Puppy Lesson 19 – 18 Weeks Old

So, I spend a lot of time
touching them,
and petting them, just about as much time
as I do training them
and teaching them behaviors. Good girl. I want to find all those
sweet spots that I
talked about way early, when they were
8 weeks old, that it takes them
a while to develop. They really start to develop it
when they get to that
4-month range. This puppy is now
18 weeks old. So she’s in the
4-month range.
Yes she is. She’s teething. New teeth, oh big teeth. She’ll let me
touch her mouth. She’ll let me pet her. I find a nice, sweet spot. She doesn’t bite very hard,
she’s teething. She’s to the point
where you can find
a really good spot, and you can get her
to start stretching. Ah, yeah.
Let me see, let me see. Ah, How’s that? Oh, is that the spot?
Yeah. Yeah. So I’m gonna find
the sweet spots
that mesmerize her, and I want to find the spots
that get her going. Yeah. She’s a good girl. She’s a good girl. Good girl.
Are you a good girl?
Are you a good girl? Are you a good girl?
Let me see.
Oh, nice feet. What nice feet.
Let me see your ears. Oh,
now that’s a good spot. Thats, oh. Oh,
that’s a good spot, huh? Yeah.
What happens
when we stop touching you? You’re dusty. So here you can see
she’s starting to stretch
her rear. Scratching her,
oh let’s find that spot.
Oh. Oh. Good girl. And we can sit here
and pet her
and play with her and we don’t need
cookies or a toy. Of course she’s using
me as her toy,
which actually is my benefit. Yeah.
It’ll work to my benefit. Yeah. Is that your belly?
What’s that? Is that your belly?
Is that your belly?
Come here. That’s a good girl.
That’s a good girl. That’s a good girl.
That’s a good girl.
That’s a good girl. So this session right here
is just getting her
right up from a nap. So she’s doing a little biting. Usually if I do this
after I’ve trained her, just hang out with her,
she won’t do as much biting. That’s nice. There, ooh, yeah. You done? Glimmer. Glimmer.
Come here.
Good girl. Good girl. Want some more?
Want some more? Get you. Get ya. Get ya. I beat you up.
I beat you up.
I beat you up. Yeah. OK, stop. Stop.
Good. Good.
Good pup. She’s learning her
stop word pretty good. Well, most of the time.
Stop. Stop. Good girl. Good girl. Good girl.
Stop. Good girl. That’s good. And we’re learning a nice,
calm praise. Like we said,
a calm praise,
a play praise, a more motivational praise. Pretty hard,
considering she just got up
from a nap. Good girl. OK. OK. OK.
Wrestle up, wrestle up. OK. OK. Let’s go.
Let’s go do something.
Come on. Let’s go do something.
Good girl.
Come on, sweetheart.

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