Rottweiler Dog Breed Guide

The Rottweiler is a dog that’s perhaps
suffered as a result of media pressure more than most dogs but they can make an
ideal family dog in the right homes. They were originally bred to drive cattle so
they’ve got that chasing instinct in there. And they also were bred to guard the cattle. Recently breeders have done an awful lot to improve the temperament of the breed and they do tend to be less guarding now and perhaps they
were once and can make ideal family pets A Rottweiler is a very sensitive breed and
as puppies they’re very sensitive so they need a lot of kind handling. But
you also need a firm hand with a Rottweiler. If he feels you’re too weak with him – give him an inch he’ll take a mile. What you’ve got is a very powerful animal. As an adult it’s a big dog so you’ve got a responsibility to do lots of early socialization lots of
habituation to life itself and lots of of training. You have to be assertive
they’re not the breed for the faint-hearted. He’s a thinker he will get
bored with situations so you have to keep his mind active at all times. He is a
working breed by nature he needs to be directed into some positive training and
lots of activity. He’s a very high-energy dog. It’s going to be powerful you need
to make sure that you have got that power under your control. I would advise people that live in small spaces – flats, apartments – that this not the breed for you. Anywhere with stairs, where you have to walk up and down apartments – steps – that is not the place for him either. We need somewhere with space, we need somewhere with a garden. They can be family-orientated but sometimes can be slightly aloof with strangers. When we get them in we would look to maybe place them with an experienced family and certainly somebody who wants to do positive
training with them. A Rottweiler’s a wash-and-wear breed . You know he doesn’t take a lot of grooming. So every time that he’s moulting I would always
recommend that you give him a good bath or send into a groomers for a hydro bath
which stimulates his skin. To be perfectly honest the more you bath a Rottweiler the better they are. True Rottweilers should be a calm and confident animal so if you want to buy a Rottweiler you need to go to a reputable breeder and make
sure that you’re getting a calm confident puppy from calm confident
adults. When you buy your puppy you don’t just buy a puppy you buy the breeder’s experience so the breeder can help you with training with rearing with feeding
so therefore you have a support group. You should never buy from anyone that
just breeds purely for financial gain you should buy from people that have a
passion about their breed that want to either work the breed or show the breed.
Those are the breeders that are passionate Rottweiler breeders. Do buy very carefully and do make sure that you are prepared to take on a strong, dominant dog because they do require a firm hand.

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