Rottweiler Puppies Dream and Reality

Okay, so I feel…mmm… actually feel really
ridiculous doing this video but, I think I feel like it’s important to document
the journey. We as a family lost our Rottweiler Fiona in October…October. Twentey-eighteen was a rough year we lost two of our crew our friend Sue and our Fiona. [Sue passed in] April and [Fiona passed in]
October and we went to Secreti Haus out on Long Island and we got to see
their puppies. And were they not the most oh my God they were so beautiful sooooo
beautiful great great personality mm-hmm and Fiona was a service dog so she wasn’t just a pet she was a service dog. And she was with us all the time like 24/7. [Fiona was a] 24/7
companion and it’s…we’ve been missing her a lot. We were missing her a lot and
I had this crazy dream that she had a litter of puppies before she passed away. And I was walking in the woods and I found I found these these puppies still
in their…in their yeah in their birth sack and I wiped them I wiped them off
and every time I kind of looked around I would just find another one.
I would find another puppy and another one I feel like Erika was there…Erika is my wife
shout out to Erika. And Erika was there we’re picking them up and we’re cleaning
them off and I had a towel. I didn’t know what to do with them. I guess I was on
my way to work or something. Um, and I was like, Mom Fiona had puppies! And so I brought them to my Mom in my dream. So [when I woke up] I called up Secreti Haus [Maximum K9 Service] lemme see we have their uh logo here. We keep it on the fridge. Really excited, so um I
called them and they gave us good news. What they say Mom?
They said that Ali is pregnant. Ali is pregnant! And when are they gonna be here? He said well they’re gonna check in two weeks, but I I think that’s just a sonar. Right? [No] The puppies…that he said the puppies will be here in two weeks. No! Oh yes, in two weeks. Oh that’s awesome! so uh this is uh…They’re on the way and we’re
really excited! Me too, me too. All right we’ll…we’ll give you more
updates as things come along Yes. Okay bye-bye!

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