Rottweiler Puppy Update and Haul

So a few weeks ago we all were like,
what’s going on. Has it been two weeks yet? And then we
found out that Ally had her puppies. The puppies are born!Yeah! We called and confirmed. And
one of them is a girl and is definitely coming to us sometime either in the end
of March in the beginning of April. Yup, we are so excited! Yes, Chef Sue’s service dog. We didn’t talk about any of this in the first video, Chef Sue has MS and a
service dog helps…up and down the stairs. She will also help me with stability, because
I stumble a lot. She helps you pick up stuff. Yup, she’ll help me pick up stuff and she will also alert me to when I’m becoming over heated. Yes.
Which is really important when you have MS. Fiona and Ma [Chef Sue] were very in sync. If I would turn and look
at Fiona and she was like really panting. It’s almost like she was a mirror for
Chef Sue to say, “We are overheated!” We’re just so excited that this new puppy is coming, and we’re doing this unboxing video for you guys. Cause we want to take you along with us on the journey. What did we get? We got a crate. Yes. We got a bed
lifted bed or elevated. And we have a food bowl and some toys. OK. All right, so
let’s get into it. Let’s open up some boxes. Stunt double. TAH-DAH!!! Beautiful job everybody! Yes.Time to open the next box Stunt double.

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