‘ROTTWEILER’ – korte film

Mr. Looman, welcome. Please, have a seat. May I? How is business, Melanie? Worse. That’s a shame Your father was a good man. A loyal man. A cafe needs someone like that
to be successful. How old are you now, Melanie? Nineteen. That’s a beautiful age. A whole life ahead of you. in which you can accomplish a lot. Provided you make the right choices, of course. But that doesn’t seem like a problem to me.
Right? Sorry? This cafe will manage with someone like you
at the helm. Someone who dares to take steps.
Someone who stands up for what’s right. However, you cannot run a good business
on your own. You need reliable people around you. Do you have such people? Your brother? Yes. And you trust him? Well.. nothing beats family. Right? Ben.. would you be so kind? I’m sorry. I believe you wanted to tell me something, Melanie? Actually, I wanted to ask something.. if you don’t mind. Of course not, go ahead. Back in the day.. I used to have a puppy. Truly the sweetest pup ever. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. We also had another dog at home.. a rottweiler. It all seemed to go well for a while. Until I came home one day. The rottweiler.. had murdered my puppy. Like it was nothing. And now my puppy was gone forever. Even though I knew I should’ve done something. Maybe I could have prevented it. The only thing I had left was a feeling of guilt. And a burning hatred for that rottweiler. So my question was.. How do you deal with such a feeling of guilt? That puppy should have stayed away from that rottweiler! Is this what your father would’ve wanted? My father is dead. All right. Melanie.. The thing with puppies is.. Two puppies .. from exactly the same litter.. can be completely different. One of them is brave.. and the other one is a dirty traitor. Please? Thank you. Ben warned me about your plan. Melanie.. You would never have got away with this alive. I couldn’t lose you as well. You know, I wasn’t really sure what to do
with this at first. But actually..it was pretty simple. Mr. Looman.. we had a deal! I hate traitors! I’ve done you a favor here, Melanie.
We’re even now. And to answer your question.. There is no cure to get rid of guilt. You’ll have to learn to live with it.

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