Rottweiler Jumping compilation |Raw Meat Catching |Rottweiler

Myself Dr.R.Kishore Kumar MVSC., (Veteinary Doctor )from Tamilnadu and I am owning Rottweilers for past 10 years, and Currently owning 12 Rottweilers And I have long journey and experience with rottweilers rearing,breeding , treatment and rottweilers psychology Always I would like to have , rottweilers with dominant attitude , and with good temperament rather than physical appearance I never give internal organs and skin , leg ( shank to my rottweilers ) in order to avoid side effects from pesticide residual , other heavy metal toxicity to my dogs… My male Rottweiler ( Hummer ) shown in this video , is very athletic , love to play catching things meat , balls and love to play tug of war with me… Hummer is fearless Rottweiler , and he is not even like the strangers who try to call his name as Hummer Hummer ( I will show in my other video ), and simply he never accept strangers at any cost Hummer , has got great agility , quick movement and also unique dark pigmentation, also dark brown eyes and strong hip joint and hind legs My kind advice is don’t try these things with your untrained rottweilers and also rottweilers with Hip dysplasia and Elbow dysplasia ( jumping and vigorous exercise may lead to sever pain and discomfort ) Untrained rottweilers and rottweiler with food aggression may bite your hands mistakenly while try to catch the raw meat in your hand….so kindly try these things without proper guidance or proper training… In Dogs vlog series , living with my rottweilers episode I will show my rottweilers one by one and I now started with male rottweiler Hummer….. Thank you for watching, sharing and subscribing my channel…..

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