Puppy Dog Pals Memorable Moments Best Cartoon For Kids Episode 133 – Maya Daly

PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, SUBCRIBE video! Thanks you very much! Go taco I Spy something come home toasty. Is it that fits? Is it baba narf? It’s I Programmed arf to take you anywhere you want to go? So, let’s see if he works Take my little puppy passengers all the way around the yard and to their doghouse So our needs to stay drive Getting to our daughters ever where else would bingo and Rollie like ARF to take them today Because our plugs to goes zoom zoom really fast Either your puppy dogs can’t enjoy the view Bach made or to take us anyone who want to go and we can’t see you Yeah, I see there. What do you think? We should have him take us neck? ARF has never been to a beach but our would love to go Think how great it would feel to put your paws in that one. Okay, the Beach for sure, dude, that’s how do its talk at the beach Oh How much bob was here to enjoy this with us That’s a new one I’ve never heard that sound before come on. Let’s get out the water and get back to Bob’s house It’s because of the water our foot his paws him. It really did make ours go and now art does not remember Hello see go. I am are which stands for Auto doggy robotic friend? Wow, I’m Jonathan which stands for? Jonathan home sweet home a home, huh? Jonathan we wanted you to take us back to our home. Not yours. Oh well in that case. I don’t know where that is Holy that’s a great idea If you can’t remember all the things you I spied on the way getting here Jonathan could fly around and see them and show us the way back, so Let’s say whiny OH Do you remember spying anything else? Holy I Present to you something windy Jonathan this is not what I spied either The only thing that I saw was a different kind of whitening first earth can take you down the mountain then on your bark it said There we go Do you remember I spying a guy stationed at the bottom of a mountain? Oh Thanks ARF, but we still have to get home and we still don’t know how to get there Maybe if you remember anything else you spied I can fly around until I say it which means you follow trucks It means earth needs to follow that truck. So here are goes I’ve arrived Come on are we know the way from here so you can follow us arf is ready and set to follow you so let’s go But you got back because Roli remember what he spied. Yeah, but all my remembering is worn this puppy out But I’m glad you’re right here because I’d really miss you if you ever weren’t ARF spies Bob and his best friends Would you like to build your own stuffed animal dress it up and take it home to play I would love that You two look like you’re having a good time Tons of fun with the toys in this box, but it’s time someone else got to have fun with them Ribbit oh You did oh did you guys just ruin work ruff? We would who’s what Bob in his room with ruff ruff Bob at the beach with ruff ruff Babita Just about everywhere. He went with ruff ruff a Designer died today This place is amazing They’re one perfectly poufy Poots Come on Roli, let’s take ruff ruff in there make him perfectly poufy – Ruff ruff Feeny just enough stuff stuff So this puppy up But we’re gonna need some kid power to do it Chloe Wow, that looks so Good, and there’s just one more thing to do with this doggy. So follow me When I go down you go up and when you go up go down I Think we use too much bingo nerely power sometimes bingo. The only power is gonna be a dangerous thing And now it’s time to get our doggie looking sad tacular first again clean Then we give them some style We might as well get ourselves looking good zu Here comes the cleaning It matches my eyes We did it rolling Pop’s toy looks as good as it ever day It’s time for the Tea Party everybody chooses stuffed doggy Oh Rollie they think we’re toys. Yeah, but they dressed us up so nice for their party. We should stick around just to be flight Pretend food. Let me tell you something. That’s no party and pretend to eat daddy Looks like the party’s over. Yep. Oh, no, what if she takes pop story? What if we take it first? Okay, everybody have a good day Yep, Bob won’t even know we took it out of the box Hey guys, I give me a minute before I say hello. Okay, I just need to put this stuff outside You’re just giving this stuff away Jana buddy who wants it, huh? I want it. Can I keep a mommy, please? I’m glad I found someone to give ruff ruff to Because I don’t need a pretend dog anymore. I have two of the best Me off set me out bid me dry me off Cuteness and bark bark barks to all remember captain dog

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