Q13 News: Labrador Puppy Mill Rescue in Eastern Washington

Well if you have been thinking of adopting
a dog, we know of four labs that need a new home tonight. Authorities in Eastern Washington rescued
them from what they say was a puppy mill and now these beautiful labs have a second chance
at a good life. Come here. Let’s go this way. What’s this? What’s that? What’s that? Their eyes are kind and their spirits are
high. Hard to believe it, but these four labs have
been abused for years at a puppy mill. It’s really disturbing and we want to make
sure people are aware that this kind of thing still happens today and still happens in our
community and in our state. Pasado’s Safe Haven says, in all, 33 adult dogs,
6 puppies, and a cat were found on a property in Steven’s County. Investigators say they
were in pretty bad shape. Some of the dog’s collars were embedded in
their skin. Many had open wounds. All the while, the owners were breeding them
and selling their puppies on Craigslist. It is really just a grim, desolate scene. There were dogs that were – female dogs who
were chained on really short chains. And then other dogs who were roaming free
and so obviously the dogs who were chained were totally vulnerable. Those dogs had layers of scars from repeated
injuries we believe. Neighbors say the breeding operation had been
up and running for 13 years. That ended after police arrested the couple
responsible. This is Paxton. They now face animal cruelty charges, but
this face – Paxton, and Dottie, and Annie, and Zazu – they’re ready to go home with people
who will love them. It’s really , it’s one of the true joys of
our job to see these animals come in in such awful condition and then get them healthy
and well and able to be adopted into loving families of their own. Oh there’s your dog – if you’re worried about
what kind of security system do you need… one is that. And someone to cuddle with! Oh boy that is wonderful. If you want to adopt one of those dogs they
are at Pasado’s Safe Haven in Monroe. They’re ready to go, they’re ready for a forever
home. Yeah and they got a Facebook page, website,
they’re really easy to find. Pasado’s Safe Haven. Please, act fast, because I have a feeling
these dogs are gonna go so if you’re on the fence about it, go ahead and contact them
pretty quickly tomorrow.

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