Rottweiler home alone

where are they!? MICHAEL!! DONT LEAVE ME! AHHHHHH IM BEING CRAZY! hold on im gonna sit on the couch now im licking it like crazy hello? he he he he he he im bored because im positive i WANT THEM RIGHT NOW! OH KEVIN NOOO DONT GO! PLEASE! SHUT UP! CHECKING OKAY! DARNIT! whos that!? im gonna kill some one if anybody comes in here! okay where fine whos that again!? kevin michael daddy mommy!? any ways im bored im going in to the kitchen hmmm? whats this a bag? FLASHLIGHTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA CHILL OUT ON THE FLOOR im ichy im gonna take a nap never mind this fan keeps waking me up WHO WHYWHEN!? ILL DESTROY YOU BASTARD! IM GOING back on the couch goodnight

2 thoughts on “Rottweiler home alone

  • Hi . I love rottweilers and finally ready to get one. I live in a small apartment , but close to the woods. Do you think this is ok? The only thing im worried about is loud barking while im out of the house etc. as the neighbours will not accept that. Is this a big problem with rottweilers ? Thanks

  • Bro I wanna to get a rottweiler but the problem is that i work out so i should live it alone for 8-9 hours can it handle it ??

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