Rottweiler, Mastino Napoletano and Labrador wearing Training Collar

This Leather Choke Collar will help you to achieve great results in improving your dog’s behavior. Besides, it will not damage your dog’s fur, thanks to its round shape and softness of the leather. The collar is ighter that bulky metal collars. Futhermore, choking effect it provides is much more gentle than metal collars have. It is achieved by using full grain leather for the production of the item. The accessory is 1/2 inch wide and can be used both for training and walking. It has also a narrower version ­ 1/4 inch. It is important, that the collar is soft and gentle to your pet’s skin. Solid brass rings are heavy­duty stitched to the collar. The peculiar feature of the item is braided elements at each end of the collar. They serve as stoppers and make the gear look elegant and neat ­- perfect for your canine!

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