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The rottweiler is a breed canine type molosoide
originally from Germany. He was known as “Rottweil butcher’s dog ‘, in German:
rottweiler Metzgerhund. While still used in traditional grazing also
They are often used as search dog and rescue, guide dog, guard dog, or dog
Police among other functions. On this occasion, we present the story
and the main features of the powerful, agile and strong German molosoide known
popularly as: rottweiler. History.
Despite being a versatile breed used in recent times for many purposes,
The rottweiler is known primarily, as one of the oldest herding breeds.
A multi-faceted meeting and a dog protection of values, which is capable of
working all kinds of livestock in a variety conditions.
. The origin of this breed is probably
in the Roman Empire. In those times, Roman Legion traveled with working dogs
that met the need to feed livestock the army.
. These dogs were moving with the Romans
beyond the Alpine regions, where They are protecting people and driving cattle.
In the region of Rottweil (origin of its name) in Germany, very close to Stuttgart, these
copies were crossed with native dogs, of which a mixture emerged.
. Rottweilers were used by butchers
They are traveling between markets during the Middle Ages to protect moneybags
tied around their necks. Nevertheless, as railroads became
the main method of transport, and these They were quite safe, declined race
long and nearly extinct. .
Preparation for World War I. It caused a great demand for police dogs,
and that led to a resurgence of interest the rottweiler. During the World Wars
first and second rottweilers were put into service in various roles, including
dogs as messengers and delivery bombs in enemy territory,
ambulances and guard. .
General appearance. The Rottweiler is a medium sized dog
a large, robust, nor coarse nor light, nor fragile, nor too high limbs.
Its strong, compact and shapely figure to the conclusion that it is a very powerful dog,
agile and resilient. The female weighs about 42 kg and measures
between 56 and 63 cm to the cross considered optimum height between 60 and 61 centimeters.
The male weighs approximately 50 kilograms and is between 61 and 68 cm, desirably within
standard measuring between 65 and 66 cm. Morphology. The length of the body according to standard
International Federation Cinológica should not exceed the height by more than
15%. This is measured from the sternum to ischial protuberance. “Nose well developed. More broad than round
with relatively large nostrils. Truffle always black. “Snout” in relation to
the skull should not seem neither short nor elongate. straight, broad nasal bridge in the
base, moderately sharp. ” Following the standard of the FCI, the
rottweiler lips must be “black, strongly attached, covering the corner of the mouth,
the gum as dark as possible. For the cheeks zygomatic arch requires developed.
The eyes must be “medium-sized, with almond shaped, dark brown,
closing the eyelids completely united ” and ears “of medium size, falls, triangular,
far apart and high integration. With the high and advanced ears, skull
It should look wider. “The neck must It is “strong, well muscled moderate length,
slightly arched, clean, free of gill skinless hanging in the throat. ” Following the above standard, often
the tail is cut off when they are puppies, leaving only one or two vertebrae, if
While the standard ADRK, and the FCI, prohibits tail docking since 2000,
excluding copies contest tailless in exhibitions. However, it is necessary
clarify that countries like Canada and the United together, are still in their standard the
amputation of the tail. .
In this race we can find two breeding lines, European considered
the original, and American. American line It characterized by copies of greater height,
and more stylized bodies, on the other hand, European line dogs have a
more compact and robust with less height.
. Temperament.
According to the FCI standard, the rottweiler I’m good-natured, quiet in the arrangement
basic, very devoted, obedient, docile and desire to work. His appearance is natural and
rustic, his behavior self-insurance same, firm and without fear.
They react to their surroundings with a wide alertness. The American Kennel Club says
which is “basically a quiet dog, safe and brave, with a certain coldness
of itself that does not lend itself to friends immediate and indiscriminate “. a rottweiler
He is confident and responds quietly and a wait and see attitude
the influences of their environment. Have a inherent desire to protect home and
family, and he is an intelligent dog of extreme toughness and adaptability, with a strong will
work, which makes them especially suitable as companions, guardians and dogs use
general. .
rottweiler is a breed of herding large with well developed scope genes. As
with any other race, behavior potentially dangerous in the rottweiler
usually they are the result of an owner irresponsible, abuse, neglect or lack
socialization and training. Nevertheless, the exceptional strength of the rottweiler is a
additional risk factor that should not be neglected. It is for this reason that experts
recommended for race training formal, and extensive socialization elements
essential for all Rottweilers. From According to the AKC, the rottweiler love
their owners and can behave in a loving way towards family and friends,
but they are also protective of their territory and do not welcome strangers until they
They are introduced into the environment. The training obedience and socialization are elements
basic. .
Health. Rottweilers are relatively healthy.
As with most large breeds, hip dysplasia can be a problem.
osteochondritis dissecans, a disease that It affects the joints of the shoulders,
It can also be a problem due to the speed race rapid growth.
A reputable breeder will have hips and elbows of all X-rayed players
, Read and endorsed by a specialist and You have the documents to prove it. Also they have their certificates
livestock have entropion, or ectropión and have teeth with a
scissor bite. As with any race, conditions
hereditary occur in some lines. Because of recent population excess,
Cancer has become one of the leading causes of premature death
rottweilers. For unknown reasons, Rottweilers are more susceptible than others
breeds infected with parvovirus, one highly contagious and deadly disease
puppies and young dogs. parvovirus can be easily avoided following a
veterinarian recommended protocol by the vaccine.
. If they are overfed or do little exercise,
Rottweilers are prone to obesity. Some of the consequences of obesity
They can be very serious, including arthritis, respiratory difficulties, diabetes, congestive
heart, reproductive problems, diseases skin, decreased resistance
disease and overheating caused by the thick fat under the
skin. .
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