RESCUE DOG – Save A Lame Homeless Dog In Trash Cans

Zhongjiang County, Deyang City I can’t remember how many times I’ve been here 150 meters ahead to the destination Near the destination The destination is on your left End of this navigation Here we are. You’ve been here yes I’ve always been here It was picked up by an aunt It’s supposed to be a car accident. Its foot seems to be broken and thrown into the garbage can The aunt picked it up and named it Huahua When It was picked it up, I was still sick. The aunt gave it a medicine or something Where is the aunt Live there It should have broken both feet What a good boy! So cute, everyone can touch it It should have broken the bone Can you find the aunt We don’t know each other

She should be hard to find in this community It should be a stray dog A souvenir for you If you run into that aunt again, say thank you to her We have gone. It shit. Give it something to eat Walk home

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