Puppy Elevator Surprise (360° Video)

(elevator ding) (cheerful ukulele music) (people exclaim) – Puppies! – Little babies! (overlapping interjections) (speaking audio sped up) – Hi! (squeal) – I’m so happy right now. (speaking audio sped up) (high pitched laughter) – Hey, can I come in? – Yeah. (excited voices) (speaking audio sped up) – Oh my god! (voices overlapping with excitement) – Hi baby! (speaking audio sped up) – Oh! This one is such a fat guy. (speaking audio sped up) (excited clamor) (speaking audio sped up) – Somebody pet this guy!
I don’t have enough hands! – Oh my god! – He’s so beautiful! (speaking audio sped up) – Hi little guy! – Hi! (giggle) – Are they neutered? – I’d find one… – What is this for? Just fun? – Yeah. (overlapping conversation)

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