Reworking Corrals with Arrowquip Q86

hi I’m Mike nothing on the ranch lasts
forever tractors eventually will have to be
replaced cows will come and go in fact someday it’ll be my time to leave the
ranch and better and more capable hands today we start the process of updating a
piece of the ranch that’s essential in making sure that every cow has the care
they deserve so that we can do it safely not only for the cow but also for us
today we dive into the Corral’s on our wyoming life what do we think about a farm the first
thing that I usually picture is rolling fields ripe with corn or wheat or
soybeans I see a combine maybe a cedar but when I think of a ranch one of the
first things that I picture in my mind is not cows or horses or Cowboys or even
calves it’s a set of Corral’s Corral’s simply put our a pen or an enclosure for
confining or capturing livestock occasionally our claws on the ranch are
used for just that a place for cows or calves or even pigs to call home and
stay close to where somebody can keep them under direct supervision we use
these pens in our Corral system to keep heifers that we know are gonna calves
soon they’re first-time moms they’re notorious for having trouble and also
not even really accepting their calves sometimes so that’s why a Corral system
is actually connected to our barn where we can take those new moms and pin them
up in a stall with their new calf for a bit of forced bonding or we might keep a
sick cow that we know we’re gonna have to give medications to or maybe just the
Pens become home to a bunch of orphan calves who need a place to stay
pens are really just the beginning of a good Corral system and saying that the
Corral’s are like our pens are like saying a car is just somewhere to sit
it’s true but there’s much much more to it than that
Corral’s for us are all about cattle handling and working facilities these
Corral’s are where we brand and vaccinate all of the calves that are
born on the ranch we also take care of their moms here each year they’re all
brought through multiple times for vaccinations medications soundness exams
and of course preg checking where every prospective mom is given an ultrasound
to not only check and see if she is pregnant but also how healthy her
reproductive system is and if she may have twins or sometimes we can even tell
the sex of the calf these Corral’s are the second set of
Corral’s at the ranch’s scene and over its 100 years the original Corral’s
were built in the late 1920s early 1930s and lasted for years until I replaced
them about seven years ago now it’s time to update this Corral system once again
as we incorporate the air equip portable chute alley and bud box tub system into
it in order to make it safer and easier for both us and the cows now before we
get to that let’s take a look at our Corral system of the past and how we’ve
modified them over the years to get to this point
the earliest satellite image that I can find at the ranch is this one taken in
1994 the year I graduated from high school and also the year that Tonya
Harding smacked Nancy Kerrigan and OJ made a run for it and what has become a
famous white Bronco and while I remember it just a little bit clearer
I guess satellite imagery was a lot grainy ER and Corral’s were a lot bigger
back at that time Gilbert my father-in-law was only running steers
and bulls he would raise them for about a year fatten him on the ranch and then
sell him off he really didn’t need a Corral system and so he had a series of
pens to hold different livestock and a short alley that led to a loading chute
that was all he needed later in his life Gilbert changed the business model of
the ranch away from feeder steers to a cow calf operation he purchased a few
cows that were already pregnant and had his first cows on the ranch that spring
still though Gilbert kept the same Corral system when we came to the ranch
we used it and we didn’t know there is an easier way to do things and when
Gilbert passed away in 2011 we decided to make a change and create a cattle
handling facility one that could be ran with as few people as possible and done
safely the University of Saskatchewan helped us
out by providing a set of plans for a new set of Corral’s that would tie in to
what we already had eliminating a number of the large Corral’s and adding a
curving alley to lead cows into a chute and tubs that we could use to move cows
into alleys for loading or calves onto the table for branding all in all it
worked pretty well although we still had an old chute in fact it was the same one
left over from our very original Corral’s and pens and because of that we
didn’t use our own chute to work our cows we would have the vet bring his own
which meant that we had to call a vet out each time we wanted to work cattle
or had an issue with a required putting a cow into a chute enter the arrow clip
Corral system we had a chance to use this portable system out in the field
and now we’re gonna upgrade our cattle working facilities by tying it in to our
existing Corral’s upgrading what we have and creating a better and safer along
with a more economical way to manage our herd and only a few weeks we’ll be
selling this year’s cows which will soon be followed by Prague checking the cows
to see who’s pregnant and who isn’t our existing Corral’s were built
specifically for this function although we’ve never had a chance to use them for
Prague checking in theory we should be able to bring a cow into the chute and
if it wasn’t so hard to operate in awkward then we would find out if she
was pregnant or not we can sort her into one of four different pens just by
swinging a couple gates this is what sold me on this design and
I can’t wait to be able to finally use it as it was meant to be used for that
to happen we’re gonna have to remove a good sized chunk of the corrals as they
stand now once we have a hole opened up then we just drop in the arrow clip
chute alley and tub of course that’s if we had a giant crane or a Chinook
helicopter at our disposal we don’t so it’s gonna be a bit more involved than
just dropping it in we have to remove a lot of boards and then take out some
posts but first we need tools an impact driver a bucket for screws and the
perfect song for a montage okay maybe not that one how about this one when you’re mavin you’re traveling Kevin
your thrift store shoes I’ll go get my cowboy loop we’ll go speak to a real us
Oh true
it’s the countryside is just fun by the sold
window oh it’s looking like an Irish deer oh
it’s green it’s great just keeping them I can see after tearing down what took probably
weeks to build we’re now ready to head on in with the arrow clip system
obviously I can’t pull it into place with my pickup what with a ball fitted
on it the forks of the Bobcat we can start moving it where it needs to be
which turns out to be a bit trickier than I thought it would be but with some fancy footwork and a bit
of back and forth we end up right where we need to be everything on the ranch has to be
versatile but it also has to be adaptable me included and being able to
do this to some Corral’s that I spent an entire summer building just seven years
ago kind of breaks my heart but at the same time I know that it’s better for
the ranch I know that it’s better for the cows and it’s better for us in the
long run thanks for coming along with me today we still have a lot to do here
obviously we have some gaps to fill in we have to figure out how we’re gonna
get the cows into the new tub and the bud flow system but that’s all to come
still some leveling to do dirt work I mean it just goes on and on but I can
guarantee you that when it comes time to Prague check this year we will be using
this system and using it to its full extent like it never has been before
again thanks for coming along with me please subscribe come along and explore
the ranch life escape the ordinary three times per week right here on YouTube
until I see you again have a great week and thanks for joining us you

14 thoughts on “Reworking Corrals with Arrowquip Q86

  • Like it's been said over and over, if you want an omelette, you have to crack an egg. I'm sure you had eggs to crack 7yrs ago as well to make the last system work. Crack that egg and you'll be rewarded with the omelette. Nice job. The inspiration to do it is enough said. Great work. Can't wait to see it in action 😀

  • Your old setup would be an improvement for me! But at least I have a chute! I was looking at Sioux chutes a few years ago till I saw the price! Saw the price on those arrows and thought yea right but a closer look and they are great value for the buck. For 15 cows I'll stick it out with my old set up but someday….

  • So jealous of the new system… I looked into one last year at western ranch. I also know the feeling of tearing down your hard work for an improvement… Every year I seem to be redoing something on the corrals to help the next year… Or a cow finds a new creative way of getting out and breaking something so improvements are always a must. Can't wait to see the new system in action!

  • I hate that chute we used to have the exact same one but we have run thousands of cows threw it now I’m spoiled with a hydraulic chute

  • Hello Mike,
    My name is Dillon, I'm 14. I grew up on farm property, but we sold at age 7. Since then, and more so recently, I've been looking into running a ranch operation when I am older. My only issue is cost. I can't seem to wrap my head around everything. For someone looking to get into ranching in Texas, do you have any advice?

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