Rescue Story: Dog Shot and Left in Trash Bag Tied to a Fence (January 2013)

okay well actually my neighbor uh… was
going to the story he was driving by and the dog was sealed inside this bag in
this bag is tied to the sea coast on the ground when he was driving by and i guess he
saw some movement in the bag and he was like what the heck so he stopped in
holdover you realize there was a dog in this bag and fairly here if the bag open and uh… um… there was back to and
um… he got out and he limped out just about to
yards and then he just collapse like right over here the dog and the dog was like bob bloody and um… very lethargic blood side i
can very depressed and on the neighbor didn’t know what to do on the called animal control but they
can get a hold of animal control and so they know that i’m a big animal lover independent rescue erin so they found me
in a told me there just down the dog that was stephanie garbage bag you know could i
come out here so i came out here again i says this is
situation in sab baat and um… i love animals and sadly it was saturday
at twelve noon all the vet clinics are closing and i knew this was going to be
an emergency visit call but uh… we loaded back up in the back of my cv n
off he went to counter emergency clinic and um… he’s been there since
yesterday uh… we thought originally that he was
a big dog uh… based on his injuries there was blood all over safe in his
neck in his legs and sell it first appearance that looked like he was maybe
is a debate dog at a later turned out that he had just
inside my face with um… aside on that had with colbern shot
inside of it and so he has all these bullet all over his face all over his mac all over his shoulders in his mouth in
his guns and sadly in unfortunately in the sides
even and so are back has been getting
supportive care since yesterday they’ve been able to stabilize and he was
extremely anemic and very dehydrated uh… very lethargic uh… wouldn’t move
ya kelso’s limping um… that they’ve been able to
stabilize and he’s parked up today on his lifted his head he’s moving around a
little bit so he’s ready to come back home tonight but he still needs to go to
the back and get x_-rays to have his back legs and hips assessed as to why
he’s not uh… moving accurately and he also needs to get to a specialist
in ophthalmology s can on tech is hours in csr maybe they
can save his eyesight they don’t know what now whether he’s able to see your
not on whether it’s permanent damage for temporary and so and fundraising right now combat levels on face book page called
back needs impacts for his backside injuries and i’m fundraising for his medical
expenses because they’re gonna be several thousand dollars i’ve raised enough right now to cover
his expenses of the emergency clinic but i do need to raise a couple thousand
dollars for the ophthalmologist in his extra isn’t so if he does face that pays unlike etc on you can make a donation therein on
but then i would greatly appreciate that fifty-fifth one victory saying stuff dist available like that today just let looked at it well unfortunately have been doing in
the senate rescue most of my adult life and uh… now with social networking icy
a lot of this stuff on face book and i’m a lot of horrible stories so it doesn’t surprise me um… when i
moved to the country a few months ago i see a lot of apathy out here and not
on a lot of people just don’t care about
their animals they don’t stay here and they let him run free and none of these animals just stay on
uh… you know you dot com in a so that people
that don’t like dogs people that have guns in stuff like this happens i don’t
understand that i don’t understand that at all because dogs love unconditionally you’ll never find anybody or anything
that was it like a dog why would you why would you i would you endure something like that and understand okay doctor first what you mean uh… not money was doctor ron hendrik okay look implicitly sheltered early and is this is the
conroe animal emergency clinic right forget about this one well this is uh… was to say the art
and essentially say they are clinic that’s been here a long time with uh… agree reputations for as i’m concerned
we’re here pre-election on every weekend from friday evening till monday morning and
then during the week from monday evening through friday it’s after our solar when people have
emerged senior doctors available what uh… mean brought me examples of custom use right
back unfortunate we see it more often than
we’d like to see that it is not as often as it ideas could be a bit pablo once a month maybe something like
that you know we we see in jails everyday
we’re here cumulative voting dove books in order to
defraud last night and buck came in uh… with the pretty bad
prognosis initially use hypothermic and uh… comatose situation in likely
regarding times that we could use his future often his letter mice
balanced out his blood pressure a lot of stuff uh… and he’s made a remarkable uh…
recovery his prognosis is very good actually what uh… become injuries well he he was actually shot in the face
with buckshot you know and then uh… left a dying to
see i’m not sure uh… what time it happened in the line
apparently very cold night that and left just abandoned them uh… word plastic bag and left left alive with the local people to vote on the image basically have been which facial
injuries were both eyes are damaged uh… we don’t know if the pressure is
brain but uh… enough that it it severely affected his mentality
apparently so he is he’s got a lot of facial buckshot he
cares a lot of weight right there one of those lines whether they were injured in permanently
hasher and whether he can ultimately see i’m sure you can see someone when they
heal but that only time will tell us how extensive the injuries thirty trade union loizeaux but i wasn’t kosher butcher in them north wiltshire community spots there hundreds what not lately that in their
ticket out of what we normally do on that uh… disney typically a few if you can
get them out nine out of the i i’m not convinced it will take another step to
specialists to too uh… to say if they should be removed
enough but chances are the only then i would think and then uh… mother nature’s
springtime if we can just get them he’ll then we worry about seeing the recall of
coleman issues like that but just those can be okay of is is fairly young i would say probably
three bubbly looks but it’s as though uh… remembers weight uh… you have lived with his charges he’s a
he’s he’s a good size dog sixty cc seventy pounds anyway sweet
disposition to wonderful don nixon i agree do yet all that

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