Purebred Rottweiler Dog Playing In Snow – Happy Cappy Rottie

Hi. Mine’s friendly. Come here. Do you want to say hi. You can say hi. Good boy, come on. Cappy wait! He’s all taking off. Hahahaha Come here good boy. Look at his face hahahaha. Come here. He can’t see. *laughter* You’re a good boy. Good boy. He’s king of the mountain. Come on Cappy. Gosh he’s so strong. He’s like a freakin bear. He’s cute. How’s he gonna get down from there? Cappy come over here. He’s gonna eat it. He’s gonna eat his way down. haha he’s going to eat his way down. He’s eating the snowball. Cappy what are you doing? What are you looking at. Is that a new dog? Snow dog. He’s a German Rottweiler so.. He kinda likes the snow. He’s just like a little bear. In the snow. *laughter* Hi. Hi I’m going this way. You’re ok. Hi pup. He smells snacks! Yep haha. Look how cute he is with his vest. Good boy. He’s real friendly, he’s a puppy. Fluffy dog. Fluffy, fluffy dog. He probably gets little ice balls in his feet, huh? Yeah. I had a little dog like that. She used to love to run through the snow. And her peds were so full of snow. He’s only 9 months. I was gonna say he seems like a puppy. He’s a jumper. Whoa he’s big man. I thought Captain was big, I’m like wow! Captain’s a bruiser. *laughter* Good boy Cappy. Have a good day. See ya later. He’s a big sweet bear. Yeah we haven’t had time to go to the dog park. We took Cappy over to the soccer field. Look they want to play. Off leash area. Everyone takes there dogs there cause it’s fenced in. Look at the yard. Up to Cappy’s belly! Ohhp. He’s gonna go poop. Good boy. Who’s the good boy? He always gets so happy.

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