Reading My Sarahah Messages: Sullivan Spaniel

How are ya? (Unintelligible whispering) I know, I know, I know, it’s getting kind of old. always trying to scare you, that’s silly, but anyway… you said have something that is so very trending
that it is trending right now and we won’t miss the trend by even a second! (Uh-huh) So what is it?What is it?What what what what what? Sarahah.
Sir what? Sarahah! Sarahah! Sarahah!You know what?I was just carrying a little bottle of… You think you’re pretty clever don’t you? So, for people who don’t know Sarahah is
very popular it is this website where you can set up so that people can tell
you what they think of you without telling you who they are. Anonymous! Can you
believe it? That way they can be totally honest. And people are doing all sorts of
these Saraha where they read their Sarahah So…I don’t even know if that’s a
verb… But yes so anyway so I have done up Sarahah and I can’t wait to read I
can’t wait to read let’s see what it says let’s see what says! OK, here’s the
first one dear Spaghetti Lady, I don’t like you very much because I prefer linguine! Love Sullivan Spaniel. Oh my goodness I’m a card! I’m a card! Here’s number two, number two…This is so funny this is so funny! (Clears throat) Dear Clark Bait, I uh I think that you should get that asthma taken care of because
because you are really like… (Uh-uh) No, I did the Sarahah! No, they’re the Sarahahas that I… (Mumbled whisper.) About me? I set up a Sarahah for me and I let people (Whispering) And I get to know what people think about me? Oh that sounds interesting, I’d better go set that right up I better do (Unintelligible whispering) You set that up for me? (uh-huh) Oh! Okay. Well let me check it out. Oh yeah, Sullivan Spaniel’s Sarahah. Let me see this first one. I got quite a few of them. People like to be honest! Let’s see. This one says….whisper, whisper.. ….whisper. You know, that’s pretty mean! Let me go to the next one. Whisper whisper whisper….You know, that kind of language shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet Whisper whisper whisper. Wait a minute! know who these are coming from! My girlfriend. Darling! Why don’t you love me?
(Laughs.) you

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