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My Name is Aashir Nisar & I belong to Multan I am a passionate dog lover Rottweiler is an aggressive dog breed Rott is a single coat dog,changing it after every 6 months and feels fresh If the pet is washed with Vim, it gives good fragrance to the coat, and the freshness lasts for almost a week I own a pair of Rotweiler The mummy dog has recently given birth to 6 pups, 3 males and 3 females Rott is a single owner dog with strong bonding with only the keeper Rottweiler is an American breed suitable in colder climates, they need extra care in hard and harsh summers They are to be kept clean, otherwise are attacked by the diseases Only one person should train them They are trained by revised cautions; may be 20 to 30 times a day During training, their favorite foods should be used as the incentives on following every caution, the pet should be rewarded with favorite food Always tame the pet from the forehead The tail cutting of the pet is suggested within 3 to 4 weeks of its birth The tail cutting is up to your choice of length, the length you want to have The most important is the Vet, who is doing its surgery The pups are suggested to be on the mother feed for 6 to 7 week This helps pup to get mother’s affection, as well as he can get the basic training from the mother We cannot train the pups, the way mothers can The pups are suggested to get separated from each other in 6 to seven weeks Otherwise they will create strong bond with each other, instead of creating it with owner or keeper Never punish or physically abuse them during training Good feeds are already available in market. you can also get, em from the Docs or vets You can also develop the habit of home foods like bread and curry The early 6 month Vaccination , and the Vaccination for bite is always suggested If pet is Vaccinated, you dont need that 14 injections in case of dog bite, only anti bio tics will serve the purpose The pregnancy time is almost 60- to 63 days, and pups are always born in even numbers, ranging from 4 to 12 in number The beauty of a Rottweiler lies in its terror People also get to know that you are a dog owner They only know the family of owners, the tail cutting adds to its terror

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