Rottweiler Puppy Needs A Bigger Crate

Okay. Well, we’ve decided she needs a
bigger crate. This one is getting too small. How old is Greta now. Greta is 11
weeks. 11 weeks puppy love. 11 weeks and she is big big big…big big girl.
Yeah, it’s lookin’ a little too small for you puppy. Yeah it is getting too small. Yaas! Freedom! Freedom baby. Well let’s fix that. Let’s get a bigger one.
What do you think? We’re gonna need a bigger boat! Way more room for baby. That’s way better. Right? It’s way better. Greta, sit. Sit. Yes! Good girl. Good girl. That’s a lot a lovin’ That’s a lot a lovin’ Now we just brought you in from outside runnin’ around. Runnin’s around. You took a little 5 minute break and you’re back at it. 5 minutes that’s all she got. 5 minute break We gonna…wait, we gotta do the floor.Sweepa tha floor. Sweepa tha floor.

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