Rottweiler Puppy Update and Haul #2

Okay! We bought some more stuff. Let’s see what we got. Yeah this is her… gonna be her first service dog vest. What
color did you get? I got purple. Okay. And this is for when she’s really baby baby
baby. Yeah, that gets her used to wearing it right? that’s exactly what
it’s for. Just to get her used to wearing… having something around her little chest.
Mm-hmm. It says service dog on it. I have service dog in training. This is her next
one and then I have the bigger one. Stunt double! Stunt double! Clippy it here. You’ll see there’s plenty of
room for me to expand it. Oh yeah. Okay, and then this goes around her… Oh that’s
perfect for puppy size. Yeah, like I said she’s gonna learn to be a
service dog, and so she has to learn how to wear a harness. And also, it’s for people
to know she’s a service dog in training. So….Tah Dah! Lookin’ good. lookin’ good! It’s gonna be
her vesty. And these are the booties that I got for her. They are little tiny ones. These are the mediums. And they will go in like this. So, she’ll wear these. And they’re just temporary. They’re for around the house. They have a
little something here [points to sole of booty]. just to get her used to it. This goes around here like this… And for those of you who are familiar
with Rottweiler’s, their feet are really sensitive. You know this. So getting her
used to wearing boots is very important. Yeah. Really important.
Rottweilers hate their feet touched. They hate it! We’ll start her off young
being accustomed to wearing a shoe. And this is a water bowl for the dog and what it is is. You squeeze the water up to the top and then when the dog is finished.
You let it go and the water goes back in and it doesn’t come out unless you squeeze it. So she has a little Lamb. Ahh lambie! So she has a little softie for when she misses her baby sisters and brothers. Mm-hmm so that’s gonna be. [squeekie sound] I’m gonna put them all in one box.

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