Rescue Of A Dog Living On Top Of A Building Railing Goes Awry | Animal in Crisis EP86

Everyone’s eyes are aimed towards the sky..! Local resident: There look at the dog there. Song’s mom. The place that people’s eyes are looking at is the rooftop of a five-story building! Informant: There’s been an abandoned dog on the rooftop for 10 days and I got so worried I reported (the situation). When arrived at the rooftop.. There really is a dog who is on top of a rail on the roof! The place where he’s sitting at.. is a narrow rail that’s not even wide enough to be covered with a span of a hand.. Wonder with what thoughts he’s here.. But suddenly he starts walking on the narrow rail.. This time he even changes direction!! It’s a dangerous movement but he moves quite skillfully.. The width of the rail is barely 12cm Even looking at the bottom from the rail is dizzying It’s a situation where it’s possible to die if one’s footing is missed and falls.. Moreover, on top of the railing, there’re wires messily tangled that makes it look even more dangerous Informant: Come down!! It’s dangerous there! Come down! He suddenly starts barking fiercely When snack is given Informant: Come here it’s okay eat it. Eat this come here. Informant: It’s dangerous so come down, come down and eat this. But he doesn’t seem interested in the snack.. As he’s barking to the point on top of the narrow rail that his body shakes.. It’s a situation where he can’t be approached closer.. Informant: Besides me, there’re others who give him food. Informant: But no matter how much we give him he doesn’t eat. Well. He’s been sticking to the narrow rail for 10 days without eating and drinking Local resident: If I go up the dog barks and I couldn’t go near him in case he might fall. Could there be any possibility that someone knows the owner of the dog..? Local resident: That grandmother this house, isn’t he her dog? Local resident: He looks like that dog that the grandmother brings around. Local resident: (The dog)looks like a fox. Local resident 2: I think it’s that dog. Maybe she lost him. That grandmother? PD: Aren’t you by chance the owner of the dog up there? Grandmother: Owner? I don’t know. Who’s the owner I don’t know who raises him. Grandmother: Our dogs are small. That’s why we raise them inside the room.. We couldn’t find his owner.. How on earth did he come to live on top of a narrow railing on the rooftop of a stranger’s house? Local resident: Because this is a residential area, there’re tons of abandoned dogs. Local resident: But before a dog day (the dogs) all disappeared. Because a dog day was approaching. PD: The dogs? Local resident: Yes. The dogs were all caught. There’re a lot of dog thieves here. The day he had appeared on the rooftop was the day a few days before Chobok (the first of the three dog days).. Could he really have escaped to the rooftop to avoid someone..? Vet: He’s very wary of people right now. Seeing that, rather than that he’s waiting for someone Vet: I think it’s correct that he’s up there to avoid someone to be alert for his body, to protect his body. Vet: Perhaps I think that he has a memory of getting abandoned or attacked by someone. If so, how can we rescue him.. Vet: Right now this is quite a dangerous situation. But now that space is narrow, Vet: it’s an upper floor and because the dog keeps being wary of people and steps backwards so Vet: I feel that the rescue must be done very quickly and carefully. To conduct a more safe rescue, an expert is called Expert: I think you’ll need to set a safety net into the shape of a honeycomb.. It’s decided that first he should be enclosed in by installing wooden supports on three sides of the rooftop.. and that a safety net will be installed on one of the sides that he’d be cornered to. Full-fledged work began. But.. it started to rain. Even while getting rained on he doesn’t leave the rail.. He wets his throat with the water that has gathered and.. licks his fur that’s wet from the rain.. At that moment!!! PD: Oh!!! A situation where a big accident could’ve almost occurred.. But after a while.. he starts to even doze off on the rail.. PD: The dog fell!! The dog fell!! While doing the work to prepare to rescue him, the dog fell!! After confirming his location we quickly went down He’s not able to move an inch stuck between a roof and a wall.. Fortunately he seems to be conscious.. We checked the CCTV to see what had happened He was dozing off on top of the railing.. He had momentarily lost balance and had fallen..! Fortunately, the place he fell to is the slate roof of the house next door.. The dog had bounced from the slate roof and had gotten stuck through the gap He even shows wariness towards the doctor who’s trying to help him Vet: Looking at him now, there doesn’t seem to be major problems.. Decided to do a more detailed exam Vet: He doesn’t have any wounds from falling. There’re no abrasions either. Vet: It’s really a miracle and he seems to be a very lucky dog. Several days later Vet: Hello Vet: His wariness has disappeared a lot, and he’s become a lot more gentle. His wariness of people has disappeared a lot after being taken care of for several days Welcoming guests who have come to visit him!! The neighbours who’ve worried for him for the past 10 days with one mind.. Resident: I’m very happy.. and relieved. Resident: It’s unbelievable that he wasn’t hurt anywhere. Resident: When I confirmed with my own eyes right now he really isn’t hurt anywhere and. Resident: He couldn’t be more gentle and good like this. Resident: As he has wounds from the past, I hope they get healed, and he lives well receiving lots of love after meeting a good person.

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