– Now it’s time for
today’s challenge: (barking) Puppy Party. (energetic music) A Hot Wheels Production. Hello, I am your host, Michael. We have another challenge today. We’re gonna be playing
a little rocket league. Let me introduce our guests. To my right we have
Alyssa and Mary-Cait. To my left we’ve
got Motown and Phil. – Yeah.
– Thanks for joining us. Are you guys ready to
play rocket league? (cheers) Alright, so before we
get into the challenge, whoever comes in first here
will get a little advantage in the next round. (gasps) So good luck, let’s play! (car engine zooms
and exciting music) All right, are you ready? (dramatic music) Okay the match has begun. Good luck. (dramatic music) – Come on! – I’m flying! (car dropping) – Wrong way. (buzzer) – Got it. (ding and dramatic music) – [Michael] Wow, alright,
there’s the first point. (game music) – High five. – You guys won, so you
have a slight advantage going into the next round. Now it’s time for
today’s challenge: Puppy Party. (comical music) (awww!) – [Alyssa] Oh my gosh! Bring in the pups! We’ve got more. – [Alyssa] They’re so cute! Hi. – Hello! You’re so
cute! I love you! (kissing sounds and harp music) (barking) – [Mary-Cait] You are an angel. – Let me explain the rules. Two of you will be competing. (bell rings twice) It will be the first to three. First three points wins. However, your two
teammates will be equipped with various puppy toys
used for distractions. Since you guys won
the first round, you have the peanut
butter advantage, causing a further distraction
with the very hungry puppies. (growl) You might notice some
fanny packs there. (laughter) Put those on. They are filled with
delicious puppy treats to further distract you. (chomping) – Take it Easy! – This is horrible. (trumpet music) Car zooms – Fanny packs on. Puppies in. Are you ready? – Yes. – Alright, let’s go. Distract best as you can. I really don’t think you’re
gonna have to do much. – Look at how cute. Yeah. (puppy talk) Hi. It’s the cutest
dog I’ve ever seen. – I gotta play a game. Sorry I can’t. I can’t do it today. No. (whines) – Now listen, this is
your advantage right now. Motown is completely distracted by every puppy in the arena. (sad music) – I’m gonna cry. (whines) (upbeat music) – [Michael] That is
almost a point there. That’s almost a point. Put it in! Get it in!
This could be a point! That is a goal!
– Yes yes! – [Michael] Congratulations! That is a goal for Alyssa. Point on the board. (game music) – Distract guys, come on. (exploding) (whoosh) – First point, I will
say, to even it out, Mary-Cait, I’ve got
one for you right here. – Wait, I can put
this on his face? – [Michael] If you wish. You have found
Motown’s weakness. It is puppies. Alyssa is the only one driving. – I got this. I still got turbo. (whimpers) (squeals) (laughter) – [Michael] I don’t know
who’s squealing more. The contestants or the puppies. They got it open! They got your pack. – Oh! (chewing) – I’m not taking my
eyes off the screen. (laughs) – [Michael] Roll it
towards the goal! Roll it towards the goal! Alright, Motown! (drums and game music) That’s a good coach. (whistle) That’s a good coach. (whoosh) Oh, Alyssa’s not
wasting any time. Using it to her advantage,
almost a striking goal. – Yeah, you’ll do it! (whines) It took me a while to
find the right one. (bomb drops) – You were just upside down. – [Michael] Oh nice
shot, nice shot! – [Alyssa] Is that
going to go in? Yeah! – [Michael] That’s another
goal for the blue team! (drum and game music) Nicely done, nicely done. – Yeah, yeah. – [Michael] Finding the puppies – Okay? You can’t do that
when I’m tryna score. Alright, here we go. (car speeding) – [Michael] There’s a puppy
with peanut butter on his head. Alyssa, trying to
close it, interjected- (cheers) (drums) Third goal, that’s
it, congratulations! (game music and puppy barking) Alyssa and Mary-Cait, you
dominated in the puppy round. What more could you
possibly ask for? (car zooms) Thanks for watching. We will see you next time, probably won’t have
anything as cute as puppies. (puppy barks) In fact, I need
to get in on this. Come here, pups. Aw, there’s plenty to share. (puppy talk) (fun music) A Hot Wheels Production. (energetic music
and cars speeding)


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