Rottweiler Puppy: Pick up and First Two Weeks

We’re live again. I’m a little sad it’s not working the way I planned it to work.
We’re new to this. Hopefully, we’ll figure it out later. Okay
are we ready? We’re gonna go see this puppy. So here we are Maximum Canine Nutrition. *gasp* Is this her?! I just gotta take her out to pee. And then she’s getting a bath and then… [excited squelling and giggleing in the background] She’s going to go pee. She’s getting a little service dog vest[i]. Show it from the front, nice and slow I think that’s gonna be…yeah that’s gonna be the front. Nice, and it’s got this little handle. The puppy is in the grooming room…the grooming room getting a bath. Pepper the Grey Macaw : BATH! Oh did you just say bath Pepper?! Bath? Yeah, she did. I think the parakeet just said bath. She’s…I don’t think she’s a parakeet. Oh sorry, the bird behind me just said bath.
Oh another puppy…oh beautiful! Ho-no! Oh no. This is our puppy. Who is this? Oh my God. Hi baby. Oh my God, she’s so freaking cute. Oh my goodness. I didn’t know your dimensions. Oh baby don’t be scared. Hi beauty. Hi georgous. It would be nice if you could see my face huh? Oh she’s so scared. Don’t be scared. I’m going to take good care of you. There she is everybody. Can you grab her blanket for me? Yes. And the leash too baby. So you’re looking at her. Is she shaking? Hello Greta. We are all so happy. Getting your nails cut. so she used to it. She’s like I do not have to go pee Mom. [calls Greta] Yes! Yes! Good girl, good job. She’s got the hiccups. No biting. No, dont’ bite my ring. *chuckles* Come here. Come on, you can do it. Yeah! Oh, car, CAR. There’s nothing better. In just six months you’ll be bigger than me. Greta come on. YEAH! Go baby, go baby, go! Yeah, oh you’re so cute. You’re so freakin’ cute. Sit. Oh, good dog. Good job baby.

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