Rep. Labrador’s Bill For Legal Discrimination Of Gay Couples – Political Maniacs

representative Raul Labrador Ohio SaLuSa Idaho I know close he’s not content to simply deny food stamps to poor people this
week he’s busy House Republicans also continue their fight is not legal rights
to married same-sex couples group led by Raul Labrador Idaho proposed a new bill overriding
nationwide horrible license to discriminate against
them which of course lab working claims the bill is about protecting
religious liberty the logic with this attempts always this discriminates
against Christians or other religious people but basically christians to not be able
to discriminate against gay people draft the bill says there be no
consequence for any organization business or individual who refuses to
recognize same-sex marriage the exact words but this bill the
federal government so not take adverse action against that person on
the basis that such person actually accordance with the religious belief
that marriage is or should be recognized union between one man and one woman with sexual relations are properly
reserved to such a marriage what do you think about this article
Richard it’s another argument I I you know how I get on this particular
topic arm all because i think they’re fight
against marriage her you know where to quality is just
its a it’s an asinine fight so nobody is
disrupting your religious freedom and like be that arguments almost
counter-intuitive because think about rich if you have the religious freedom to Mary like if you have the religious
freedom to marry up me up for a man to marry a woman and discriminate against people that me
a man whom a mad woman may women then don’t LGBTQ people have the
religious freedom to get married the colors are you can argue
for freedom for yourself and their in the in the process are
different from you so it from yourself you make other individuals less free yet
will I mean let’s look extrapolated to that you know the next logical
extreme let’s say while our religion believes that black
people shouldn’t marry white people so we need to pass this law
saying that we can discriminate against them because it’s part of our religious
beliefs like when you get into around with civil
rights it just stopped making sense goes completely in toluene on things go
to that I don’t understand why they continue to push his argument on because it makes no sense yeah I mean I don’t get it will be interesting to
see i mean so these the crazy thing is so the state legislatures could get away with passing something so
wat is this guy in the state legislatures the in the United States House is the United
States House but I think that well that’s the thing about their lives
as the talk was a show before home and I know we gotta get a break
soon but with the problems you have here is once to federal governments or dove allows for marriage stay if there’s
going to be a big battle in the courts about how this all plays out in the
States we talked was so the volatile number of time to think about it if you can now file jointly as a gay
couple and a god forbid your Geico done a bad
way but just haven’t at odds with your gay couple that serve
in the military back in now filed with you get joint
military Bella fifth you file jointly as a Merry princes you pay taxes married couple is
the state that have been say well your classes your tax classification in
our state is that the thing go means they can lose money so I gotta
tell you I think this is our this whole gay marriage saying oh people Google coming to get this is gonna
banish yeah and as they come into a good steak you know the federal causation
Francis take us to ship and it is a cousin equal protection
under the law means that gay couples get the same protections for couples do well year

8 thoughts on “Rep. Labrador’s Bill For Legal Discrimination Of Gay Couples – Political Maniacs

  • The bill won't be passed. Sad that many republicans and religious folks are raised to believe in discrimination and blind hatred.

  • "… or that sexual relations are properly reserved to such a marriage", so, this Republican also wants religious freaks to be able to use their religion against sex outside of marriage in discriminating? Insane. This isn't the 1950's, nor should a "pro-life" politician advocate for legalized discrimination of unwed mothers. Labrador and the rest of the Republicans, keep your absurd religion out of our lives.

  • The right has no interest in making sense – they only care about visceral appeals to hatred and biggotry. This may not keep them in power but it sure as hell will keep the money rolling in from other biggots

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