Remaking OLD TOWN ROAD With 100 Dogs.

What’s up guys it’s Kurt and today we are gonna be remaking “Old Town Road” with 100 dogs We are here at a dog shelter And our goal today is we are gonna be recreating the entire track with just dog sounds.The barking the slob or the licks Everything let’s go to it. Cool. Alright before we get started I want to introduce you guys to Rocky and his channel is all about dogs and he set this up for us So thank you so much, man. Oh you bet. It’s good to have you here and it’s always great to help rescue dogs Thank you. Ready to record some dogs. Let’s get some dog sounds yeah, let’s go The dogs are clearly getting their vocal chords warmed up. A WHOO WHOO WHOO WHOO BARKY BARKY DOGGY DOGGY Let’s put some of those sounds together guys. All right guys, we have so many awesome sounds I’m gonna take whole line that we got and First things first, I’m gonna cut that up and now I’m just gonna auto-tune it to one note Okay. Now that we have our auto-tune dog now I’m gonna map that to this keyboard So it’s gonna tune out all the different notes. I Can just play the dog now. Alright, let’s play that in there (a very awesome auto tuned dog bark played on a keyboard everyone) Okay, honestly that’s sounding pretty good But it still sounds kind of a doggy so I’m gonna take that and I’m gonna run it through a guitar amp simulator Obviously that kind of sounds like an electric guitar a very dog ish electric guitar. now guys, we’re gonna take another part of that same howl. Okay. I’m gonna tune that out. I’m gonna pitch it really really far down Okay, now we’re gonna throw that in the keyboard that’s going to be our base Honestly that feels like a real instrument Yes! electric dog (inaudible an electric dog guitar) Okay. Now for the kick drum we got this sound of a dog just kind of running into the microphone We’re gonna shake that up a little bit really bring out that sound and layer it up with a bass in the lead Let’s listen to it That’s feeling good. Alright guys, this is Rambo The panting is perfect Alright now give me a killer riff. Ohhhh How about a killer ruff I Just timed it out and stretched it So it fit with the rhythm of our song and now here what that panting sounds like in there That dogs got rhythm Ok, one more thing. We definitely need for our drum kit. Is this snare. It’s that hit on tune for that Yeah, I’m gonna take one of these barks that we got. I’m just gonna cut off the front of the bark So it’s a really like sharp sound Ok, now I’m gonna double that up and with the doubled bark I’m gonna pitch it really really far off so I get that sharp attack Yeah, so we put a lot of reverb on that high-pitched one I’m gonna add a little reversed right before it. Yes. It’s a great snare. I would actually use that snare in a real song But actually I’ve really gotta pack I don’t know any other words…. [inaudible] That’s the perfect sound Mhhh sticky This might sound weird, but I think some of those dog licking noises would sound cool in the second verse Check this out guys ! [Dog licking] I’m gonna take them cut them up and stack them together Now we’re just gonna add this this pulse to it I actually really like that sound that might be my favorite sound that we’ve recorded so far Guys this is our superstar dog right here We had so many awesome sounds with her now rocky can tell us a little bit about mama here Yeah, so mama’s story is that she just had three puppies? And the reason we’re calling her mama is because she doesn’t have a name. Okay, guys, we need your help Let me know what you think Mama’s name should be down in the comments below. We will be looking at all those names Oh my god that smithing noise is the perfect hi-hat let’s cut those out Okay I’m gonna use one of his short sniffs and one of his long sniffs and I’m gonna make a high hat a high hats that sounds like But with this sniffs, I’m gonna cut up that short sniff I’m gonna make a pattern out of that and I’m just gonna put like a long sniff at the end That sounds really good. Let me just pitch those sniffs way far up Obviously, that’s groovy that’s groowin’ now Making some doggy treats Okay, we gave so many these dog doggy treats puppet chinos and we got some awesome licking noises and a bunch of other stuff Too. Let’s mess with that. Some dogs. Say hello in different ways. This one maybe wasn’t as happy with our presence He was growling at us a little bit. Let’s take a listen to this guy Okay. Now we’re gonna take that growl. We’re gonna double it up and now we’re gonna reverse it We’re gonna EQ that out and now listen to that with everything else Wow guys the reverse dog growl, that’s where it’s at guys I want to throw one more pitch thing in there, and we’ve been giving a lot of love to our unnamed superstar dog Which by the way if you haven’t voted what you think her name should be yet write a name down in the comments below Okay, but I could tell that this little dog was also a singer Pipes on that one. So we’re gonna take some of those barks gonna tune them up Alright guys, that track is sounding awesome We’re ready to film the music video, but first before we do I want to give a huge shout-out to our sponsor for this video and PAL headphones. They make these awesome noise canceling headphones So if your dog is barking and you still want to listen to some music Or listen to more of my music videos then check them out. They have a campaign going on right now called noise off where you and your friends can win some free headphones so that out down in the link below go show them some love guys and Now I think I’m gonna bring in my friend Wil it’s music video time The horses in the To me nobody But to me Down crosstown living like a rockstar spent a lot of money on my brand new guitar baby’s got a habit diamond rings and fiendish sports bra riding down rodea in my Maserati sports car got no stress. I’ve been through all that Romance on kick I’m badly shocked around back to that old Now raakhi also had the video on his channel given out Pacino’s so all these dog there is awesome I couldn’t have done it without your help. I don’t go to link to that down below guys. Go check that out There will be a link there to donate to this awesome shelter who helps so many dogs So go show them some love guys if you liked that hit that like button so I know you want to see more stuff like this subscribe and ring that bell so You know when videos come out and if you have any other crazy ideas Leave those down in the comments below I check all that so I know what crazy stuff to do next and guys as always more Stuff coming soon. So I will see you then. Peace

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