Rottweiler problems 😲😲

welcome to another video ,in this video we
are going to discuss about some problems that is seen in rottweiler or other large breeds.
1. do not give food on head down posture,always try to give food maintaining his head level
otherwise there is a chance to vomit the food because the food will get accumulated on food
pipe . 2. ear wax is the second problem that is seen
in my frank.unlike other sharp eared dogs rottweilers and retriever dogs face this problem
,its because of block of air passing through ear .i use calm ear ear drop prescribe by
a vet whe he flaps his ear more often. 3. last is
the problem of tics when dog is playing in grass or dry soil make sure to
comb his hair and use tick powders. so that is all i want to share in this video
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