Hey puppies, I got that good good for you today is a very special day for me guys so six kids from make a wish foundation but that chose me and it crazy And it’s crazy most kids choose like LeBron James real-life like big Celebrities and like I get it like I’m on my way there one day but right now It’s just like I don’t know it’s mind-blowing and it’s also cool Cuz my brother Jake is gonna be there you guys know Jake. Yeah, people we tried to kill him yesterday. Here’s uhh flashback The thing is he made me his beneficiary for his life insurance policy so if he died I would get his money But that side story, I’m getting sidetracked Anyways, hey yo good morning. Whats poppin? If you’re not a part of the logang, YOU GOOD BRO Make sure to subscribe hopefully I can meet you one day you guys know I love meeting you and meeting these six kids today is gonna be absolutely life-changing for me, and hopefully them I’ve never done a make-a-wish before I’ve never been the wish I’ve just been making wishes When I was a kid in Ohio about filling these crazy dream, and it come true So I know what it’s like to have your wishes and dreams come true My goal is to give these kids with critical illnesses hope and strength and something to look forward to to beat and overcome Whatever it is they’re going through. With that said it’s time to dab out baby Yo, we got the whole arcade to ourselves apparently they lock like the whole floor down also Dave & Buster’s This is not a free brand deal You owe me money mother ******. imma send you an invoice to the maverick enterprises, or you can get to Merch at loganpaul.com/shop LYDIA hi i have t show you something yeah Yo, that’s super cool, but we got some kids in the I don’t know where my kids are but the only person. I really know here is probably Jake I think um we’d like yesterday. We just like try to kill him How are you I’m good you guys still alive I see so as much fun it is to beat up Jake I’m not here for you We’re here for the kids I know that it’s a holiday But I ain’t the same without you BAE. It’s been awhile since I saw your face and not me seeing you Remember when we carved are name in December when the winter came It’s been a while since I saw your face. Wish I was kissing you Like Cocoa on a Christmas morning skip the presents yeah, oh oh Oh, I wonder I was been in California. Do you remember? Red challenge, I’m having back real maverick I’m having a good day. I’m gonna make you day even better Logan comment below If we didn’t see the cool bus so we headed there we got costume trouble we go be Mavericks That’s what we do, bro. This is quite an experience The lights are up, if everyone could stay here one second. I have a song. I think you’d like Girl what you tryna to cuz I don’t got a clue no I know Scooby doo I just wanna get some food in you about to kill me I Don’t know if this is structurally sound we should literally all fall to the ground right now Thanks that was legit eating all these kids on top of my bus I’m just imagining like just how much money I could be sued for Absolutely amazing oh well you guys can stay up here. I’m gonna go home It was really nice hanging out with all of you. I love each and every one of you Hold on super tight especially you cuz you look kind of tiny help me help Tom just kidding guys we set up proper goodbyes we dipped. We’re back home. He’s pretty dope meeting those kids I hope they thought the same thing about me probably not though all right Lydia. I’m gonna do this for you Okay, cuz I got just the guy Long story short Lydia’s earring has submerged itself in her ear I’m assuming cuz we’re always yelling Lydia and the earrings like I’m out dip her earring is stuck in her ear like cartilage I think you know Oh Yeah, you are and pull out the back Yeah, no because how’d it go in through the front so the hole in the back is gonna be smooth So that is like an arrow when it goes in like that you just got to Do otherwise you’re gonna get infected and die I know more surgical guys. You see the title of this vlog. It’s not about me. It’s not about Lydia’s ear. It’s about young dog Big day Today’s the day you’re gonna lose your virginity So guys we found the female version of Kong literally this dog looks exactly like Kong but with the vagina and I wanted to do This vlog for so long we send Kong on a day look at him go He’s gonna go on a real life date with this dog and it’s gonna be absolutely amazing She is on her way. We got chef Andy actually gonna cook pasta later Okay guys Lulu is here. I will say her owners are Brazilian. They’re pretty spicy Oh my gosh the female version of The hatred thing going on this is actually pretty cute He’s disgusting right now he’s dirty. He’s been running around in the yard all day listen guys. I’m not giving up. Just yet Can you guys come back later? I don’t want to bathe Okay Okay, buddy, it’s time to get sex. I want to do this thing that I like to do with him cuz it’s funny That’s just a good time for me. No doggy likes a dirty dog thing we need to add a little bit of flowers You know he’s gonna. Have a romantic night. You know what starts off right ends up. Ha ha ha sex I’ve never seen calm looking so happy, ahh Gotta get the butthole not much to Kong Hong Kong is mostly fluff In the Will you be an angel for a helpless animal you’ll help rescue animals from their abusers Okay cogs not quite in his element. He has some cleaning to do so we’re gonna wait for him to dry off Oh my god, I was in your ear Oh my god, that was gross I realized a little boy Okay that was disgusting now, it’s time for young doggies Yeah, yeah my boys ready to smash she’s ready to go look outside We got the most beautiful setting for a dog day ever the red roses the white roses the electric candle surrounded in a serene atmosphere full of love lust and passion Not to mention the best way during the game yeah yours truly of the Maverick Oh God Okay, here you go young doggy. It’s your big day My boys gonna smash He’s running he’s a little shy you could see him out there. He’s kind of he’s a little timid, okay, so Lewis here We’re gonna present her to Kong in the only way we know how? Oh easy easy, Oh what the no he’s going for Oh Yes Lulu’s not having it definitely not having Kong you gotta take me out to dinner first good thing we got the best ship in the games On the menu no its cogs big day just real quick There’s only one thing on the menu and it’s pasta so andis making pasta. We got one thing on the menu That’s possible, but I would be a crappy server if I didn’t go check on my clients right now I’m sure they’re getting hungry. Maybe that’s why Lou is so sexually frustrated, so let’s do this Hey guys just checking in on you, I brought the menus here, there’s one thing you can order it’s pasta I’m gonna go ahead and set these down in front of you and just let me know when you’re ready all right Luke’s coat looks like the chilling. I feel like I know what they want from the menu Literally takes a whole nother meaning to bone Appetit Others Marc perfect, oh wow this pasta weighs more than both of those dogs combined. Yeah, actually, maybe not Lulu. She’s kind of chunky We cut ourselves a lot of Boston Hey puppies, I got that good good for you. He’s going on doggy. Oh wow Hey Lulu, I noticed you’re not eating, maybe it’s because there’s no parmesan tell me when just tell me when Just tell me when Guys because of indigestion reasons I think you’re gonna shit this also you keep beating someone take this away oh My gosh Wow who knows what’s gonna happen guys If you’re not part of the Logan make sure to subscribe who knows but women have called baby’s coming soon Y’all so smack the subscribe button in the face for me And hop your maverick merch the hottest softest merch in the game. No one doesn’t like us There’s literally no family on YouTube that can even capiche yeah, Logan Paul. 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