r/entitledparents | “I’M NOT PAYING BECAUSE I SAID SORRY!”

Entitled Mother gets angry at me for “manhandling”
her son after he broke my parents fence, then refuses to pay because he said sorry.
XL So this will be my first post ever on this
sub I think, but I have been reading stories on this subreddit for a long time and well,
I just had my first real encounter with an entitled mother and honestly I am still part
shocked and part laughing about it. Also of note I am not a native English speaker so
I had to translate it all. Act 1: A song of Fences and Footballs So for a bit of backstory, my parents sometimes
ask me or my siblings to watch the house while they are gone because they do not want to
leave the dogs alone for an extended period of time, usually my youngest sibling does
it because she still lives at home, but she had to go to her friends party/sleepover as
a result my parents asked if I had time and given I did not have to work today and I only
have one crapy class that I can skip without any real trouble, I obliged. My parents live
in a large village essentially, one that gives you the illusion of rural but in reality it
is a 5 to 10 minute drive from several bigger towns and a city, one of those villages you
want to leave as a 20 year old but you want to return to the moment you have your own
children, there is barely any crime, everyone knows everyone, it is extremely calm etc,
however it has one issue, one of the larger towns close to the village is sort of notorious
for scummy people, it is one of those towns that constantly manages to freak up its budget
and a good third of it’s population are lazyasses and so on It’s like a giant pimple on an otherwise
blemishless area. As a result when people from said town manage to get some money they
have a tendency to move to the village my parents live in(Local government makes this
nice and difficult for them on the down-low but they cant stop it all) and as expected
they bring their attitude with them our entitled mother and her devilspawn in this great Saga
are from said town. Cast: Me: The Wizard of Oz, EK: Entitled Kid, EM:
Entitled Mother, ED:Entitled Dad, N: Neighbor So I am sitting in the garden, minding my
own business, scrolling some news sites, messaging some friends enjoying the nice weather which
is interrupted by the sound of a football(A soccer ball for those who imagine I mean handegg
or softie rugby) being shot against my parents house and the neighbors house, we have this
carport area between the two houses which is roomy and makes sure you don’t lose your
ball all the time, so my parents generally allow kids to use it when they are at work,
so this continues for a bit and before long the ball shoots right over the fence in the
back of our yard, which I frankly did not notice as I was on my phone, however I am
quickly interrupted by the dog growling(Extremely big Mix German and Belgian Shepherd) followed
by the loud crack of wood and a thump from something large falling down. Well, I see
the kid from two houses further falling down and my dog about to charge, so I put my phone
on the table, grab the dog by it’s collar and put it inside, in the meantime the kid
is already in the yard grabbing his ball and sprinting back to the broken fence(The fence
is about 1.80 meters tall, made of wooden planks hence it is not exactly made to withstand
13 year old overweight kids climbing on it) the kid attempts to climb back over, cracking
another plank at the bottom in his escape attempt, before I walk over and grab him by
the back of his shirt-collar. Me: And where do you think you are going? EK: Let me go, Let me go Me: I don’t think so, you just broke the fence,
so you can either calm down and we go to your house to explain what happened or I call the
police. At this point the kid starts flailing trying
to get himself loose, that is until he turns around and looks at me, now I am 6’5-6’6 in
very good physical shape and I have permanent resting dipcrap face so he quickly stopped.
At this point I grab the key from my pocket and opened the door the yard door to walk
over to his house, with the kid still firmly by his shirt collar. As we reach the door
I knock on it and am greeted by the sound of a yelling woman behind the closed door
talking about how the kid has a key and now she has to get up etc but eventually the door
opened and at this point from the corner of my eye I could already see my neighbor standing
behind his living room window, arms crossed shaking his head. Me: Hello, Miss you… EM: Let go of my boy right now, what is wrong
with you! I let go primarily because I was shocked about
her reaction, the kid starts sobbing like a 5 year old and runs inside. EM: HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY SON! Me: Well, if you would stop yelling and let
me explain. EM: I AM NOT YELLING! (Note of the OP: She
was yelling) Me: Right, regardless, your son just broke
MY SON! Me: I did not manhandle your soon, I grabbed
the collar of his shirt because he was trying to run away after he broke the fence, now
you can either calm down and we can come to an agreement how to handle this or I can call
the police and have them deal with it. At this point she seemed to calm down a bit
more, especially after I mentioned the word police. EM: Right, so it is probably not that bad. She calls over her son, apparently having
fixed his sadness as he appears again stuffing his face with candy. EM: Say sorry to the neighbor. EK: Sorry. And he bolts off again not even giving me
a chance to reply. EM: Well, with that out of the way. She attempts to close her door, but I quickly
shake off my shock and put my foot in the door, pushing the door open again and at this
point raising my voice substantially. Me: Excuse me?! Your son broke the fence,
it’s all fine and dandy he gave a half assed apology on your orders but that still leaves
the fact he just broke a 200 Euro wooden fence that will need to be replaced. EM: MY SON SAID SORRY AND THAT IS THE END
OF IT! At this point the neighbor has opened his
door, leaning against his doorpost to listen in as his eyes are summoning a hurricane by
the sheer amount of rolling they are doing, just a little note, he dislikes them a lot,
he has had a lot of problems with them ever since they moved in. Once again our EM attempts
to close the door on me, but I still have my foot in the doorway, so all she is doing
is giving my toes a thrashing. Me: Look this is the last time I’… Her hulking 5’5 muscle mass of a husband appears
now, visibly upset, annoyed, every muscle within his noodle-arms straining, his balding
head glistening in the sun peeking through the door opening though slightly obscured
by the 3 strands of hair combed over his head from the side as his “enormous” shape looks
up at his taller wife. ED: And what is the problem here? EM: He is yelling at me and manhandled our
son! ED: I will get you, you jerk! The door swings open and as you may imagine
I am just shaking on my legs, this pure, mighty example of masculinity threatening to do me
harm, gosh I have never been so terrified in my life. Me: Look, dude, I didn’t do jack crap to your
son and the only one who has been yelling this entire time is your wife, now your son
broke my parents fence, so you can either get it repaired or give me the money to buy
a new one and pay me for the time it takes to replace it(I wouldn’t have charged Labor
costs but given they were being dicks, so can I), or we can get the police involved. ED: You have no proof of what happened, so
go fix it yourself jerk and if I ever se.. Neighbor: I saw everything, your son broke
the fence and tried to run away, also your wife just assaulted the neighbor with the
door. You can clearly spot a devious smirk on the
neighbors face, he likely did not see anything but like I said, he absolutely hates them
and this was him taking revenge I think, at the same time I can see EM and ED visibly
losing all the bravado they had left. Me: So, as I was saying, the fence cost 200
Euro’s when my parents purchased it add another 50 for the time it takes me to replace it
and we all walk away from this, added to that, if you threaten me again I will just have
to defend myself, won’t I? At this point I was honestly sort of hoping
he would lose his crap and attack me, cause you have reasonable cause to defend yourself
in this case and honestly I don’t handle threats very well and I have quite a temperament myself
so you may imagine I was seething at this point. But of course he backed off, he told
me he’d get me the money tomorrow, I reminded him if I or my parents did not get it before
tomorrow evening I would be sure to call the police also I informed them their kid was
no longer allowed to play on our property(The carport), I thanked my neighbor and returned
to the yard to scroll on my phone, make this post and laugh about this stupid ordeal. Aunt (EM) comes to my workplace to ridiculize
my nerd collection because I wouldn’t let her 3yo play with it
M Hello! Bit of contest. I’m 28F pediatric Resident
and my Aunt is 34F and a Head Nurse in a Special Needs Retirement Home. We pretty much grew up as siblings until I
began Med School and she started a family and became EM. Since my grandmother (and her mother) is barely
self-sufficient, my mom fills the grandmotherly duties towards her 3yo. Mostly random sessions
of babysitting. Now, I’ve always been nerdy and over the years
I got all kind of Merchandising and Memorabilia, some very expensive or Out-of-Stock. They
stay in my childhood room, since I’m living in a small flat and it is not a permanent
residence. My mom does not mind. She’s always been very
respectful of my stuff and understands they are not Toys. And so does 3yo kid. So when EM goes “See that robot? Go play with
the nice Robot.”, my mom goes Freak No. and kid starts with “Mooom. They are not Toys.” EM calls me (even though it was working hours),
puts me on speakerphone. Conversation: “Meeeee. Tell kid It’s ok to play with Robot?” Me: “What Robot?” My mom “Mazinga!” (Love that woman, even if
she got the wrong name) Me: “Absolutely, no.” Kid: “See, mom? I told you.” She sounds angry and closes the call. Flash forward to 2 days ago. She comes to the Hospital to see me, talks
to Director of The Residency, asks if she can tag along since she’s Head Nurse at her
workplace. Ok. I introduce her to collegues in the break
room and she starts telling everybody how I don’t let her kid play with my childhood
Toys and even making Her son too scared of me to touch them. We are talking about a room full of Pediatric
Doctors. Before I completely die, I manage to explain
it’s a 200€ Daltanious action Figure. There’s this deep embarassing moment while
she actually laughed at me, before the Director takes out his phone and shows us a picture
of a shelf full of WoW’s action figures. “My kids can’t touch them. I buy their own.” EM takes it in stride with a “When are you
buying kid the robot?” Me “No, no, no. When are you buying kid his
own?” At that point she got angry but quiet. Later she screamed at me I painted her like
someone who can’t buy her kid expensive toys in Front of rich doctors. I admit my comeback
was An Are you serious? on a loop. Now my mother locks my old room when kid is
over (especially If EM could appear) and I’m almost more angry about that than the fact
she tried to ridiculize me. The kid loved walking in the room and he knew
which toys he could use but he could still stare at my models and action figures and
he’s very respectful. But my mom doesn’t want to take chances until
things smooth over. Entitled tourist dad demands my employee parking
spot M
I work 3 jobs in a tourist town so my life is a little freaked busy at the moment (trying
to get that bag for the ski season!). It’s an absolute blessing that one of my jobs has
a single employee parking spot out back. It’s so freaking sick that I can just park for
free and not have to walk to work, especially when I’m really tired. There are only 2 other
people who work with me and we’re all kinda homies so sometimes I’ll use the spot when
I’m not clocked in. So the other day I just finished my shift
at the mentioned job, and I’m going to my other job in 2 hours to work the evening.
It’s a festival weekend, we’re busy as freak, I’m tired, so I decide that’s the perfect
amount of time to hotbox my car and take a power-nap. I’m woken up by a heavy knock on my window.
Immediately I think “ah freak it’s a cop, I bet my car smells like weed, crap,” so I
get up pretty fast. I’m relieved to see it’s not a cop but instead is some short, balding
guy who looks a little ticked off. Behind him, blocking the entirety of the alleyway,
is a giant van full of screaming kids with an Indiana license plate. I roll the window down a bit and I’m like
“hey, what can I help you with dude?” ED: “This town doesn’t have any goddang parking!
It’s ridiculous!” Me: “Yeah man there’s free parking just up
the way there, next to the ice rink. It’s a short walk to the festival.” This is when the dude starts yelling and I’m
suddenly not about it anymore cause I realized he probably drove down this alley thinking
he’d find a spot and saw me sleeping in my car. Why the freak this would prompt you to
wake that person up and ask for their spot, I have no idea. ED: “Look, I have six kids, we can’t park
that far away, we’re only going to the festival for an hour or so! All the spots on main street
are taken up, and it looks like you’re just about to leave.” Me: “Oh, does it? That’s crazy, man.” ED: “Who are you to talk like that to me?
Show some respect. You could park further away if you wanted to. You’re able-bodied,
my wife has a disability, you’re just freaking lazy.” Now I’m really not having it. I point to the
sign that is clearly posted right in front of my car, which says “employee parking, violators
will be towed.” Me: “Do people in Indiana not know how to
read? I work here, you absolute freak. That’s why I get to park here. Does that make sense
to you?” ED is ticked at this point and I guess he’s
done messing around, he puts his greasy freaking hands on my window. Me: “Look, get your hands off my freaking
car or we’re gonna have a real problem.” ED: “Just let us park here you piece of crap!” Me: “Dude you can freaking park here and then
I will immediately call and have your butt towed. Is that what you want?” ED: “Freak you, jerk!” And yeah he stormed off to his van, drove
off, and that was pretty much it. I hate these kinds of people, man. Whole thing ruined my
dang day as well as my nap.

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  • Karen I SAID SORRY NOW I GET FREE STUFF OR ELSE I WILL GET YOU FIRED op no karen files complaint manager get shut. who's knows that refrence

  • as someone from indiana. no, hoosiers are stupid and cannot read. after all we voted mike pence into office. i apologize for that

  • Feel sorry for that 3 yr old, because his mother has no respect for other peoples property ( and yet he does ) the kid gets locked out. Hope they explained to him it wasn't his fault and he did nothing wrong.

  • Awesome video as always!! I love to put on your videos when I work or just draw. Passes the time and gets me focused for some reason, but I still really listen at the same time. Keep up the good work!

    (Warning: a bit of a rant below sparked by the last post is below. Not really about the video itself)

    I hate that those kind of people in the last post live in Indiana. While yes, there are bad drivers and just bad people overall that live in this state, that goes for every state. I actually love living in this state. I’m lucky to be pretty safe and in a good place to grow up. While there is a stereotype that has been passed around that there are a lot of entitled people that live here, there are so many kinder people that just get lumped in with that.

    It shouldn’t really matter what specific state they are from, just what kind of people they are. But everyone is allowed to believe what they want. Just kinda sucks that those people go around spreading those stereotypes about their states.

    Sorry, just wanted to get this off my chest.

  • Ok. I have skimmed the comments to make sure I'm not beating a dead horse, but the title card does say, "entitled Partents". I don't know if it's intentional or not, but thought I would point it out in case it wasn't meant to be there and you wanted to fix it for later videos.

  • As someone from Indiana, I can say for certain, we are mostly assholes. Why? Live in a state that is nothing but cornfields, seasons that are bullshit. Oh, also, the amount of meth addicts is ridiculous.

  • "More stronger…" More and er don't belong together. 'more strong' is wrong.
    Anyways ' More stronger' is more most wrongiest-er than to which hence why most much wrongier-est is more badder.

  • Ep are not a blessing if anything they and their crotch goblins are a bloody nuisance. Ur brats are not angels their bloody dinosaur poo.
    I love the 6 kids dad who's wife is disabled but not disabled enough to pop out 6 little troglodytes 😄😄😄

  • Yeah. I used to live in various ski/festival towns in Colorado. Including Telluride, which is a tiny postage stamp of a town at the end of a road nestled against a mountain. Middle of nowhere on the way to nowhere…Several MAJOR festivals all summer long( Telluride Bluegrass , Mushroom festival etc.) Parking is RIDICULOUS. they literally have to issue passes to locals to even drive into town ( one road in and out) and the crowds fill up various fields all over the way Into to town.
    I cant even say enough how fucking annoying and frustrating entitled tourists can be.. like, cmon fukers. This is MY town. MY home! MY frikn mountain!!! (well, not just mine, but you catch my drift) We have to put up with millions of you wankers every frikn year . We are gracious and certainly appreciate the tourist dollars, no doubt… But WTF?! You frikn TOURONS need to back the fuk up, lol… So many of them are wealthy and ridiculously entitled and just expect every person( read Peon 🤷‍♂️🖕👎🤦‍♂️🤬) in town to bend over backwards ( which we DO actually) .. Texans are historically the WORST! They seem to think we're their own personal backyard resort for some god forsaken reason. No hate all you fabulous gracious Texans. We See you 😉

  • PROTIP: if you own expensive nerdy shit and can't be bothered to explain how the world works to a moron just say it's a side hustle. You buy them and sell them for twice the money once they're out of production. Or something along those lines. It will save you the headache, money is one thing even morons understand.

  • The director with the WoW figures was awesome. How to perfectly counter an EM.
    P.s. So is nurse OP's mom. My parents would never respect my hobbies. Especially my mom trashtalks them whenever she can.

  • There may have been a sign that said he would be towed but it was an alley way. Doubt a tow truck would have enough room to be able to hitch it. The Ally would have to be wide enough for 2 cars to be end to end to each other that's at least 20/25 feet across. If the dude was brave he would have taken the chance(even IF the tow truck could get the car. This is a tourist town with a festival going on. Probably a lot of other cars to be towed that are less of a hassle for a tow truck driver in the first place)

  • 2:40 are you a robot? American football isn't a soccer ball ⚽ and 🏈 are completely different. The story merely mentioned soccor ball and not american anything, just something about pu$$y rugby.

  • I like your idea for second story but you know it prob would end up with getting a beating since you'd have to go back to work and that scumbag dad would be looking for you to thank you for towing his car.

  • We were getting part of our house redone and had hired a guy based on a friends recommendation. One day, while he was working, he had to bring his kid while we were out. my grandfather insisted on staying to keep an eye on things. He calls to say the kid had tossed something of mine down the stairs.

    Turns out to have been my "Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue" Supertrain Megazord, breaking one of the smaller Rescue Zords inside.

    Kid was not allowed back.

  • Jesus wept, how arrogant is OP in the first story? He sounds like a cravat looking down on the vermin-people for trying to escape a supposed 'lazy' shithole. Oh, but the local government tried to make sure only the right sort of people live in his town… Putting a foot in the door? Touching someone else's kid? Dismissing a man as not worth listening to because he's short? Goading someone into attacking them, squeezing them for every penny? While he himself is living with his parents?

  • If you know who broke the fence, and who the parents are, you DON'T collar the kid and frog-march him to his house, or stick your foot in the doorway when a woman is attempting to close it. Not necessary. Kid runs away? Call the cops. Woman shuts the door? Call the cops. EVERYONE in that story is an ass.

  • Hey, you do realize your opening screen says "r/entitledpartents" rather than "r/entitledparents"…right? Been noticing this for quite some time. Just wanted to let you know. Enjoying the stories though!

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