neighbors had realized something weird was going on but did nothing about it A boy is killed by aggressive rottweilers-
the neighbors knew the dogs were dangerous but did nothing about it. I’m
guessing you, the old lady harassing me on the street while I walk my dogs, have
a neighbor who does something wrong but you do nothing about it. I’m guessing
that if your neighbor had the rottweilers in his yard he would do nothing
about it. Would you? You would just get your five minutes of fame the day after
the accident explaining to some lame reporter how you Knew the dogs were
dangerous. Congratulation! You are as much to blame as a stupid bastard had made all
dogs look bad because he trained his to be killers So instead of blaming me, a skinny
48 kilo unknown lady who walks her dogs like she does every day blame yourself and your lack of
knowledge I’m not taking my dogs to the park in order to have them feed off your
precious grandchildren -in fact nobody does.And keep your filthy hands off the
strays, because every time a dog bites someone, strays pay the price by
being poisoned per dozens. If that’s what you have in mind in order to keep
your precious neighborhood safe you are the one is dangerous and needs to be
locked up in kennel somewhere

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