Puppy Siblings Stuck Inside A Drainage Pipe Keep Each Other Alive | Animal in Crisis EP84

For the past week Trapped in a narrow drainage pipe are two puppies A hotdog that people provide is the only food for them Informant: How did you get inside there, what about your mom? When they’re attempted to be pulled out They go deeper inside Informant: At first, they almost didn’t show themselves Informant: And if we try rescuing them and fail we get worried that they might never come out Inside the deep and small drainage hole Are frightened puppies A rescue that’s predicted would be difficult But they must be rescued! Using a special equipment that can check the inside of the drainage pipe Decided to first analyze the internal structure “There, they’re there” The inside is much smaller than it was thought to be But The puppies cannot go any further Specialist: Right now, this place is in a straight line by about 5m Specialist: It’s a place that ends just before it climbs the mountain “Is this the end?” / “Yes this is the end” A hill behind the drainage pipe The entrance of the pipe should be here! “Ah there, there’s a hole. It’s there.” The entry that’s assumed to be connected to the drainage pipe where the puppies are at Could the puppies be rescued from here perhaps “Oh it falls from here, it continues to go” “It goes for 8m until it falls” “It’s vertical” “It falls sharply, it falls if you look at the leaves” A sharp vertical drop At the end of that “(The puppy) is there, met (the puppy), means (the pipe’s) connected” The drainage pipe on the side of the mountain that the puppies would have fallen into Because of the sloping structure made to allow rainwater to flow The puppies couldn’t go back up Young puppies who have just started to walk Wonder how they ended up in this situation Perhaps when they were falling did they not get hurt Vet: When you see their eating activity, they’re very active Vet: If they’re hurt they can’t act like that Was informed that they don’t show any major issues Vet: Looking at them they only seem to be a month and a half old since birth Vet: If one of them was separated and stays here alone Vet: he or she could die from hypothermia Vet: But fortunately both of them are depending on each other their temperature and baring through this bad circumstance The fact that they’re not alone, and are together was the power that created the miracle What could have happened to them Vet: While their mother went somewhere to look for food Vet: They probably would have done a lot of activity, probably moved around a lot Vet: It’s the age when they would get curious Vet: And while being so it’s presumed that they fell into the drainage hole Then, at that moment “Isn’t that the mother? There’s a sound right now?” Sound of a dog coming from somewhere “Sounds like it’s coming from the mountain right, right now” “It’s not a sound coming from a house” “She’s there” “There standing, face-front” While being wary of people A yellow dog is barking Vet: If you see her, from her fur quality or appearance Vet: There’s a high chance that she’s the mother A yellow fur that’s black coloured Her breasts are also swollen The yellow dog is presumed to be the mother The dog who is very wary disappears soon into the mountain When night falls it starts raining and people who look after the puppies in the pipe As if they know that thought the puppies come out to the entrance Just then A sound that’s heard again The mother has appeared under the rain At the mother’s sound The puppies are restless As if they’re looking for a way to exit they go around inside the narrow pipe As the mother’s voice trails away The puppies stop crying Was it perhaps the mother’s heartbreaking ask for rescue The next day Young puppies who have only just started to walk They can no longer be left in the narrow and dark place And so rescue has begun Their wariness has gone down a lot but The rescue must be done carefully Start with the big one who has a big appetite for food Rescue success The problem begins now Specialist: The second puppy isn’t active and is timid Specialist: (The puppy) is very scared right now so it’s a situation where she has backed up a lot Informant: The way I see it, I’m not sure if (the puppy) will come out within today Even at a yummy snack The scared second pup doesn’t think about coming out For the pup who’s left alone “The camera is going in” Decided to go with ‘pushing plan’ From the opposite side, with an endoscopy camera It’s a plan to push her out Like how there’s light at the end of a long tunnel At the end of a week-long isolation she finally met the light To the surprised puppy the puppy who was rescued first is brought to her The puppies who’ve become quiet “Look at them stuck together, it’s so cute” “You met, met now” “They suffered inside the pipe” The puppies who endured for a week inside the drainage pipe Will their health be okay Vet: You’re female and he’s a male Vet: It’s as expected, they’re brother and sister The result of a complete medical examination Vet: Digestive system, respiratory system, skin, contagious diseases Vet: I examined them all overall and they all came out good. Wonder what happened to their mother After the rescue of the siblings from the drainage pipe For several days the mother’s traces are searched for but the mother isn’t seen Vet: The mother must definitely wander around or watch over her puppies Vet: But even when we look around a dog presumed to be the mother can’t be seen The mother who has hidden herself Vet: If you look at her size she’s not a breed that gives birth to one or two puppies Vet: Can at least give birth to more than four puppies Vet: (The rescued puppies) might have other siblings Vet: There’s definitely a possibility that the mother is looking after other siblings The mother may have other puppies who are just as important to her as the puppy siblings (who got rescued) Is that perhaps why she couldn’t get close and had only watched from far away After the rescue, the mother left the mountain As there’s a saying that after rain falls the ground becomes harder The siblings are adjusting quickly Are they really those puppies who were so scared “You endured a lot in the cold place” “Because you endured through it well you came out to a warm place too” “Great job, you two are both admirable” We wish that they live healthily and happily

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