Rottweiler Used As A Bed By Other Dogs And A Pig | Kritter Klub

Gabbu looks like he’s sleeping comfortably But wait.. There are 3 other animals sleeping on his back Sleeps with one eye open Because of these fellas It’s a vicious cycle. They keep climbing even when I tell them to stop Dog climber #1: Pig Dog climber #2: Pug Dog climber #3: Dachshund It’s because he’s so soft So they must’ve gotten used to it Once he closes his eyes The game of wits began They go on his back when he’s unaware His back is like a twin size bed so they try to squeeze in They push each other to secure a good spot Different ones go up each day They all try to climb up Quickly becomes too much to handle Even rejects his favorite toy And lies down instead He’s 16 months old so he’s supposed to be very active But he gets exhausted from all the kids climbing on his back So he doesn’t move around much these days If they keep going on top of him They can put pressure on his organs So he can’t get proper rest Which explains why he’s tired all the time You have to prevent it from happening Putting on a garment of cleats might stop them from climbing Also provides a real pillow As well as a stuffed animal version They seem to climb up the pillow and doll well It took a load off Gabbu (literally) I hope this will help Gabbu to return to his bright self again

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