Ragged Dog Neglected For Years Wishes To Be Loved By People Again | Animal in Crisis EP74

A thick, dirty hair Covered his whole body.. Did you see that dog? I feel so bad for him.. In the place where the dog’s arrived There’s the other dog The two dogs have been living like that.. Where they live is.. Full of grabage.. And.. Unidentifiable carcasses are found.. What happened to these dogs? To find out, ask to their owner Owner/ Who’s there? What happened? PD/ Can we talk about your dogs? PD/ Excuse me
Owner/ Why?
PD/ Do you want me to visit you later? Owner/ Don’t come at all PD/ Are you raising the dogs? Owner/ Yes, I raise them Need to persuade the owner.. Owner/ What’s wrong? I’m not abusing them Local/ They have too much hair.. Owner/ That’s because I can’t catch them Local/ Then we will catch them and cur their hair Owner/ Okay, do whatever Are you sure? / Okay Fortunately, the owner declaimed the ownership of the dog All we can do for now is.. Help them to be rescued But then.. The other dog runs away Safely rescue the other dog who ran away The moment that everyone has been waiting for Now it’s time to remove the heavy hair And start a new life For a long time.. The dogs haven’t been cared enough Vet/ Found symptoms of heatstroke Need to remove the hair ASAP It’s challenging to cut the hair with this hair trimmer Since dirt and hair are all tangled up A scissor doesn’t even work.. After cutting the whole heavy hair, Which is as large as their whole body They look so much prettier

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