Rottweiler eğitimi…. Rottweiler Training… FULL HD #2

Rottweiler traning 2. Video Hello friends, This is my daughter Maya, and her son. Maya down well done my girl, well done I didn’t train the puppy Down Maya, down down my girl Good girl, bark Bark Maya, bark bark Bark MAYA Bless you Bark Bark Bark MAYA MAYA! Bark! Bark Down my girl Down, down Down i said down he won’t leave his mother alone She is about 3,5 years old earlier in the tutorial video you’re watching was for 3 months was she son’s age Sit my girl sit Give me hand Good girl Down my girl Maya Maya %^+’^’^%&/( Maya Down Down, down, down bark bark shht Bark Maya Good girl, give me hand Good girl Good girl Pasha got the father’s name He is a little big

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