Puppy Movie Emotional Climax | Varun and Samyuktha Hegde unite | Yogi Babu | End Credits

Don’t stop here.
Take the vehicle. Hey, is there anyone? Hey, is there anyone? Hey, who is that? Brother, where are you? Come, here. Where? Come to the last room. I’m coming. Come to the room,
where there is chair. Where, brother? – Where, brother?
– Come. Brother, Puppy is pregnant.
7 days. Is it pregnant? 57 days? Yes, brother.
It’s been 57 days. It’ll give birth after 58 days. Leave now. Come in the morning,
will see earlier. Leave now. Hey, why are you
talking senseless? Hey, why are you screaming? I said the fact. Tell me, where the doctor is? What’s the noise, here? – What happened?
– Sister, the Puppy is pregnant. Hey, the dog is having pain.
You’re eating. It’s routine for you. Sister, take me to the doctor. – Please.
– Come on, I’ll take you. Watch your step. Be patient. Lay it, here. Shouldn’t hold the impregnated dog
on hands for long haul. Lay it on the stretcher. Sister, where is the doctor? Stop here. Stop here.
I’ll call the doctor. Doctor. Doctor is not here. Wait, I’ll call the doctor. Sister, fast. Puppy! Sister, it’s breathless!
Come soon, sister. – I’ll call you, later.
– Puppy, the doctor has come. Sir, one emergency case
I will call you later. Puppy! Doctor, check my Puppy.
Please! How long it’s been
like this? For past two hours,
it’s the same, do something. Bring it OT.
Come soon. – Sister, lift patiently.
– Come on. Come on. Come in. Lay it here. Nothing to fear.
– Doctor. Puppy! Doctor. Doctor. – Nothing, right?
– I think, the umbilical cord is… …tied to puppies in the womb. Either I can save
the mother or the puppies. Doctor, don’t say like that. Please, doctor.
Both are important to me. – Do something and save both.
– Don’t worry. I can say anything
after the surgery. You wait outside. Take him away. Come on. Doctor!
-Wait outside. Puppy! Doctor will take care.
Come on. Doctor save her, somehow. – Please, doctor.
– Just wait outside. Puppy! Dad! It’s my mistake. Puppy is going to die
because of me.. Nothing will happen. Why, Prabhu? Don’t cry. – Dude, come on.
– Sister. – What happened, sister?
– Come, I’ll tell you. Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Ramya, pick up the call. Ramya, pick up the call. Ramya! Please! Please, Ramya. Dad, give me your phone. – What about your’s?
– Give me, dad. – Whom are you calling?
– Dad, wait. Ramya, pick up. Hello!
-Ramya! Hey, who is Ramya? Ramya, tell me where you’re?
-What do you want? I must meet you
for two minutes. Tell me, where you’re.
-I told you not to call. Ramya, please.
Tell me. I’m going out of station, Prabhu. Now, at Koyambedu bus depot. Ramya, I’ll come in ten minutes. I can’t wait more
than ten minutes, Prabhu. Okay, Ramya.
Be there. I’ll come. Hey, why you ask me to come?
What happened? Senior, the Puppy is doing good. It has delivered seven puppies. Keep watching them.
I’ll be back. Give me the bike key. Hold this phone. Where he go? He is going to meet Ramya. Who is she? I don’t know. Some body dancer Ramya! Let’s go and see puppies. Else, I’ll tell mom.
Come. Deliberately sorry, Ramya. Now, I’m telling. Listen me, well. Even if you deny me,
I won’t leave you. This is our child. I’m the father!
And you’re the mother! I won’t compromise for
the sake of anything. Ramya, I understood the
value of a life. I love you, so much. Prabhu, I must say an
important message to you. What’s that, Ramya? My periods cycle is
back to normal. Hey, what are you saying? My periods has become normal. Then, why it was delayed? – I asked mom.
– What did she say? When taking junk food,
delayed periods is common. The baby bump, mom, dad
and baby, nothing then? When are you going
to tell in your house? In my house? In my house? I’m going to speak
about this to my parents, first. – I’ll bring them too.
– Where? – To Madurai.
– Yes. Tomorrow morning, I’ll get my parents
to Madurai along with pizza. What do you say? Prabhu! Prabhu! Pizza! It killed me for past fifteen
days, without sleep and food. Prabhu! I will be A wild lion!

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