J: As like, instead of the tree catching on fire it’s me D: You catch on fire, ok. J: I won’t catch on fire
D: I’m ok with that J: Ahh good day everyone! And welcome to today’s video So, it’s a bit of a late start today Uhh, it’s night time Umm, all of the Christmas ornaments are on the table because… huh we got a new tree! Oh my goshizoid Umm, so Daniel, explain why there’s snow on the tree D: Well because it was snowing last night J: Huh Oh!
D: And I just went down and chopped this down myself J: It’s so cold in here too that’s why It’s not melting
D: I mean D: look at storm he’s so… he’s in shock
J: (gasp) J: Aww… do you feel like you’re in your homeland (imitating storm) Ya, umm so I’m snowy because look at, I have snow all over me too cause I’m a white I’m a white fluffball That’s really just snow on my fur I look like wolf but he- J: What are you sniffing down there? Wolf… we get it, we get it. You were here first. I know. I know it. Ok, just climb all over me. Go ahead. Ok, big kisses. Kiss fest. Ok. Wolf, no fighting, umm… (laughs) He got my ear (laughs) And then he kissed me Woah (laughs) Wolf you’re crazy You’re crazy. Stop, get away from me boys! Craziness. Help, send help. Send help to rescue me from these puppies (laughs) Ok, anyways, uh, the tree was dying so we (laughs) Oo, I’m being attacked, I’m being attacked! Help me (laughs) Help me, Daniel help! D: What? J: What are you doing? D: I’m working! J: Working (laughs) he’s twerking Oh he’s got an itch Umm, so ya it was like, going to burn the house down because it was so dry Why don’t you guys just (laughs) it’s like a D: You forgot the water, didn’t ya? J: It’s a ki- I didn’t forget to water it! So the water is actually really dangerous and I knew this was going to happen Storm, started going after it. So then I put tinfoil all over it to stop him Umm, but this is a new tree so I have to re-put it in Umm, but that’s actually fake sn- I’m trying to get up really hard right now Uh… Ok there. I did it. Umm, so this is fake snow on this tree. Umm… D: It’s called flocking. Flock on fleek. J: Flock-a-doodle-do Umm, it just like gets sprayed onto the tree J: But make it focus
D: It’s not finished yet though D: like I have to finish flocking it. J: How? D: You’ll see little boy. J: Flock-a-doodle-do (hiccup) D: There’s going to be a surprise on the tree J: Uh oh. Oh, ok I don’t mind that. Let me just wrap myself in these lights. As like, instead of the tree catching on fire it’s me. D: You catch on fire, ok. J: I won’t catch on fire.
D: I’m ok with that. J: Just posing. Do you guys remember my calendar picture when I was covered in D: Oh that was so much That was so extra. Right guys? Was very extra. J: You’re extra. D: Extra extra J: Extra extra read all about it D: Uh! You’re a little dim. J: Did I… D: That was me J: What if you just electrocuted me right now? You need a bath, don’t ya sweetie? You have like a little black spot… somewhere where’d it go? He’s like ‘Don’t touch me!’ Wolf gets so jealous if I even touch him! Alright, come on boys! Over here, over here. Come on! Awww! Little puppy running! Who runs? Ok stay there. Ready? Come get me! (laughs) Oh! Wooow! She is everything! I feel like I did this like just a few weeks ago I can’t believe how quick the tree died but this one, I think is 10 times better than the previous It just looks so pretty, it’s like… snow-dusted! Oh my gosh. I think Santa Claus is gonna have to give lots of big old presents… to this house! Ya know? With that Christmas tree Holy crap he’s gonna be like Oh! Wooow how- that’s Santa Claus’s voice apparently In case you didn’t know Duh! Are you kidding? (whispers) So I’m gonna show you the puppies because they’re so fricking cute right now Oh my gosh! They love each other Awww! Do you love your big brother? That’s so freaking cute! Oh my gosh! Good boy. You’re a good big brother. Aww you’re so cute (whispers) His dream… I think he’s running through a forest What are you dreaming of? Are you chasing birds and leaves? And squirrels? Alrighty so it is bath time for the little pup! So he’s in the little bath Do you love it? You want that water? D: No bitch this is cold af J: He likes cold water. He’s a husky! Which one’s hotter?
Let me see!
Oh, this one’s hotter! Yeah! He’s so cute! He’s a little Polar Bear!

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