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Thanks you very much! And wait to see what prison said to brings in the morning merry Christmas to all and to my pets a good night I think it fell out in that bumpy snowstorm outside Mobs present is lost. Yes, and each present is just as special as the person who? Later good idea Roley Santa lead the way to your slip It’s going to be hard to find bob’s present business Okay Bob’s present is wrapped in red paper has a green bow on top and smells like candy cane Santa well hello, Daisy – and Duke Merry Christmas hey We’d love to share our Christmas treats with you tonight Thank you Merry Christmas – on until on a good bite I Haven’t seen Bob’s present, but I did see a red. I put him up to bring some Christmas spirit to the junkyard, but they’re broken If you need some Christmas more than just colorful lights decorations The storm is picking up again, but we still got Bob’s present surprise According to Bohr’s it should have planted somewhere around there Merry Christmas Cupcake you’re useless You must be confused because I was playing out here when I saw that present fall out of the sky for me Hello cupcake hello Rufus What’s wrong you may not have been the nicest dog all year but I know who you are deep down and you my sweet cupcake are a Good doom now if we can’t get my slave free. No one else will get their presents this year Bob’s present is fine Well that was some Christmas Eve I was exhausted as an exhausted puppy meet sue Christmas brother Merry Christmas brother It’s Christmas a Present for me this is exactly what I wanted and smells like candy canes Hey guys, let’s take a picture of us with our Christmas present Merry Christmas What’s a wonder puck Hmm What are we looking for bingo? I don’t know I was only looking up because you were looking up Yes, and boy do I like to slide down on Hills right after the very first snowfall? Oh hang it on to the sides of my slab while wearing my no gloves I wish I can find that first loaf like a winner for Bob or a whole bunch of snowflakes like when the snows of the Park and the place gets old snowy Roley. That’s a great idea. Oh, uh oh, that’s a good one Analyzing environmental conditions to determine appropriate doggy threats up Stay warm puppies pool our space is a little chilly, but Bob made art with a built-in face warmer, ooh That is nice keep your eyes on the skies Roley Hey, what’s up double pups hello. They are single squirrel even think about barring any nuts We could help you if you want, I’m listening double dog sorry Back to lying around again Oh, hey If you see any I never realized how big the sky is until I was watching her snowflake fall out of it well We’re just gonna have to keep looking up until we see Hello no that’s my name bunny bunny And we’re looking for snow so we can say here it is oh no I was supposed to find a home before winter got here, but I was too busy thinking up ways to be funny This is the perfect place. Did they got a home for a bunny named foot? Custom built just for me. Yeah, could you watch for snowflakes while we dig it? Come on Roley we have to keep looking for that snowflake so Bob King push push Have you seen any snow flakes around here? No And I hope I don’t that’d mean it’s winter and I’m supposed to play south with the other birds before it gets wintery and cold This is where I last saw my friends, but they’re not here and neither was that first snowflake They’re just feathers Roley Hey, keep it down out there some of us are trying to sleep Who’s that? Are you talking us that depends were you the loud ones going blah blah blah? How can they not know winter is on the way? That’s why I’m down here getting ready to start hibernating getting laid hi everyone, huh? hibernating means If you wanted to sing I’d probably listen A smack a soft place and all the lights out. I think we can get you on three Hey there doggie Tiggers, I haven’t seen that first snowflake yet, but I’m Did you find that purse snowflake of winter yet no for right now We’re looking for the perfect rock that’ll fit perfect a mouth full of these should be just right Here we go a bedtime snack. Oh it might be nice to hear that lullaby again. I thought it was kind of pretty Hey sweet is da best That is one high balloon Hedgehog Is it a snowflake the first one of winter then let’s find off and get on the tail Bob? We found it? Is that it’s a snowflake oh and another snowflake Winter is here. Oh keep on falling snow because I’m ready to sled hey Who’s ready to sweat with me? You I Prefer chick I Am here in Italy where art lovers are looking forward to the opening of this brand-new Museum some of the world’s best works of art have been placed here for all to enjoy and get those smiles. Just right If you need me I’ll be here Roli get out of there you’re what Bob said I did What did he say He was wondering would it be like she said it should be something other than that so we need to think of something else Hey, he’s pajama bottoms or something else of his yeah He wears them every night late and that means you look sick and then find out If you guys are leaving does that mean the laundry basket is free. Yep. It’s all yours It looks like they do a lot of drapes here in Italy yeah, they’re all over this place Cheerful teeny grapes though. They’re bad for puppies Rowley come on Rowley, where are you? This looks like a job for bingo lowly Where do we go next this way rolling we gotta get pops PJ’s down to that Museum Rowley are you in here? So well we need to get them out I Can’t just forget it tasted like pajamas me too, but now that we’ve got them. Yeah now. It’s straight up What they go Whoa I’ve been looking for a colorful scarf to wear on my way to my job at the new art museum room God see That man’s a new organ Get those pajamas so come on little brother Let’s go look it’s the Bob’s on TV That doesn’t look like art to me There aren’t supposed to be dogs in that painting Hmm He’s gone Sorry, mr. Statue, but we’re gonna need bobs for cameras back Come on. I think I saw a place over here. Oh, we can just play Roley Well that’s a pretty good place yeah, not, just Bob, but everyone will see his pajamas right there, which means Over a work of art that mysteriously appeared at the Museum while no one was looking Oh, I can’t wait to see what everyone is so excited about the artwork Huh stick is accented with vibrant colors of purple and red with splotches of bright yellow Those are your pajamas Bob? We took them to Italy and put them in the regimes been hard to recognize with all the juice and sauce all over But that reminds me I bought some new pajamas to replace my really old one Halloween Great ears It’s a puppy in a pumpkin combine and watch this Think it’s supposed to be like this Whatever we do Rufus Hey cupcake Tim Rufus. Why do you have to stay away from the far end of the park tonight every Halloween There’s a spooky wookie ghost called the haunted howler that haunts the Haunted Hallway, wants. Everybody to stay away Feli howls like this It’s supposed to sound more like up Come on Rufus, let’s go. Don’t worry Roley cupcake just made that story up. Let’s see if they need any help And when we hung it outside to dry the wind blew it away without my costume you can be half robot It does sound like a cool costume oh, I’m sorry you lost it Chloe alrighty guys I’m gonna take a little nap before the trick-or-treaters start coming So Halloween is ruined no trick-or-treating That’s sad Just like Chloe was going to be a wait. What was clearly okay, Eugenia? Really Rolly Look something Chloe, maybe explores costume it kind of looks like mine look a roomy O’Lantern Rolly so flowy top flowy That’s gotta be close costume, then let’s get it down. You know what this calls for Move landing there’s nothing that can get Our ghost and cupcake story, you know it’s our mission to get Chloe your costume Beth, and that’s what we’re gonna do right really How logos from your story over there the far end of the park That’s where the costume went so that’s what we have to go Don’t worry I have an idea Boo-ki ghost in a cool robot has a happy Halloween

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