Rottweiler catching Meat

My Rottweiler( Hummer ) use to catch meat accurately and also we use to give tug of war exercise, Hummer ( Rottweiler ) is stronger and well built with good agility , in order to release his excessive energy To often , i use to play tug of war with him and these type of exercise will keep, make the rottweiler mind become calm and stable state and will not lead to behavioral problems if you feed excessive carbohydrate based diet ( rice, too much of cereal grain based commercial dry foods , You must put him in to Proper exercise and mind stimulating must be given to your rottweilers ,in-order keep him fit and in calm state, soon i will upload how i use to play tug of war with him, these things must be trained from younger age .. suddenly do not try with your adult rottweilers without proper guidance or trainer …. some time your adult rottweilers may be bite in your hands and can make fatal injuries…. thank you…

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