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supplies to successfully potty train your puppy? For the best puppy training tips and tricks,
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content each week It’s easy for your puppy to form a bad habit
of going potty in your house if we don’t follow or use the right guidance or supplies. WE don’t want this to become a behavior
that gets out of hand, so today I’m going to share my top puppy products and tips to
make sure you potty train your puppy to go outside instead of on your rug! I’ve taught thousands of new puppy owners
my proven potty training techniques to get their puppies to quickly learn to go potty
outside, and now I want to share these tips with you too! Michele here with How to Train a Dream dog,
the place for online puppy training courses for new puppy owners! Let’s get started with today’s lesson! Here’s the deal… most new puppy owners make some crucial mistakes
the day they bring their adorable puppy home New puppy owners don’t have a game plan
in place and they try to wing it when it comes to potty training their puppy. In the comments below tell me how old your
puppy is, who has the youngest puppy, who has the oldest puppy? Those that successfully potty train their
puppy in record time follow the steps and tips I’m about to share with you. The first thing any new puppy owner should
do is… as soon as they pull in the driveway on day 1 of bringing home their new puppy…. Take them to the potty spot. This has already been set up ahead of time
before puppy comes home If you haven’t done this step, it’s not
too late, but start right away to get back on track! Your potty spot consists of a puppy pen in
a designated spot outside where you’ll want your puppy to go each time they go out. Using a puppy pen keeps other animals out
and provides a safe clean place for your puppy to go potty. When you put your puppy in the potty spot
and they go…they get rewarded immediately (not when you go back in the house, this is
a common mistake) I love Zukes training treats or even your
puppy’s kibble as a reward for a job well done! Once your puppy comes back inside… I know you’ll want to spoil them and give
them access to the whole house, after all, you’ll be excited to show them the place
they will live for the rest of their life… But wait, hold up… Giving your puppy too much space too soon
is setting them up for accident after accident. The more space your puppy has to roam around
in, the more frequently they will need to go When you’re first starting to potty train
a puppy, you want to be as structured and as consistent as possible, this helps regulate
their system, gets them on a good schedule and helps you learn their signals faster You’ll want to gate off the easiest place
to clean up accidents, which is usually the kitchen or room without carpet. This also limits their space in your home…until
they can be trusted. It can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 months
to potty train a puppy, depending on your schedule and consistency To keep your puppy in the kitchen or another
room, I like the tall gates with the verticle bars and the door in the middle, as puppies
are less like to climb or jump on them. If your puppy has an accident in this room
make sure to use a product like Natures Miracle to clean up. It has an enzyme in it which breaks down the
ammonia found in their urine This removes the urine scent so your puppy
can’t smell themselves inside, and think it’s ok to go again there. Now you’ll want to be sure to start bell
training your puppy as soon as possible because this is a great way for our puppies to eventually
be able to tell us when they need to go out. In the comments below tell me if you want
to bell train your puppy! You can learn more about Bell training when
you grab my FREE New Puppy Starter Kit, I’ll post a link below. The starter kit is for new puppy owners who
want to learn how and what to start teaching their puppy first and it includes some crucial
advice to get you started with training your puppy to have manners and good listening skills. All new puppy owners look at their adorable,
cuddly, sleepy puppy and never imagine they would act out or do unwanted behaviors like
jumping, biting, pulling on the leash, barking, crying…oh the list goes on and on Truth is these behaviors usually start a few
weeks after owning a new puppy That’s why you want to know all about them
before you start to experience them with your puppy. Ok, back to potty training supplies… When you’re working on potty training you
are definitely going to need a crate for your puppy The crate is the place they are going to stay
when you can’t supervise or watch them and they place they are going to hangout when
you go to work or sleep at night. Without a crate, your puppy will not be able
to stay settled on their own just yet, and will wander around, this will keep their system
processing and they will have more accidents. We also use a crate to keep our puppies safe
and out of trouble. Puppies are curious and want to put everything
in their mouths. Over the last 20 years, I’ve had several
students share with me the damage their puppy has caused while left out of a crate in their
absence. Some puppies caused thousands of dollars in
damage to the home, others needed surgery to have things removed from their tummy or
intestines, and a few students shared horror stories of
emergency vet visits where they never got to bring their puppy back home. Crates are like keeping babies safe in a crib
or pack n play when we can’t keep our eyes glued on them, 100% of the time If your puppy whines or cries in their crate,
don’t immediately go running to them or you’ll quickly be trained by your puppy
when they cry it means you’ll come get them Instead, use a heartbeat dog to calm your
puppy. It contains an electronic beating heart that
mimics the heartbeat of a littermate or… you can find calming music on YouTube specifically
for puppies Ok, there’s one product you didn’t hear
me mention. It’s never found on MY puppy supply list
even though celebrity trainers like Zak George mention it but who are endorsed to promote
it… It’s puppy pee pads or potty pads. I never want to teach my puppy it’s ok to
go potty in the house. I don’t want a bullseye in my home telling
my puppy to pee and poo on the floor inside. I have a video on this topic and how to potty
train your puppy without out using them. Basically the only reason to use pee pads
is for medical reasons for either puppy or human who can’t physically take their puppy
outside. One thing I forgot to mention… You’re going to be tempted to take your
puppy out off-leash, you’ll think they aren’t going anywhere, “we don’t need it you
might say”… Farthest from the truth… your puppy needs
to immediately start learning to feel comfy with a leash attached because in a few weeks
to a month or so they will enter the exploration stage of development. This means they will not be your little shadow
anymore, they will want to explore and move away from you. This can be very dangerous because they haven’t learn the “come” command
or recall command off-leash just yet. This takes quite some time to perfect and
recall games have to be established so you can guarantee they will come running, while
outside, while distractions are the highest. I get calls all the time, “Michele, my dog
used to follow me and listen to me all the time, now won’t come when I say come here,
hates to be on a leash and we can’t go for a walk or hike” Don’t let that happen to you and your puppy! Be committed to training your puppy the right
way, from the start! Now that you have the complete list of potty
training essentials: Remember I mentioned… Nature’s miracle for accident clean up -A leash to keep your puppy close to you and
focused while outside -Zukes training treats for rewarding puppy
when they go outside -potty bells so your puppy can signal to you…eventually,
when they need to go out -a crate to keep puppy safe and limit roaming
when unsupervised, as well as help settle puppy’s system from over-processing -puppy pen to use outside for a potty pen -calming music for dogs, I’ll post the link
below -And the heartbeat dog to help soothe an anxious
puppy in their crate Check out my other videos on how to potty
train a puppy without pee pads for faster potty training results. Now that you know exactly how I start potty
training puppies, I want to make sure you get the rest of the details so don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel and grab the Puppy Training Starter Kit, remember the link is
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to potty train their puppy fast. Tell me in the comments below what potty training
dilemmas are you dealing with?

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  • I like the suggestion of the baby gates with the vertical bars since my puppy has a habit of wanting to climb on things. The horizontal kind of baby gates might act as a ladder for my puppy. Haha.

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